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Best Guitar Wall Mounts 2024

Guitars aren’t designed to be thrown away. When you’re not playing your instrument, a wall mount allows you to show off its workmanship while also safeguarding it from natural wear and unexpected harm.

Wall mounts may appear to be complicated to setup — after all, they are meant to safely and securely hold your instrument — but they are actually rather straightforward. The best guitar wall mounts come with everything you’ll need to put them up, including screws and drywall mounts, and are composed of materials that won’t damage your wall.

It’s critical to take stock of your instruments when shopping for the best guitar wall mount for your home studio or music room. Some wall mounts come in singles, while others come in pairs or value sets. The number of guitars you want to display will determine the option you choose. If you have a large guitar collection, a guitar rack wall mount may be preferable, as it displays all of your guitars in a row and can carry numerous instruments at once.

HERCULES Stands Guitar Wall Hanger (GSP38WBK-PLUS)

Hercules Stands HCGSP-38WBK+ Guitar Wall Hanger...
  • Auto Grip System yoke safely and securely holds your instrument
  • Specially Formulated Foam completely covers the yoke
  • Includes N.I.N.A adjustments specially designed to increase thickness of...

Hercules was one of the first manufacturers to offer the Auto Grip System on wall hangers. With their patented AGS system, they provide a variety of alternatives, of which we choose this one designed specifically for acoustic guitars. The PLUS variant is an upgrade over the previous model, featuring improved rubber padding and a free-moving arm. When the auto-release is engaged, the Hercules hanger’s deep curvature and high yokes ensure that the instrument does not fall forward.

When you set the guitar in the yoke, the two locking tabs securely hold the neck in place. When you raise the instrument out of the housing, the tabs also release it. Overall, the operation is smoother than comparable auto-locking guitar wall hangers. If you possess an expensive instrument, the GSP38WB PLUS is a no-brainer (solid top and above). It clearly outperforms the competition in terms of neck protection and construction.

Other brands’ auto lock mechanisms are less sensitive than this one. It’s simple to do. The system’s wooden foundation also adds a touch of class. That’s what I call a winning combination.

The Hercules GSP38WB PLUS is ideal for individuals who desire a simple and secure solution to store and show their guitar. It’s as sturdy and solid as it is beautiful.

String Swing CC01K-BW Guitar Hanger and Guitar Wall Mount Bracket Holder

String Swing Guitar Wall Mount, Guitar Hanger,...
  • LOCALLY SOURCED HARDWOODS: Our wall mount guitar hanger is Made in the USA...
  • RELIABLE AND PROTECTED: The String Swing guitar hanger is backed by a...
  • DESIGNED FOR MUSICIANS: Our “Guitar Keeper” deep cradle design was...

The String Swing CC01K-BW is yet another dependable wall hanger that can accommodate any string instrument. You can rest assured that your instrument is safe and secure as long as you install it properly.

The yoke’s padding is denser and smoother than competing items’ cushions. The end caps complement the dark gray padding nicely, and the black walnut adds a splash of color to any area. It’s simple to adjust the yoke to accommodate different headstock shapes. Its robust and dependable structure, as well as the thoughtful installation of a guitar-protecting cushion, make it an excellent choice. In my opinion, the CC01K-BW is the best guitar wall hanger for the money. It’s a cool sculpture that’s very well made.

The only drawback we discovered is that it is a little too tight for classical guitars. According to the handbook, it can support 15 pounds of weight, which is less than most of the competition. The product comes with a woodblock, yoke, two screws, and two drywall anchors and is built to last. The installation instructions are simple to follow and can be done in under 10 minutes.

Gator Frameworks Acoustic/Electric Guitar Wall Hanger with Black Mounting Plate (GFW-GTR-HNGRBLK)

Gator Frameworks Acoustic/Electric Guitar Wall...
  • Fits Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, and Bass Guitars
  • Rubberized Swivel Yoke to Properly Cradle Guitar Neck
  • Sleek Black Standoff Provides Clearance for Both Straight and Angled...

When it comes to cases and other guitar accessories, Gator is a household name. In this fantastic guitar hanger, they display the same ingenuity. Gator Frameworks sets the standard for the best guitar wall hanger among non-locking choices by being reasonably priced, made to last, and available in 5 attractive designs. The rubberized swivel yoke is designed to gently grasp the neck of an acoustic, bass, or electric guitar. 7-string guitars, classical guitars, and 6-string basses are all cramped yet playable.

The screws are hidden behind the strong backplate, giving it a neat appearance. The product description, on the other hand, clearly indicates that the wall mount is not suitable for lacquer finishes (not nitrocellulose safe). Wall Hanger by Gator Frameworks is available with titled, scarfed, angled, and normal headstocks. We chose it as the finest guitar wall hanger on the market because it is high-quality, rock-solid, stylish, and stamped with the good name of Gator Frameworks.

If you want a basic design and a variety of cosmetic hanger options, the Gator Frameworks Wall Mounted Guitar is a fantastic alternative. Gator Frameworks offers mahogany, cherry, maple, black, and satin chrome as options for their mounted guitar hanger. If you’re attempting to keep your music room to a specific theme, this is a terrific feature to have!

Sound Harbor Guitar Wall Hanger

Guitar Wall Mount Hanger Acoustic Electric Bass...
  • ✔ [ MULTI-FUNCTION HANGER ]- Guitar Wall Hanger for Acoustic Electric...
  • ✔ [ GUITAR SECURITY GUARANTEE ]- Guitar Wall Hanger is All-steel...

If you’re looking for an inexpensive guitar wall mount, there are plenty to choose from. The majority of these are unnamed offshore companies providing the most basic version of an instrument holder. The Sound Harbor Wall Hanger was chosen as our best value selection because it is reasonably priced without sacrificing quality.

The bass, acoustic/electric guitar, and other string instruments have a handle on the wall mount hanger. Although the yoke cushioning is safe for the guitar’s neck, it does wear out faster than foam. The steel frame is strong if placed correctly, and the base plate includes four screws for increased grip. For a simple installation, the guitar hanger comes with wall studs and other accessories.

Unlike the majority of competitors, Sound Harbor has included a clip-on tuner with the guitar hanger, which we believe is more useful than the cheap picks included by others to add value. Nonetheless, the free chromatic tuner is standard fare and nothing to write home about.

Overall, for bargain hunters, this guitar wall mount is the lowest option: function over form at a low price.

Grip Studios GuitarGrip Male Standard Grip

Grip Studios GuitarGrip Male Standard Grip,...
  • Cushioned insert to protect the neck of your guitar/bass/banjo or other.
  • Padded felt at the base to protect wall from damage.
  • Easy to install, with an embedded ¼ inch 20 count steel post.

The handgrip design gives the term “holding your guitar against the wall” a whole new meaning. A cushioned felt is used on the side closest to the wall. This aids in the protection of your wall from damage. The palm of the hand also has a soft cushion substance that protects the guitar neck’s integrity. It can also swivel. You may safely store your electric guitar or even ukulele without fear of it falling.

The effort required to place and remove your string instrument is one disadvantage of such a system. It is not an automatic locking system that allows you to place and secure your instrument with ease. It’s also fairly pricey in comparison to the other hangers on this list.

Forget about the GuitarGrip’s exorbitant price tag, and you’ll have the most intriguing method to hold, protect, and exhibit your guitar. It’s a great discussion piece that never fails to keep its promise of keeping your instrument safe.