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Despite the fact that some people believe the resurrection of the turntable is only a passing fad, we’re delighted to provide our own hand-picked list of the top turntables.


Best Phono Preamps Under $500 in 2023

Vinyl turntables need a few extra components to create the proper sound quality, unlike most media players, which can readily connect to and play through

Best Crosley Turntables 2023

Beginning as a division of the Crosley Corporation, Crosley Radio later expanded beyond radios to include record players. They have worked with record players for

Best Entry-Level Turntables 2023

Purchasing a turntable is a significant investment. It could be one of the most thrilling investments you ever make if you’re buying your first turntable

Best Pro-Ject Turntables 2023

Pro-Ject turntables are high-quality, precision-built turntables designed for audiophiles and music enthusiasts who demand the best in sound quality and performance. Founded in Austria in

Best Speakers for Vinyl 2023

Anyone who invests in a vinyl collection does so primarily for the sound quality. There’s nothing else like it. However, you can only hear as

Best Phono Cartridge Under $500 in 2023

Turntable phono cartridges have a significant impact on sound quality during playback. When compared to a new turntable, the vinyl collection usage of a phono

Best Phono Preamps under $100 in 2023

In any entry-level turntable system, an external phono preamp is the most upgradeable component. It’s compact and inexpensive, yet it’s adaptable enough to work with

Best Thorens Turntables 2023

Thorens’ tagline encapsulates their approach: classic values reinterpreted. Thorens’ works are inspired by the golden age of vinyl, and many people appreciate seeing heritage honored