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Best Electric Cellos for Beginners 2023

Electric cellos have a number of advantages over acoustic cellos. Initially, you can practice quietly without disturbing your family or neighbors. They’re also more portable, taking up less room and fitting easily into an airplane overhead bin. And, just like an electric guitar, you can go nuts with the sound, changing the tone and adding all kinds of effects. Finally, electric cellos are visually appealing on stage. They’re not as common as electric guitars, and they’ll make you stand out.

Yamaha SVC-110SK Silent Electric Cello

Yamaha Silent Series SVC-110SK Electric Cello - Brown
  • Electric Cello with Chambered Spruce Body
  • Onboard Reverb - Brown
  • Piezo Pickup System

The Yamaha SVC-110SK electric cello has a fantastic acoustic sound. Yamaha is a well-known brand for its high-quality designs in a wide range of musical instruments, including the Yamaha silent series, which has sold thousands of units globally. The SVC-1101 boasts a sleek style and a powerful design that outperforms most competitors in this class.

The Yamaha SVC-110 Electric Cello is a great choice if you want a high-quality acoustic sound. Yamaha is a well-known brand for its high-quality designs on a variety of musical instruments, with thousands of goods sold all over the world. The SVC-110 boasts a silky texture and a visually appealing design that outperforms the majority of the competition in this category. The Yamaha SVC-110SK has a conventional beige bridge and is excellent for a cellist who wishes to play in a peaceful environment. The sound produced by this cello is significantly superior to that of other models. The instrument is built in a traditional utilitarian style that allows for excellent acoustic sound output.

The acoustic geometry is in good condition. Switching from one side to the other is fairly simple for the player. Yamaha 110SK Electric Cellois It constructed of superb, high-quality materials and features a full-body frame for a classic feel. It features four Wittner settings with precise adjusters and a fine-tuning tailpiece. It also has a piezo microphone incorporated into the volume control and runs on a single AA battery.

The Yamaha SVC-100SK is great for selfies who wish to play in a calm setting, thanks to its traditional styled base bridge. This cello produces a significantly louder sound than other models. The device has a traditional functional design that allows for better acoustic sound rendering. The acoustic geometry is complete. Make it simple for the player to travel back and forth. The material is of great quality, with a full-bodied frame that gives it a religious feel. It has a perfect adjuster with four Wittner settings and a tailpiece for precision adjustment. It has a volume control and an electronic piezo microphone that is powered by AA batteries. Yamaha SVC-110SK Silent Electric Cello is the Best Electric Cello for Beginners in 2023.

Cecilio 4/4 CECO-1BK Electric Cello

Cecilio 4/4 CECO-1BK Black Metallic Electric Cello with Ebony Fittings in Style 1 (Full Size)
  • Hand-carved solid maple wood electric cello, Style 1, Metallic Black, Size 4/4 (Full Size)
  • Ebony fingerboard, pegs and tailpiece with mother of pearl inlay and 4 detachable fine tuners
  • Powered by a 9V Alkaline battery (included)

With good cause, the Cecilio CECO-1BK has been named the best electric cellos for beginners. It has a lot to offer, and while the sound is certainly professional enough for more experienced players, the fact that it comes with a variety of attachments makes it an excellent pick for those just getting started. This is the greatest electric cello for self-taught novices, and purchasing everything together is a bonus. The cello is made of hand-carved maple, which is a very high quality wood, and it has a black metallic finish. The ebony fingerboard is extremely lovely, and the tuners are detachable.

Cecilio Electric Cellos are known for their high quality and dependability. The company is known for producing low-cost string instruments that include everything you need to get started. This metallic Cecilio electric cello has a lot of features that make it ideal for recording or simply practicing in the studio. Without the peacefulness of their surroundings, this cello gives superb functionality and exquisite style to all players.

This electric cell is 4/4 the size and is made of maple wood with a full-size metallic black body. It has four separate fine tuners, all of whom appreciate the use of ebony fingerboards, pegs, and tailpieces in the mother-pearl creek area. By installing the bridge, certain individuals were able to purchase this cell. This cello is a perfect Christmas gift because of its lovely appearance and design. This is a reasonably priced cello that comes with a few extras such as a protective case, resin, headphones, and an auxiliary cord. If you are new to the instrument, you will also receive a bow. A one-year warranty is included, which is quite generous. This is frequently the case with this manufacturer’s products.

We realized that this cello has an exceptionally outstanding performance quality. The tone is fantastic, and the instrument is really durable. It has the potential to give your cello playing a whole new level. The body is powerful, particularly the neck and ankles. The word “amazing” comes to mind. This cello is valuable at this price tage.

Stagg ECL Electric Cello

Stagg ECL 4/4 BK Electric Cello - Black
  • Solid maple construction
  • Active preamp with under saddle pickup
  • Volume and bass controls

The Stagg ECL 4/4 BK Electric Cello is a high-quality instrument. However, just because something is inexpensive does not imply it is not an excellent choice. The active preamp under the saddle is one of our favorite features of this cello. It’s of decent quality, but it’s primarily active, so you can use it with any headphone and listen to audio without needing a preamp or special headphone adapter. It’s a small cello, but it’s finely crafted out of maple. The cello comes with some accessories, but the bow that comes with it is not of the highest quality. You may need to upgrade your bow if you want to get the most out of this instrument.

Stagg is a well-known electrical instrument manufacturer. Stagg was founded in 1995 with the goal of delivering high-quality musical instruments and accessories to performers of all types at affordable costs. The Stagg ECL Electric Cello is another fantastic instrument from this brand. Any cellist seeking for an electric instrument that fits in a small place would love this.

The Stagg ECL comes in a lovely color and shape that will capture people’s attention. The black design on the tailpiece, head, and fingerboard distinguishes this cello as a one-of-a-kind work of art. This cello’s beige bridge is a conventional bridge that, along with the fingerboard and tailpiece, helps people identify the instrument as a cello.

On the side of the Stagg ECL is a box where you can connect accessories like headphones. A quarter-inch cable linked to the output port allows you to connect the instrument to an amplifier and stream music through it. You may now quietly listen to your favorite music and tracks without bothering your neighbors. The Stagg ECL includes an active pickup as well as a battery that may be used to charge the pickup. With the volume and bass controls, you can take this cello everywhere. This is the Best Cellos for Beginners 2023.

NS Design CR6 Cello

NS Design CR6 Cello
  • Solid maple Body and neck with figured Maple top
  • Ebony Fingerboard
  • Schaller 18: 1 ratio, fully-encased worm gear tuners

This cello is made of a beautiful material with an amazing and exquisite design. Cellos with 4, 5, and 6 strings are available from Ned Steinberger. The dynamic and sophisticated electronics of the NS Design CR6 Cello allow it to produce a precise and nuanced sound, just like its acoustic elements. This solid wood electric cello features a unique pole piezoelectric sensor system as well as a new spectacular and appealing sound for the geometry that forms the sound.

The NS Design CR6 Cello features a high-end tripod mount that can be adjusted to the ideal position, as well as a small and regular cello. You may effortlessly take this instrument wherever you want thanks to the inventor’s free movable shoulder strap transport system. This material provides end support that produces an unbeatable result in this situation in order to establish a typical theme point of communication and cello position.

The NS Design CR6 cello body is firmly constructed overall, notably with the strong maple body, neck, and peghead. The fingerboard has a beautiful ebony pattern with note reference points, while the overall finish is defined by a traditional themed polymeric finish layer with amber distortion. Volume control, a difficulty equalizer, a base equalizer, and additional performance headphones are all available.

Leeche Handmade Professional Solid Wood Electric Cello

Leeche Handmade Professional Solid Wood Electric Cello 4/4 Full Size Silent Electric Cello-White
  • Professional pick-up system:German brand "Shadow" advanced pickup system,ours and Yamahas' are the same level,we are the unique company in amazon...
  • Professional pick-up:Made in Germany .high fidelity, high sensitivity, low noise Update the new version of the white noise suppression circuit with no...
  • With patented coloring technology of locating and docking the networks of pigment and wood, leeche makes traditional electric cellos more beautiful...

The Leeche Handmade Professional Solid Wood Electric Cello is a beautifully crafted instrument with a high fidelity sound and sensitivity to the subtleties of cello playing. It is appropriate for both pros and novices. The “Shadow” pickup mechanism is of excellent quality and is designed to be noiseless. It compares favorably to the Yamaha pickups used by many of the finest Cellos.

This style is likewise cost-effective and has a sophisticated appearance thanks to the use of solid plywood. It’s simple to set up and connect to PA systems or even headphones so you may practice in silence while listening to your music. The appearance of this electric cello is also a plus. It’s lovely, and the wood comes in a variety of finishes and colors so you can get exactly the look you desire.

Yinfente Electric Acoustic Cello

Yinfente Electric Acoustic Cello 4/4 Solid Maple Spruce wood Ebony Fittings Sweet Sound With Cello...
  • Yinfente Electric Acoustic Cello Solid Maple wood back , Side, Cello neck. Spruce wood Top. All Wood Air Dried Over 10Years. Set Up Big Jack passive...
  • Pure Hand Made Cello Ebony Wood Fittings : Peg, Fingerboard, Tailpiece. Maple wood bridge
  • Free Items: Steel Cello String, Soft Thick padding Cello Bag, Brazil Wood Cello Bow, High Quality Rosin Cake.

The Yinfente Electric Acoustic Cello 4/4 is a lovely, affordable cello with a lot of features that beginners and pros alike will appreciate. It’s a full-sized cello with a more traditional look than many of the others on this list. The fact that it is an electric acoustic model contributes to this. It can be played properly as an acoustic cello if you don’t want to use amplification.

Shanghai Kinglos Musical Instruments creates the Leeche electric cello with master luthiers from the Shanghai Conservatory. It’s also marketed under various names, such as Aliyes. Its distinctive, slim design evokes a traditional cello shape while remaining contemporary. Natural wood grain, black, and white finishes are among the options for the Leeche cello.

With a maple neck, ebony fingerboard, and an aluminum alloy tailpiece, the main body is built of finished plywood. Volume and tone controls, line and headphone outputs, and a line input are all provided by the German-made pickup and preamp system. The output is particularly silent thanks to a built-in white noise suppression circuit.

The spruce and maple woods used for the cello are of exceptional quality and have been seasoned for at least ten years before being used. All of this adds up to a high-end cello with handcrafted accessories. A set of cello strings, a bag, a bow, and a rosin cake are included. The sound quality is great, and there are few cellos that can match with this model for the price. Regardless, it’s an electric/acoustic cello. This means it has both benefits and drawbacks. It won’t be possible to use it only through an amp with no ambient sound coming from the instrument.

AW 4/4 Full Size Electric Silent Cello

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It’s a full-size electric cello with all the features you’d expect from a student cello. This AW Cello’s design incorporates a silent function, which allows the user to practice quietly without disturbing others. This phone comes with headphones that you may plug into the line-out jackhole and use in silent mode to practice.

This electric cello is a lightweight alternative that suits the needs of a practicing student, weighing less than 23 pounds. The cello is made of hand-carved maple wood with an attractive metallic finish as a finishing touch. Maple wood is also used for the neck, ankle, and fingerboard, which adds to the instrument’s resonance. The tailgate’s wooden design offers the player with comfort and convenience of use.

In addition, the AW 4/4 Full-Size Electric Silent Cello has a constant tip that you can utilize to get into a comfortable playing position. A set of backup strings, a tuner, a helmet, a bridge, and a user are included, as well as an emergency manual in a hard case.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tune my cello?

The pegs around which the strings are coiled are used to tune the cello. In this regard, an electric cello is similar to an acoustic cello. You’ll need a tuner, which can detect the pitch of the string and tell you if you need to tighten or loosen it. There are some wonderful YouTube tutorials that will walk you through the entire cello tuning process.