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Despite the fact that some people believe the resurrection of the turntable is only a passing fad, we’re delighted to provide our own hand-picked list of the top turntables.


Best Record Player Needles 2024

Owning a record player is like owning a piece of history. Nothing beats listening to music on one, and it provides a timeless vintage-inspired feeling

Best Tube Preamps 2024

It won’t take long if you take music seriously for you to start hearing arguments over whether analog or digital sounds better. Which sound a

Best Turntables Under $50 in 2024

Jensen JTA-222 3-Speed Turntable The Jensen JTA-222 3-speed turntable is the best turntable under $50. Jensen turntables began in 1915 with its founder Peter L.

Best Amplifiers for Turntable 2024

n the world of vinyl, the turntable is only half the story. The other half is the amplifier that breathes life into the music etched

Best Bluetooth Turntables 2024

The turntable has made a resurgence, and if you hang around with audiophiles long enough, they’ll have persuaded you to buy one for your vinyl

Best Thorens Turntables 2024

Thorens’ tagline encapsulates their approach: classic values reinterpreted. Thorens’ works are inspired by the golden age of vinyl, and many people appreciate seeing heritage honored

Best Turntables for Sonos 2024

If you enjoy vinyl but also value the convenience of modern technology, combining your turntable with Sonos wireless speakers can be a good fit. This

Best Receiver for Turntables 2024

The role of the turntable is similar to that of a starring actor. They’re fine on their own, but with a supporting actor, vinyl record