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Best Thumb Picks 2024

Thumb picks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from the Dobro to the lap steel to the acoustic/electric guitar. Although they are more frequently utilised in genres like blues and country, they are also occasionally used in jazz, western swing, and flamenco. At first, using a thumbpick may seem unusual and awkward. Even though I adore artists like Tommy Emmanuel, Merle Travis, and Buster Jones, it took me a hot second to adjust. I appreciate the efforts throughout the years, and I’ll share my knowledge to persuade you to use one.

Using a thumb pick will increase the strings’ volume and clarity. in particular, the bass notes. Your pick is tied to your thumb, so you won’t have to worry about dropping it. You can get thumb picks in a variety of gauges and sizes, making it simple to locate the ideal thumb pick for you. Additionally, using a thumb pick eliminates the requirement for growing fingernails. Many classical guitarists will grow their fingernails out and use them as picks, but you can avoid this by using a thumb pick.

Thumb picks are mostly used by acoustic guitar players to improve the tone and clarity of the instrument’s strings as well as to free up other fingers so that they can finger pick more effectively. Slide players and banjo musicians alike frequently use thumb picks.

Dunlop 9073P Ultex Thumbpicks

Jim Dunlop 9073P Thumbpicks, Large, 4/Player's...
  • Made from Lute for durability and a bright, clear sound
  • Package Dimensions: 2.032 H x 6.096 L x 9.398 W (centimetres)
  • Package Weight: 0.009 kilograms

The Jim Dunlop Ultex thumb pick was the best I’ve ever used and it complemented both my playing and tone on the guitar. The Ultex material, which is not only incredibly resilient but also creates the sharpest and clearest tone, is what distinguishes it from other materials. There are two sizes offered for these: medium and large. I advise looking at the Ernie Ball thumb picks below if you have little thumbs. The only heavy gauge offered for the Dunlop Ultex thumb picks is also the only one you can call among the Best Thumb Pick in 2023.

Planet Waves 5CSH4-5 Shell Celluloid Medium Thumb Picks

D'Addario Accessories 5CSH4-5 Shell Celluloid...
  • 5 picks per package
  • Medium-size thumb picks
  • Shell-colored

There are several gauges and sizes of the traditional D’addario shell thumbpick. Regular guitar picks made of celluloid are among the most widely used since they are robust and can withstand some abuse. If you need them slightly larger or smaller, the curved edge and celluloid substance may be simply moulded using heat (for example, from a cigarette lighter). This thumbpick is strong overall and has a constant, warm tone.

Ernie Ball 9216 Thumb Picks

The most extensively used and well-liked thumb picks among guitarists are undoubtedly those made by Ernie Ball. They come in a variety of colours, including as yellow, blue, red, and white. There are several sizes available, including small, medium, and giant. These dimensions, though, correspond to the thumb pick’s wrap-around. The availability of only the medium gauge Ernie Ball thumb picks is their lone drawback. These are constructed of celluloid.

Fred Kelly Picks D5J-H-3 Delrin Bumblebee Jazz Heavy Guitar Pick

Fred Kelly Picks D5J-H-3 Delrin Bumblebee Jazz...
  • Durable premium quality delrin material
  • Soft and natural sound on the strings
  • Heavy gauge (1.04mm) comes 3 per package

Some of the best and most inventive thumb picks on the market are made by Fred Kelly. Although I have a detailed article on these as well as other Fred Kelly thumb picks, I would want to go into more detail here. Check out the complete Fred Kelly thumb picks if you want to take thumb picking seriously.

Golden Gate GP-6-4PK Guitar Pick

Golden Gate GP-6-4PK Pearloid Thumb Picks - Large...
  • Heavy, durable vintage style thumb pick constructed of white pearloid...
  • Designed and contoured to fit most land borne, opposable thumbed mammals
  • Suitable for guitars, resos, banjos, and other stringed instruments

These aren’t like the cheap thumbpicks that are strewn about the counter of your neighbourhood guitar shop. They are heavy pearloid nitrocellulose picks with a retro appearance that are the best in their class in terms of comfort, fit, and longevity. Medium, big, and large + extra thick sizes are all offered.