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Best Pro-Ject Turntables 2024

Pro-Ject turntables are high-quality, precision-built turntables designed for audiophiles and music enthusiasts who demand the best in sound quality and performance. Founded in Austria in 1991, Pro-Ject Audio Systems has established a reputation for producing some of the finest turntables in the world, featuring precision tonearms, high-quality cartridges, and low-noise motors. Pro-Ject turntables are known for their attention to detail, with an emphasis on quality construction and materials, as well as innovative design features that enhance performance and durability. Whether you’re a vinyl enthusiast looking for a high-end turntable or a professional DJ in search of a reliable and powerful instrument, Pro-Ject turntables offer a wide range of options to suit your needs and preferences. With a focus on both performance and affordability, Pro-Ject turntables are a top choice for serious music lovers and audiophiles around the world.

Pro-Ject is a well-known name in the world of high-end turntables. Musical instruments, amplification equipment, and other electronics and hardware are among Pro-ject Audio Systems offerings. They are deserving of their status as one of the best turntable manufacturers in 2023. They take their business very seriously. Their record players aren’t built at random, and the majority of models are produced in batches. Carbon, Carbon DC, Xpression, Debut Carbon, and Espirit are just a few of the well-known generations. Pro-Ject products are extremely dependable and composed of high-quality materials. Consider this stereo system brand to be middle upper-class in terms of price point.

Pro-Ject T1 Phono SB Turntable with Built-in Preamp and Electronic Speed Change

Pro-Ject T1 Phono SB Turntable with Built-in...
  • Tonearm and cartridge completely setup at the Factory for simple...
  • 8mm thick bead-blasted glass platter
  • Premium mechanical parts used throughout for smooth, precise playback of...

One of the newest lines of mid-range turntables from Pro-Ject is the T Line. Although the vinyl record player is still reasonably priced and falls between the Essential and Primary lines, one of the main reasons to choose the T Line over other options is because of its visual appeal: Tempered glass makes up the platter, which is stunning. Only three models are offered without isolation feet. There are three types of T1s: the standard T1, which needs an external phono stage and a powered amplifier; the T1 Phono SB, which includes a built-in phono preamp stage for power supply without speed flucations and the T1 BT, which additionally features a Bluetooth transmitter for connecting to an AV receiver or powered speaker.

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO, Audiophile Turntable...
  • 8.6" one-piece Carbon Fiber tonearm, integrated headshell
  • Electronic Speed Selection for 33&45 RPM (78 capable)
  • Low-friction precision sapphire tonearm bearings

If you prefer the deeper, more relaxed character of the Debut Carbon Evo or the more sprightly and lean alternative of its primary competition may determine whether it is the best Pro-Ject record player for you. What shouldn’t be up for debate is whether or not you try the debut line out for yourself. The Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Evo is a must-listen hi-fi turntable for those looking for a turntable at a cheap price point.

Pro-Ject has worked hard to make its newest Debut not just a current class leader, but also one that has the potential to evolve into a reliable mid-range contender thanks to a number of low-cost add-ons for hi fi turntables. There is no question Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO is the Best Pro-Ject Turntable.

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC Turntable

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC Turntable with Ortofon 2M...
  • 8.6" carbon tonearm
  • Increased platter size with more weight
  • Precision belt drive with synchronous motor

The Pro-Ject Debut Carbon turntable is well built, with a nice minimal appearance to play vinyl records. Indeed, it benefits from an updated design. You can choose the finish you like, from many attractive options. There are no less than 7 brilliant colors to choose from. The tray is now bigger and heavier, there is a felt mat underneath and the whole thing comes with a dust cover for the perfect protection. It’s made of carbon fiber, a material usually reserved for much more exotic offerings with four-digit price tags. Yet it is here. Elsewhere, there’s a heavy metal tray, felt mat, and the Ortofon 2M Red moving magnet cartridge. It is factory fitted to the fixed headshell, which makes installation much faster. All that’s left is the counter and the bias weights to install, as well as the speed adjustment.

The new Debut Carbon is a manual belt driven turntable with a pre-mounted cartridge, with gold-plated RCA audio jacks. The turntable models enjoys superior speed stability through the AC generator and DC power supply. In addition, there is a new engine suspension – with sarbothane, and 33 and 45-speed revs equipped with a precise belt drive. The carbon fiber tonearm is great value and it measures 8.6 inches. The cables can be detached, so you can adapt and upgrade this turntable as you like. The arm and head shell are made of carbon fiber, so you can imagine how stiff they are. For the high end market segment, this is truly one of the cheapest setups available and can be used with magnetic cartridges.If you’re worried about paying money in vain for a Carbon DC, keep calm – it’s worth it. You’ll enjoy the excellent sound quality with depth and clarity, with every nuance evident. The rhythm is precise and the bass is improved. You will quickly understand why vinyls are trending again. In addition, this model can balance the sound very well and create depth through the details.

This is definitely the best turntable under $500. Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC Turntable is the Best Pro-Ject Turntable in 2023.

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Esprit SB

Pro-Ject - Debut Carbon Esprit SB (Black)
  • 8.6" one-piece carbon fiber tonearm
  • Pro-Ject Speed Box Built-in
  • Plays 33, 45 and 78RPM (78RPM with belt change)

For starters, the Esprit SB (DC) has an integrated Pro-Ject Speed ​​Box with a top-mounted electronic switch that lets you easily change speeds from 33 1/3 to 45 RPM at the push of a button even when connected to a bluetooth receiver. The Speed ​​Box’s electronic speed control also offers greater speed precision for better sound quality. You even have the ability to play records at 78 RPM with a simple change of the included drive belt pulley (older 78s with large grooves require a special needle like the Audio-Technica VM670SP). Best of all, the heavy 12 ” precision-machined acrylic platter reduces annoying resonance and lowers the turntable’s background noise for a clearer, more dynamic sound. You’ll hear tighter, more punchy bass, greater midrange detail, and better spatial definition from your precious vinyl collection.

The Debut Carbon Esprit SB (DC) one-piece carbon tonearms is much stiffer than typical aluminum tonearms, while reducing unwanted resonance that colors the sound. The turntable’s sturdy MDF frame rests on shock-absorbing rubber feet that provide a solid, low-resonance base. TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) belt drive system and motor mount dampers isolate motor vibration from the chassis to prevent noise from being transferred to the cartridge, as well as your amplifier and speakers. The result is a turntable that delivers sonic performance rarely found on models in its price range.

The best improvement on the Debut Carbon Esprit SB is the included carbon tube for the tonearm. This adds rigidity and reduces unnecessary resonance. The material is widely used in high-end tonearms, but has not been used in low-cost products to keep costs down. Apart from that, the Debut Carbon Esprit SB also comes with increased chainring size and weight for smoother spin. As a result, it offers better audio quality.

The new design of the belt drive enables efficient motor decoupling through the use of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) damping. It also offers an AC motor with low noise and very precise frequency. TPE isolates engine vibration from the crankcase to prevent noise transfer to the cartridge. It also stops transmitting noise to the speakers and amplifier. With this, the turntable delivers impressive performance that you cannot easily find on turntables in the same price range.

This is the part of our Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Esprit SB review that talks about the Esprit SB. The electronic and manual gearshift of the Debut Carbon Esprit SB is 33, 45/78 respectively. The phono cartridge features a belt drive for its driving principle, a stainless steel sector bearing and a 300mm acrylic plate. Its wow and flicker is +/- 0.19%, while the speed drift is +/- 0.60%. Signal-to-noise reaches 68 dB. For its carbon fibre tonearm, it measures 8.6 inches. The length of the turntable arm is 218.5 mm while its mass is 6 g. The tracking force is 10 to 30 mN and the electrical connection is 110/120 or 230 / 240V – 50 / 60Hz. When the lid is closed, the Debut Carbon Esprit SB measures 415 x 118 x 320mm.

Overall, the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Esprit is a definite winner in the modern turntable market. It reproduces sounds perfectly even without sophisticated features and functions. Also, it comes at an affordable turntables price, which makes it an even better option. Because it offers quality construction, high quality sound and an affordable price, it is capable of going against other expensive devices. To conclude the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Esprit SB review, we were satisfied with this hi fi components, and we highly recommend it. Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Esprit SB is the Best Pro-Ject Turntables in 2023.

Pro-Ject Elemental Turntable

Pro-Ject Elemental Turntable (White)
  • Low-profile plinth design for stylish looks and minimal footprint
  • 8.6" lightweight aluminum tone arm for accurate playback
  • Belt-drive with low-vibration synchronous motor for low operating noise

The Elemental is the current entry-level Pro-Ject turntable and a sufficiently impressive example of the form. And that makes it a nice first step on the vinyl ladder. It’s truly plug and play, with just about everything attached and adjusted, and only the belt needs some attention – you have to fix it manually and then move it yourself if you want to change gears. While this turntable won’t knock you off your chair, we believe it is a versatile instrument powerful enough to perform well with the kit he is likely to find as a partner. Over 25 years later, Pro-Ject still delivers the goods for anyone after an affordable entry-level turntable.

Pro-Ject has put a lot of thought into the engineering of this deck. The motor – a DC type, for smoothness – the main bearing and arm are all lined up on a single piece of wood. To this slender plinth, the company added a mass anchor below the main landing in the form of an artificial stone base. This base not only adds stability to the structure, but also acts as an energy sink for any noise generated by the bearing and engine.

The arm is a decently made unit with the right amount of bias force for the Ortofon cartridge designed. Even the counterweight is fixed in place. The construction is relatively sturdy and the workmanship is good for the price. There are three color options for the pedestal: if you don’t like the white in our review sample, you can have red or black instead. MDF top and felt mat are only available in black.

Pro-Ject’s Elementary Turntable delivers great sound and a unique look without breaking the bank. Equipped with an Ortofon OM5E cartridge on a low mass straight tonearm (optimized for Ortofon OM trolleys) and pre-adjusted counterweight and anti-slip, the Elemental is truly a plug-n unit. -play. Simply put the belt around the platter, remove the stylus cover and connect to your system or preamp – it’s that easy! In addition, the low resonance MDF tray can be upgraded to acrylic, and the RCA contacts and cartridge pins are gold plated. Plays both 33 and 45 with manual belt change

Pro-Ject Essential III Belt-Drive Turntable with Ortofon OM10 Cartridge

Pro-Ject has delighted vinyl lovers with their Essential III turntable. Essential is also an apt name. It’s a well-built and beautifully designed turntable that offers very little in the frills department and focuses on build quality with speed switching and of course, music. A few friends of mine bought some really cheap turntables when buying vinyl got cool again, some of them even bought some old audio transmitter at a garage sale. The Essential III is a perfect step to becoming a real turntable if you are in the market for record collection.

The supplied cartridge is the high quality Ortofon OM10 and it is pre-assembled (yes!), With a rounded stylus. The tonearm is straight and made of aluminum. The power switch is located on the left side and the three supporting anti-vibration feet on the bottom are of good quality and provide sufficient damping by decoupling them from the frame. The installation is quite simple, unpack all the parts, attach the tray and go around the belt. To switch between 33 and 45 RPM, you need to manually move the belt between the two pulleys in the upper left corner. Then add the counterweight and adjust the tone arm balance. The interconnects are attached to the back of the unit.

A belt-driven turntable is still a relatively straightforward machine and while it’s not as easy to get started as some budget turntables, the little work involved should be simple, dare we say enjoyable, for the average vinyl enthusiast. . Just put the tray in place and put the belt around it. Manually switch the belt between the inner and outer pulley race to select 33 or 45 RPM. Adjusting the counterweight to balance the cartridge is a bit tricky, while the anti-slip wire seems tough, but follow the directions and you’ll be spinning the discs well within half an hour of unpacking. And the result is a turntable that certainly looks better than a budget turntable, although the feel of the turntable and tonearm’s lightness is more in line with its price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy a Pro-Ject Turntable?

Why is Pro-Ject so well-liked?

Everybody can afford something. How does this price range sound? Project tables range in price from the affordable Elemental variant ($240) to the incredibly complex Signature 12 ($12,000). It’s nearly astounding the selection. There are belt drive, two-speed, and three-speed options available. Would you like to digitize your vinyl songs using a USB? Several tables from Pro-Ject will accomplish this.

They have amazing visual appeal. A turntable is a straightforward and indeed fairly rudimentary equipment, as we have already mentioned. Turntables don’t have to be pure vanilla, but some purists prefer them that way. The more fearless among us will be drawn to Pro-extremely Ject’s alluring designs. Additionally, the business enjoys producing turntables in vibrant hues.

They have a standing for excellence. The components used in those eastern European factories are all of the highest caliber. They are incredibly valuable. These tables are very valuable regardless of price. That is undeniably demonstrated by the prices that some items command on the used market. Of course, listening to records at home is where the actual value lies.

What is Pro-Ject Audio Systems?

Pro-Ject Audio Systems is an Austrian manufacturer of high-quality turntables, audio electronics, and accessories. The company was founded in 1991 by Heinz Lichtenegger, and has since become one of the leading producers of turntables in the world.

What are the main features of Pro-Ject turntables?

Pro-Ject turntables are known for their high-quality construction and attention to detail. They typically feature precision tonearms, high-quality cartridges, and low-noise motors. They also often include features such as adjustable speed, adjustable anti-skate, and adjustable tracking force.

How do I choose the right Pro-Ject turntable for me?

When choosing a Pro-Ject turntable, it’s important to consider your budget, your listening preferences, and your existing audio setup. You should also consider factors such as the size of your record collection, the types of records you typically listen to, and the amount of space you have available for your turntable.

How do I set up my Pro-Ject turntable?

Setting up a Pro-Ject turntable is generally straightforward, but it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. You’ll typically need to install the tonearm, counterweight, and cartridge, adjust the tracking force and anti-skate, and set the platter speed.

What accessories are available for Pro-Ject turntables?

Pro-Ject offers a wide range of accessories for their turntables, including replacement styli, replacement belts, record cleaning kits, and isolation feet. They also offer a range of upgrades, such as improved tonearms, cartridges, and power supplies, for those who want to take their turntable to the next level.