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USB vs 3.5mm Headset – Which Is Better?

However, when USB headsets were launched, everything changed. These USB headphones were heralded as the breakthrough technology that would put an end to the 3.5 mm jack since they were supposed to have greater sound quality than the standard jack.

In addition to USB headsets, USB-C was dominating the smartphone market. The majority of smartphone manufacturers began delivering new devices without a headphone jack to encourage this, like Apple, which ceased making phones and iPads with a headphone jack. The USB interface offered greater quality, much-needed adaptability, and a lot of additional capabilities. If you wanted to listen to music, you would then need to utilize an adaptor or use wireless technology.

Modern cellphones removing the headphone jack may not be the biggest problem for PC users and gamers. What matters to them is how much of a difference working on a PC or laptop is expected to make.

USB vs 3.5mm Headset – What are the differences?

Two of the most widely utilized wired forms of connectors in headsets are USB and 3.5mm. They cannot be referred to as the same thing because they are completely distinct. Understanding the differences between 3.5mm and USB connections is always important. The fundamental distinction between the 3.5mm jack and USB is that the latter only supports analog sound streams. Digital signals cannot be read or transferred by it. Therefore, the task of transforming the digital signal into analog and sending it to the 3.5mm connector is performed by the sound card of the computer or smartphone. As a result, without a sound card, you are unable to listen to audio or utilize the microphone on a headset with a 3.5mm port.

The 3.5mm headsets are quite different because, in order to function to their fullest potential, they require a soundcard. The 3.5mm connector is recognized as an input type, which explains why.

USB vs 3.5mm Headset – Which is better?

Audio on USB headsets is of higher quality. The ways in which they transmit audio and how they analyze it, however, differ. Therefore, 3.5mm jack would be more adaptable than USB in some devices. 3.5mm port was once the sole interface we used to connect our headsets to our gadgets, we were always familiar with it. We didn’t need to reinvent it because it was so dependable and effective. Therefore, we continued to employ the same old 3.5mm jack for our typical use cases, such as playing video games and listening to music.

Is the USB headset better for gaming?

The 3.5mm jack will be more than sufficient for common uses like music listening and fast laptop work. A USB headset is the best choice, though, if you’re serious about your gaming or job and want a rich audio experience that is quicker and less susceptible to noise.