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Best Luna Ukuleles 2024

Luna has continuously created high-quality, feature-rich ukuleles since its founding in 2005. We adore Luna ukuleles in large part because of their amazing layout and appearance, outstanding use, and range of useful functions. These ukuleles are comfortable in your hands and have a smooth neck that is easy to hold. Additionally, Luna provides a lot for the money. You should check out what Luna has to offer if you’re looking for something affordable and that fits your personality. The company offers a wide selection of ukuleles to meet the needs of various consumers.

Luna thinks that inspiration comes from creative creativity. And their ukuleles accurately reflect this idea with their distinctive, striking looks. So let’s look and see which Luna ukulele is the best. Many of us are familiar with Luna as a reputable guitar manufacturer. However, this company creates a broad selection of stylish, artistic, and beautifully constructed ukuleles that are affordable. These ukuleles are expertly made, paying close attention to every last detail. Luna ukuleles are built in a wide range of genres with an essentially infinite number of designs using a superb selection of woods. The Luna ukulele, also referred to as the “Budget Ukulele,” offers high-caliber instruments at a reasonable cost. Regardless of their price tags, Luna Ukuleles has consistently upheld the quality of their products.

Luna Tattoo Spruce Concert Ukulele with Gig Bag

Luna Tattoo Spruce Concert Ukulele with Gig Bag,...
  • This Tattoo Concert Spruce Uke takes its design from traditional Hawaiian...
  • This design is based on Polynesian tattoo style, and the fret markers are...
  • This concert uke boasts a clear, resonate sound both by virtue of its...

Luna Tattoo is absolutely gorgeous and has amazing tattoo laser etching. When used to build ukuleles, wood provides a warm, pleasant tone and strong beach sensations. The top is constructed of spruce, though. Why is this important? Well, it gives that sound a new layer. It provides a deeper resonance, leaving us with a tone that is a little bit more peculiar. Really though, what makes us gasp is the way this ukulele looks. This geometric pattern, which is based on classic Polynesian tattoos, depicts the islands’ waves, stones, and wildlife. We only need to look at this uke to be transported back to the great outdoors.

On the fretboard, we get to witness that theme once more. Fret marks in the shape of shark’s teeth are inlaid into traditional walnut. They facilitate finding our chord and further enhance the feeling of being in the light. Then what? We have Pearloid open-gear tuners at the end of that fretboard. These tuners guarantee that your ukulele always remains in tune by eliminating buzzing and loose strings.

One and only. Its included gig bag doesn’t provide the finest protection. A purse like this would need to be replaced if we were to care for such a gem. But the bag is there. A fantastic model is the ukulele itself. It looks amazing, sounds great, and is quite light. This is the Best Luna Ukulele in 2023.

Luna Baritone Acoustic/Electric Ukelele with Preamp

Luna Baritone Acoustic/Electric Ukelele with...
  • An affordable baritone uke with a preamp that doesn't sacrifice our high...
  • Luna continues to create quality ukes at affordable prices by welcoming the...
  • Easily amplify your sound and dial it in quickly using the onboard Luna...

This ukulele is a baritone, measuring 32 inches long. Its powerful bass sets it apart from the majority of ukuleles we find in stores today. A model like this provides a whole new ukulele experience for both the player and the listener. Its body is made entirely of mahogany. This delivers a wonderful colour in addition to a lovely tone. Its burnished tones radiate warmth and create a nice, cosy atmosphere.

This UK-T2 preamp system, specifically created for the vintage range of ukuleles, is quite great! It provides us with quick and simple amplification that perfectly matches the uke’s tone. Additionally, you may be sure to always find your note thanks to the integrated tuner. It has a considerably more understated appearance than some of the models on our list. It has a laser-etched rosette around the soundhole, which is simple but effective. This darker shade adds a true sense of sophistication and complements the reddish-mahogany body superbly. This one doesn’t come with a bag, if we had to find something wrong with it. However, it’s a very minor complaint! We would be honoured to add this fine ukulele to our collection of ukuleles!

Luna Vintage Mahogany Soprano Ukulele

Luna Vintage Mahogany Soprano Ukulele, Red Satin
  • This is a wonderful instrument for players of all skill levels
  • Lightweight and easy to carry; take this charming Red Satin soprano uke...
  • Luna continues its unique stride in creativity by introducing a full family...

This little ukulele, which is the first soprano uke on our list, only has a 13-inch scale (string) length. It’s adorable and fun for the casual gamer thanks to its small size and beautiful pineapple form. The new uke aficionado can find all they need in this kit! The DVD describes ukulele setup and maintenance in addition to teaching the fundamental chords.

The gig bag and cleaning cloth will help you keep your new instrument both clean and safe. This model is one that we adore. We actually saw ourselves sitting on a beach and joyfully strumming, even if we might not utilise it on stage. Actually, it makes perfect sense. We can tell that we’re getting a tonne for our money when we look at this package.

Luna Concert Ukulele with Gigbag

Luna Concert Ukulele with Gigbag, Ziricote
  • Luna takes style, elegance and abstract art to a new level with the...
  • Ziricote offers a captivating color scheme and unique wood grain pattern
  • This motif contrasts nicely with the golden vanilla sapwood streak running...

The hue of ziricote wood is dark and rich. Each piece features a distinct wood grain, making each player’s instrument truly one of a kind. This model has a beautiful, organic quality because to the unique pattern and that hue. This ukulele also has a sapwood strip running through the top of the body to give a little drama. With the darker wood, its rich, white-gold colour creates a beautiful contrast. Without taking away from the animal’s inherent beauty, the streak gives it a strong yet graceful appearance.

We could anticipate a higher tone because this is a concert ukulele. The Ziricote brings an additional component to that. While maintaining the jangly features on the higher notes, it offers a strong, warm sound. What more could we ask for than a stunning finish and a fantastic sound? We never stray out of tune when playing thanks to our high-end chrome open-gear tuners.

The gig bag isn’t the best, like the other items on the list. It doesn’t have much padding and won’t provide much protection. So if you want to take care of an instrument like this, make sure to spend money on a high-quality case!

Luna Flora Series Floral Flamed Maple Concert Ukulele

Luna Flora Series Floral Flamed Maple Concert...
  • Body Material Maple
  • Neck Material Mahogany
  • Scale Length 15" (381mm) Uke

The top side of this ukulele is constructed of a transparent purple maple flame, while the body is made of maple. Together, they produce a singularly lovely sound. Compared to the brilliant sound you typically get from ukuleles made of mahogany, the sound is a little bit deeper.

Additionally, the guitar has an eye-catching rosewood fretboard and bridge, which guarantee a clear tone and pleasing sound. This Floral Series concert uke’s pre-amp, which enables you to connect it to a powerful amp for a richer sound and deeper bass, is another outstanding feature. The open-style tuners, which keep the ukulele precisely tuned, are also noteworthy.

But if you’re looking for a cheap ukulele, you might not be able to buy this one. It costs a little bit more than the other choices in this article’s review of the Luna ukulele. Makala models should show to be both high-quality and reasonably priced.

The Luna Floral Series Flamed Maple Concert Ukulele, with its gorgeous maple body and trans-purple flame maple top, is a wonderful instrument all around. A concert body combined with maple construction produces a rich, pleasing sound. Your tone will be clear and sustained for a long time thanks to the rosewood fretboard and bridge. However, you’ll have to spend more money to take advantage of this instrument’s musical capabilities.