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Best Analog Mixers 2024

The audio mixer, or recording console as it is also known, is a piece of equipment that can be used in various settings. Both live events and recording studios employ it. However, audio is also broadcast through film and/or television.

A studio console or an analog mixer was required for mixing music in the past. Although practically all music producers today use digital audio workstations (DAWs), a home studio still has access to an analog mixer for recording.

How about an analog mixing console, though? Furthermore, why would you utilize it when you have a DAW? What are some of the top analog mixers for home recording studios currently on the market?

Tascam Model 24 Hybrid Mixer

Tascam Model 24 Multi-Track Live Recording Console
  • A full set of familiar EQ and Auxiliary knobs remove the need to menu dive,...
  • Features 16 high-grade TASCAM mic preamps and multiple stereo line inputs...
  • Capture up to 24 tracks simultaneously (at 24bit/48kHz resolution) directly...

The TASCAM Model 24 is a fantastic-sounding, simple-to-use multitrack recording solution, whether you use it for practice, live performances, or studio production. The Model 24 features a time-tested, quick, and intuitive analog mixing design. Utilize 100mm faders for fine control while modifying your recordings with EQ and Aux controls that you are familiar with. High-quality preamps provide top-notch audio that is readily recorded at 24-bit/48kHz resolution on an inbuilt SD card. Additionally, you receive a sizable I/O complement. Beyond that, the Model 24’s included 24-in/22-out audio interface makes DAW integration simple. Because of TASCAM’s illustrious dependability, the Model 24 may be moved from studio to stage while remaining lightweight and durable.

With the help of the 100mm faders and the Aux knobs, you can fine-tune your songs while maintaining exact control. There are premium preamps available that promise excellent performance.

You can easily record it with a 24bt/48 kHz resolution on your internal SD card. Additionally, you can express your creativity by using the versatile onboard and routing effects. This console is very user-friendly and is the ideal front-end analog for your DAW. The Model 24 left us quite impressed because it enables for much more than just transferring record tracks to and from your DAW. It functions as a full-featured 24-in, 22-out audio interface with USB and built-in preamps of high quality.

Anything you can record from your SD card is fantastic, whether you’re doing it live or at your home studio. Eight tracks can be punched in or out simultaneously. If you’ve ever used a Portastudio, you’ll recognize it as one of this console’s best features because of how it is set up. As a result, operating this console will be lot easier, and you’ll feel perfectly at home straight away.

Additionally, you won’t have to delve into any menus or otherwise complicate the process of recording music. This characteristic distinguishes it from the competition. The Model 24 will be familiar to you if you’ve ever used a small-format analog console or an older Portastudio. Utilize 100mm long-throw faders to adjust your mix, and 3-band EQs to fine-tune your tracks. A 7-band visual EQ can be used to shape your output. 16 premium preamps with +48V phantom power help you get superb sound right away. Additionally, a complete set of I/O is provided for integrating your instruments and outboard equipment. This is the Best Analog Mixer in 2023.

PreSonus StudioLive AR16c 18-Channel USB-C Hybrid Digital/Analog Performance Mixer

PreSonus StudioLive AR16c 18-Channel USB-C Hybrid...
  • 18x4 24-bit or 96 kHz, USB 2. 0 (over USB-C connection) audio recording...
  • 2x2 SD recorder (record main mix); supports SD and SDHC formats up to 32 GB
  • 18-channel analog mixer with 12 balanced microphone inputs with XMAX mic...

Built for today’s creators, PreSonus’ StudioLive AR16c is a hybrid digital/analog mixer. This mixer has a variety of input possibilities to meet the requirements of any performance while also being portable enough to be taken on the go. Additionally, it is jam-packed with features including onboard effects, Stereo SD recording, and a Stereo Super Channel that gives you complete control over your sound. This outstanding mixer connects to your computer using the provided USB-C cable when used as an interface. For more versatile recording options, you can record the whole mix as well as individual input. You will also get free software that transforms your laptop into a fully functional production powerhouse, as if that weren’t enough value for your money. The AR16c will astound you with its unbeatable value and simple operation, whether of whether you’re uploading your band’s most recent live performance or your brand-new interview.

It is a console designed for recording and has a vintage analog mixed aesthetic. This console’s innovative analog design includes 12 distinct XMAX mic preamps and is USB compatible. It is easily connected to your computer, and you can even create its hybrid internals. This console features a fully functional audio interface that can record and mix in high definition at 96 kHz.

To expand your recording possibilities, you can easily record 16 inputs in addition to the primary mix. Additionally, you can listen to any previously recorded tracks and playback up to four streams. There are twelve mic preamps available to reduce background noise. Additionally, you have access to Bluetooth connectivity and can use the built-in SD recorder to play.

Thanks to its StudioLive AR 16c interface, it is the ideal voice for both stage and studio configurations. Software for recording is of high quality and is tightly integrated.

Audio experts concur that the AR16c is ideal for musicians who frequently perform in intimate settings. The mixer is not only lightweight and completely portable, but it also allows musicians to record their performances directly on the device and is simple to set up. You read correctly. You don’t need any additional hardware to record your live performances. The AR16c will store everything for quick access, whether you’re battle testing your newest stand-up routine, performing intense sets, or conducting interviews. SD and SDHC file types up to 32GB in size are supported by this mixer.

We adore the fact that it has Bluetooth connectivity and is still an analog mixer, allowing you to start playing your recording and listening to what you have produced using any of your digital devices.

Additionally, it has a USB interface, making it simple to connect to your laptop or desktop computer. With 16 inputs for mic preamps and an intuitive interface, it is a recording instrument that is ready to use straight away. We appreciate the variety of applications it includes for recording and creating music. However, if you already have a DAW, things can go considerably more quickly for you. It will be much simpler if you connect with this console while carrying a DAW because you will first need to get familiar to all these programs before using them.

Mackie Mix8 8-Channel Compact Mixer with Studio-Level Audio Quality

Mackie Mix8 8-Channel Compact Mixer
  • 6-input Desktop Mixer with 2 Microphone Preamplifiers
  • Separate Volume Headphone Levels
  • 2 Stereo Channels

This desktop mixer with outstanding performance and a low channel count has 6 inputs, 2 microphone pre-amps, and switchable phantom power for condenser mics. Aside from the two additional channels for keyboards, drum machines and other stereo gear, the Mackie Mix8 also offers 3-band equalizers and aux sends on each channel.

The midsize Mackie Mix8 desktop audio mixer offers comprehensive functionality and high-quality audio. This small 6-input mixer provides two microphone preamplifiers for condenser mics with switchable phantom power, and two extra channels provide inputs for keyboards, drum machines, and other stereo equipment. However, the Mix8 differs from other mixers thanks to its 3-band equalizers and aux sends on each channel. The Mackie Mix8 even has separate volume controls for the main output and the headphone outputs, as well as an RCA I/O path for recording.

The Mackie Mix8 is ideal for recording acoustic sets in a home studio and may be used for duo or trio band setups. Although the majority of users also make use of its podcasting features, it can still be applied in musical contexts. With a strong construction covered in a steel frame, you may throw this item into your backpack to take advantage of its portability and small size.

Yamaha MG20 20-Input 6-Bus Mixer

Yamaha MG20 20-Input 6-Bus Mixer,Black
  • 20-Channel standalone mixer (no USB or effects)
  • Featuring studio-grade discrete class-A D-PRE preamps with inverted...
  • 3-band EQ and high-pass filters give you maximum control and eliminate...

This mixer is fully equipped and suitable for both studio and stage use. It is a portable setup that, if desired, can also be permanently installed. You can control every aspect of your tone with your microphones and the D-PRE preamps that are included. Additionally, it can handle high frequencies rather well and produce bass that sounds genuine.

It has independent D-PRE mic preamps to produce clear, natural sound. Additionally, its one-knob compressors guarantee easy-to-use dynamic controls. The shogun shape may be quite well influenced by the high pass filter and EQ. We also liked that this console has built-in digital effects to give your recordings more gloss and professionalism.

This is a fantastic option for live performances as well as recorded performances. But when it’s dark outside, you must exercise caution. It’s difficult for you to view the surroundings onboard due to those dazzling bright yellow lights. However, this mixer has a ton of settings, making it a fantastic pick for any setting.

This console includes switchable phantom power as well as all onboard digital effects. In addition, an ADP switch and a knob compressor are present. Along with LED metering, there are numerous I/O possibilities. It has rather standard EQ, which should have been improved, but it still functions quite well. The only issue you will face in this situation is that the effects cannot be incorporated into the monitor mix.

These are the repercussions of the main outs. There is therefore no way to run effects to your monitor, and there is therefore no workaround. Additionally, the 16 sliders do not match the EQ and channel settings. As a result, you must use extreme caution in the mid channels. Aside from that, the bright yellow lights aboard are rather noticeable. You might have trouble seeing the settings immediately next to them because this light is so brilliant in the dark and stage environment.