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Vintagescapes Bundle by BeatSkillz (Flashback, Zodiac & Tekno Keyz)

Vintagescapes Bundle is a remarkable set of plugins that have been painstakingly designed to give a variety of carefully chosen retro sounds and effects. The goal of this collection is to encourage creativity and give producers, songwriters, and musicians a wide range of tools to realize their creative visions. The most well-known musicians and composers in the fields of retro, new age, and techno music serve as the inspiration for the Vintagescapes Bundle.

Are you prepared to go back in time and compose some incredible music using 80s and 90s sounds? If so, Beatskillz is making an excellent offer that you shouldn’t pass up. Tekno Keyz, Zodiac, and Flashback are all included in the bundle. You can listen to the genuine and sentimental sounds of pop, film, and television from that era on Flashback. With lush pads, ambient sounds, lead flutes, and other elements, Zodiac allows you explore the New Age genre. Tekno Keyz provides the well-known Techno-Pop sounds that rocked the dance floors.

The package contains:

Flashback is a virtual instrument featuring more than 200 presets and arp patterns influenced by the pop, movie, and television sounds of the 1980s. Flashback allows you to create dynamic compositions brimming with color and nostalgia thanks to its extensive sampling of authentic synth sounds (both digital and analog). With original Pop, Cinema, and TV sounds created using renowned analog and digital synths from the 1980s, Flashback transports you back in time. You can create “dynamic” tracks with a ton of color with this plugin’s deep sampling, release groups, and tons of synthesis.

Zodiac is a virtual instrument that features a variety of sounds that were influenced by 80s and 90s New Age musicians like Enigma, DeepForest, Vangelis, Enya, and others. Zodiac will take you to another universe with its lush pads, natural sounds, lead flutes, and other symphonic and world components. They are prepared for use! Just browsing the presets will provide you with plenty of creative inspiration. This is a must-have collection for all musicians, whether they specialize in creating pop music or movie soundtracks.

Tekno Keyz is a virtual instrument modeled after the well-known 90s Techno-Pop sounds. Tekno Keyz offers music that was influenced by well-known artists like Technotronic, 2 Unlimited, Snap, La Boutche, Dr. Alban, KLF, and others. You’ll dance like you’ve never danced before to Tekno Keyz. The user can create their own patches or modify the stock sounds with the help of our Extensive Synthesis engine, which provides another degree of sound creation. The dream sound of this plugin is further powered by an Arpeggiator and a Massive Multi Fx engine.

You will have everything you need to create retro-inspired music in any genre with this plugin set. It doesn’t matter if you want to create ambient chillout music like Enigma or Enya, synth-pop hits like Flashdance or Blade Runner soundtracks like Vangelis, or both—this Beatskillz bundle has it all.