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Best Audeze Headphones 2024

Audeze LCD-X Over Ear Open Back Headphone with New Suspension Headband Creator Package

Audeze LCD-X Over Ear Open Back Headphone with New...
  • TRUE TO LIFE SOUND: Thanks to its incredible dynamic, nimble, neutral and...
  • THE PROFESSIONAL: Many of the current hit recordings you’ve heard have...
  • PLANAR MAGNETIC DRIVERS: Large ultra-thin 106 mm diaphragms with Audeze’s...

The outstanding and very dramatic sound quality of a much less expensive alternative to the Audeze LCD-4 or 4z is offered for less than half the price. That would be fantastic value for money, with exceptional sound quality. It comes from a variety of dynamic LCD Reference headphones aimed at music lovers. The Audeze LCD-X is far superior to other headphones in this reference series in terms of both price and sound quality.

This over-ear open-back headset is equipped with the same driver. Planar magnetic driver with a 106 mm diameter and a Neodymium N50 magnet type. However, due to the significant differences in diaphragm and magnetic building structure, such as the Ultra-thin diaphragm and proprietary magnet array used in these headphones, the sound quality is slightly poorer than the previous one.
The LCD-X is the most transient and perfect accuracy audiophile headphones for crucial mixing and mastering, as well as for producers and mastering engineers that want to hear all the subtleties in their mixes. It was the first Audeze headphone to be designed specifically with music producers and studio workers in mind. Its best feature is that it can deliver a high volume without the use of a headphone amplifier. These headphones, which include cutting-edge technology, will blow your mind. The best Audeze headphones under $2000

Audeze LCD-GX Gaming Headset with Boom Mic

Audeze LCD-GX Gaming Headset with Boom Mic, Wired,...
  • Performance - The LCD-GX is designed to be the best in audio performance...
  • Microphone - The LCD-GX includes a detachable cable with a built-in...
  • Compatibility - The LCD-GX comes with 2 exchangeable cables – The boom...

In the end, gaming headsets are basically headphones with boom microphones. Additional models add different features, such as wireless networking, simulated surround sound, and lights, but at its core, a gaming headset is nothing more than a driver on each ear and a microphone in front of your lips. The $899 Audeze LCD-GX takes this principle to its logical conclusion, combining enthusiast-level open-backed planar magnetic speakers with a basic boom mic to create the most expensive gaming headset we’ve tested. It’s just wired, analogue, and stereo, yet it provides the most accurate, detailed listening experience in this category, earning it our Editors’ Choice for super-high-end headsets.

The Audeze LCD-GX is the best Audeze gaming headset. In terms of sonic depth and clarity, this planar magnetic headphones outperform comparable high-end headsets like the Sennheiser GSP 670, the Astro Gaming A50, Dan Clark Audio Ether 2, Hifiman Ananda, Focal Utopia and even the Audeze Mobius, which is to be expected for $900. It’s exorbitantly priced and lacks any unique processing gimmicks found in other high-end gaming headsets, but you won’t find a better headset for pure listening. The LCD-GX isn’t for everyone, but if you have a very good ear and a lot of money, this is the headset to acquire. It’s also an Editors’ Choice. Audeze LCD-GX Gaming Headset is the best Audeze headphones for Gaming in 2023.

Audeze LCD-2

Audeze LCD-2 Closed Back Over Ear Isolating...
  • Incredible bass response due to the 100mm planar drivers and closed back...
  • It's the most neutral closed back headphone available.
  • Our exclusive glass-infused nylon rings are rugged and improve the sound...

The LCD-2 is the second iteration of Audeze’s flagship headphones. The first generation was released in 2014, and while it had some issues, it still offered great performance for the money. The LCD-2 improves upon many aspects of the original model, including the build, comfort, and noise isolation. However, the biggest change is the addition of active noise cancellation. While active noise cancelling is becoming increasingly common among high-end headphones, it is still rare in the world of budget headphones. The LCD-2 uses two microphones to cancel out ambient sounds, and does a fairly decent job of it. But the real benefit comes when you turn off the ANC feature. Without it, the LCD-2 becomes one of the best open-back headphones available today.

In the box, Audeze includes a 1.9m 1/4 inch dual 4-pin unbalanced mini XLR cable, a user guide and an official Audeze warranty card. In addition, a professional travel case to store the LCD-2 is generously provided with the package. The hard travel case offers substantial pro level protection, and we think it’s a nice touch that will help protect the LCD-2’s natural wood grain finish and more. The LCD-2 has an open circumaural planar magnetic design, with high quality neodymium magnets. Planar magnetic transducers generally consist of two main components: a diaphragm with circuits and networks of magnets. The “planar” in planar magnetic refers to the magnetic field that is distributed in the same plane (parallel) to the diaphragm. Planar magnetic diaphragms are thin and light compared to the much heavier moving coil or dome diaphragms found in “dynamic” speakers. This thin diaphragm is suspended in the magnetic fields created by the magnetic networks. The planar magnetic diaphragm has a printed circuit distributed over the surface of a thin film substrate. When the circuit is power requirement an audio signal, it interacts with the magnetic field and produces an electromagnetic force that moves the diaphragm back and forth creating sound.

The interior cavity of the hard case is deep and lined with extra thick padding that perfectly matches the angular geometry of the LCD-2. There is virtually no wiggle room for the LCD-2 to move when seated in this case. So, in theory, we’d expect the secure interior padding of the case to substantially protect the LCD-2’s more delicate internal electronics from bumps, even if it’s tossed around inside. The hard, thick shell exoskeleton of the carrying case is also interesting. The exterior of the case is rugged and durable enough to protect the LCD-2 from above-average impacts. The included case protection reminds us of third-party cases sold separately to protect similar high-end gear for professionals. We believe this goes a long way in helping users protect the investment from unnecessary damage, and its inclusion here is a thoughtful practice that we would like to see more of from other manufacturers in this category of headphones.

The LCD-2’s over ears cups are equipped with rare Shedua natural wood rings. Popular with guitar makers for its acoustic properties in electric guitar bodies, Exotic Shedua is a softer African wood species often selected for musical instruments because of its flexibility and lightness. The Shedua natural wood finish has a beautiful light to medium brown color that complements the darker aesthetic of the LCD-2. From its black leather and steel suspension headband to the black metal grille that adorns the back of its open-back ear cups, the LCD-2 exudes sophistication. Add premium black leather that covers the larger-than-life pads, and that touch of natural Shedua wood really complements the dark sensibility of the LCD-2. Overall, the LCD-2 has a cutting edge look that pairs well with its signature sound – warm, smooth, precise, and iconic.

For users who listen to detail-oriented, organic and natural audio experience, we give the open LCD-2 open back headphones for audiophile quality. As the most forgiving planar magnetic headphones in the Audeze Origin collection, our impression of the LCD-2 is that it is suitable for almost any type of music, but the true potential of the LCD-2 shines most on rock, the blues, jazz, classical and funk. As always, the decision comes down to vour unique ergonomic application. if you are a music lover who likes to get lost in audio quality, and if you prefer to listen to the finer details and dynamics that really draw you into music. At this price point, the LCD-2 is a steal. It offers exceptional value in a thoughtful, well-fitting package. Audeze LCD-2 is the Best Audeze Headphones in 2023.

Audeze LCD-4 Over Ear

Audeze LCD-4 Over Ear | Open Back Headphone |...
  • Acoustically engineered for accuracy The LCD-4 is far and away Audeze’s...
  • Near weightless nano-scale diaphragm The LCD-4 features our most advanced...
  • Audeze nearly doubles the magnetic driving force Double Fluxor Magnet...

Audeze offers its flagship headphones, the LCD-4, as the result of 40 years of advancing planar magnetic technology with their own quality components research since 2009. It uses a nanoscale diaphragm with the patented double flux magnet arrays from Audeze, unique to the headphone world’s planar offerings today. The diaphragm material originated from NASA, which gave Audeze the ability to produce a strong, lightweight and resilient film capable of withstanding harsh conditions. The result of using this slim diaphragm allows for a fast response time which gives the headphones an extended, flat and precise bass response. The sound quality of the Audeze LCD-4 and Audeze LCD-4z headphones is outstanding, with a strong, rich, and clear sound.

The audiophile headphones are also conscientiously designed with the use of 30 year old Macassar ebony wood rings, which are very smooth to the touch when finished. Previous offerings included cocobolo and mahogany wood which are sometimes available for purchase in very limited quantities. The helmet also sports a very stylish and lightweight carbon fiber headband design, with pads that retain a very supple leather texture. The LCD-4 has chrome disc plates, which give a reflective surface. The flagship headphones come in a sturdy case with the Audeze logo on the front. Inside, the foam is custom cut to accommodate the headphones, cable and warranty card. White gloves are provided to ensure proper handling of the helmet. The LCD-4’s plate is also redesigned with a chrome finish unlike its older counterparts which have a powder coated finish on the discs. This can be prone to fingerprints although the supplied white gloves will ensure minimal traces on the chrome surface. Along with the plate, the headband has also been changed with a carbon fiber structure to ensure maximum comfort

The variance of the LCD-4 is most evident in the treble region, as some headphones can have extreme elevation in certain frequencies compared to identical models. Although overall, the LCD-4 has a distinctive soundstage that gives it its iconic status. It’s a headphone that does a surprisingly good bass with a presence unmatched by any other headset. The weighty feel and prominence of each note gives the LCD-4 a very immersive experience that’s hard to find. Its midrange can be as smooth as the LCD-3, although it lacks the effortless uniformity on the mid-high transition. I think the LCD-4 can also be considered a more resolute version of the LCD-3, at the expense of the LCD-3’s ability to be more intimate and euphonious due to its overall more fluid qualities.

Genres like Electrofunk, House, Drum and Bass all come to life with these headphones with the way they are filled with bass. To sum up, the LCD-4 certainly has one of the most satisfying sound signatures when it comes to “fun” genres like pop or electronic dance music (EDM). These genres give the listener a good understanding of the Audeze range while definitely being seen as a non-neutral and forgiving headphone in their collection.

The LCD-4’s midrange may be the LCD-4’s weakness as it may lag slightly behind other people’s standards. This makes the LCD-4 closed back headphones for some, although due to variations in the dynamic driver this is a very difficult problem to assess. There are also rumors of annual silent reviews of the LCD series, although Audeze has been publicly announced in the past indicating that the LCD-4 in closed backs headphones can be tuned by the company for free to these updated frequency range. This encourages users to purchase the LCD-4 for the sake of sustainability.

Overall, despite the flaw in the mid-range, this pair of headphones presents a decent image with a believable soundstage. The extra weight in each note makes the LCD-4 a one-of-a-kind headphone that offers the benefit of having decent micro-details and the definition of a high-end headphone in addition to having texture and body. The improved carbon fiber headband design and plush ear pads provide great comfort to the headphones, which was a recurring issue with Audeze in the past. The LCD-4 also incorporates several elements that make up the range of the LCD series while combining it with a headset. Its chrome design with carefully crafted ebony wood rings gives the helmet a very tasteful look while providing heavy accessories that match it perfectly. With the LCD-4, the epitome of luxury is here.

AUDEZE LCD-1 Open Back Headphones

Inside are Audeze’s 90mm planar magnetic loudspeakers, which promise to deliver frequencies from 10Hz to 50kHz with flawless clarity, with patented Fluxor magnets and a sound-creating Uniforce voice coil like 3d audio. refined and (claimed) without distortion. The LCD-1s are assembled at the Audeze factory in California and each speaker is precision handcrafted, which should mean a keen eye for detail and decent quality control. Granted, if all of the pairs feel and sound similar to our review unit, you can be sure that you get what you pay for. In the box you will find a travel case and a 2m long 3.5mm to dual 3.5mm cable. A 6.3mm adapter means you can use these Audez with just about anything with a headphone output

The LCD-1 is mostly made of inexpensive plastic. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing, as this choice of materials also results in a dramatic reduction in weight, compared to other Audeze headphones. This is an extremely light helmet, weighing approximately 250g. It’s also quite small, which reminds me a bit of their first Sine on-ear headphones – but of course the LCD-1 is thankfully still on-ear headphones. The ear cups also fold upwards for easy portability. I’m concerned that due to the plastics this folding mechanism may wear out over time, but we’ll just have to wait and see. The ear cups are also quite small and the pads barely fit my ear. This means they’re still visible and not as comfortable as headphones with larger cups. The nice thing about the pads is that they’re oval in shape, so it’s likely that most listeners won’t have too much trouble finding a good fit. Plus, the ear pads simply snap on and off, which means it will be easy to replace them if needed.

For most of the frequency range, detail recovery is appropriate for its price. However, for high frequencies the LCD-1 is exceptional. Not only is it extended well in the treble above the consonant range in the “ air ” frequencies, but it is also incredibly resolute in knowing where the “ S ” and “ F ” sounds occur. . It’s the sort of thing you can really notice when comparing it to headphones that don’t perform as well in this region – and it’s not withdrawn in this lineup, either. Headphones with less detail capability at 8.5kHz can feel etched or grainy for these consonant sounds – despite similar elevation for this range – and with the LCD-1, they look detailed and clear instead. In fact, I would go so far as to say that the LCD-1 has one of the absolute best treble detail capabilities of any earphone in its price range, and even does better than some that cost more.

Frequency response is where the LCD-1 shines. Audeze’s approach to frequency response also includes its “ Reveal + ” DSP plugin for various EQ tools, so this review examines both the default tone of the headphones, but also how they works with Audeze fixes. This could be sold as a “business use” option, but in reality it’s far more likely to be what Audeze couldn’t achieve with the default dial tone. It’s also an interesting idea that they have explored in the past for the majority of their headphones. In general, I’m a fan of it.

The LCD-1’s default tone is generally pleasant, with only a few potential issues depending on the listener’s preferences. Those looking for a smoother presentation with a bit more bass energy for modern genres may find the LCD-1’s default tone to be a bit low. The bass is well extended, but it’s also a bit lower than what the consumer reference curve prefers. Also, there is a little bit of emphasis around 3khz which makes the upper mids or lower treble a bit shrill at times. The rest of the highs, however, are non-strenuous and not whistling at all (in part thanks to the lack of grain or burn at 8.5kHz). There is also exceptional treble extension in the “aerial” region above 11 kHz. Above all, this region is not elevated to an artificial degree. In the past, I have criticized headphones that do this because they can upset the balance. The tonal for the splash quality of the cymbal hits – but the LCD-1 keeps it under control, and that also helped not having a significant slump. in the rest of the treble. Overall, the treble is the best quality of the LCD-1, both in terms of technical ability, but also in terms of balance and extension.

Audeze obviously takes the needs of its business customers seriously, as LCD-1s are very important in terms of detail and resolution. It helps that there is so much room to work – an impressive amount even considering the open-back design – and that the instruments are placed so definitely inside. like an audio museum, allowing you to walk right every sound and inspect it, or just step back and take it all as a whole. You can also do it without interruption from any annoyance. The presentation is balanced and as open at both ends as the engineering promises. There are no rude frequencies coming in to attack, and the bass is lean and insightful.

There is a lot to be said about how LCD-1s allow you to analyze music. If this is what you need for your home stereo, Audeze has created a pair of studio headphones worth listening to – especially if you are hoping to use them for a bit of mixing as well. Considering the form factor, portability, and excellent tone of the LCD-1 with Audeze’s Reveal +. For anyone specifically looking for a portable planar magnetic headset, the LCD-1 is a solid choice a cut above most other portable options in its price range and good customer service.

Audeze LCD-2 Classic Over Ear Open Back Headphone

Audeze LCD-2 Classic Over Ear Open Back Headphone...
  • The reissue of our vintage original model, with the wonderful warm tonality...
  • Incredible bass response due to the 100mm Planar Magnetic drivers - our...
  • Our exclusive glass-infused nylon rings are rugged and improve the sound...

Since 2008, the LCD-2, the Audeze headset that started it all, has had a lot of revisions and modifications. The LCD-2 Classic is an attempt to restore the classic LCD-2 sound by removing any additional technology, such as the Fazor components. So, how does this relic of the past fare?

If you’ve ever seen or worn a set of Audeze headphones, you’ll have a fair sense of what to expect from the LCD-2 Classic. Large, vented metal earcups with large ear pads entirely cover your ears are included. The entire structure is constructed of aluminium and stainless steel, and Audeze’s innovative suspension system keeps it on your head. The headphones are somewhat heavy, weighing in at over a pound, yet they are generally comfy. With plain black aluminium all around rather than the wood-trimmed style of the rest of the LCD range, the LCD-2 Classic looks more like the LCD-X than the ordinary LCD-2.

While it may not have the most up-to-date driver technology, the Audeze LCD-2 Classic’s more than a decade-old design remains a top performer today, and its $799 pricing makes it a difficult value to better. When you add it all together, the LCD-2 Classic isn’t just a superb open back headphone; it’s a true benchmark for performance in its price range.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Audeze Headphones Worth the Money?

If you’re looking for pristine audio Headphones, Audeze has you covered with the best powerful driver and planar magnetic technology to acquire superb sound reproduction or output by hearing. When it comes to essential mixing and monitoring, mastering, studio composing, audiophile gaming, and Hi-Fi audio setup for both studio and home use, Audeze headphones are unbeatable.

Where are Audeze headphones made?

Audeze headphones are manufactured in Sacramento and their warranty is 3 years.

Is more impedance better for headphones?

Headphones with a high impedance results in a higher winding in a coil, which leads to better motor systems and a greater overall sound with improved bass reproduction.

What kind of materials are used for the construction of Audeze headphones?

All Audeze headphones are constructed using only the highest-grade aluminum and stainless steel. All parts are tested and inspected before being shipped out to ensure the highest quality product.

How do I care for my Audeze headphones? How often should I clean them?

It is recommended to clean your Audeze headphones after every 6 months of usage. You can use a soft brush to remove dust and grime off the surface of the headphones. It is also important to keep the cables away from water.

Can I get a replacement cable for my Audeze headphone?

Yes, Audeze offers a 1 year warranty for the replacement of defective cables. If you want to replace the cable, please contact us through email.

Is Audeze a good brand?

Audeze headphones are the greatest headphones on the market. In the high-end music industry and headphone audio creation, the greatest and most reputable American manufacturer audio equipment name.