Best Turntable Isolation Platforms 2021

IsoAcoustics Delos Turntable Isolation Butcher Block Series

Combining the mass of a thick block of solid wood (walnut or maple) with IsoAcoustics isolating fasteners with proprietary decoupling technology, DELOS provides a stable platform with a low-noise floor and effectively eliminates the effects of structural vibrations and resonances. Platforms are available in a smaller size of 18 “x 15” (455×380 mm) and a larger size of 22 “x 16” (560×405 mm). Both are available in 1.75 “(45mm) and 3” (76mm) thicknesses. Larger models have an additional row of built-in isolators to provide greater weight capacity.

Named after the floating island of Delos, this platform is a stable base with a low-noise floor. Therefore, it will provide you with clearer and more detailed audio performance that you will hardly see with other isolation platforms. With a large mass of thick butcher block, this IsoAcoustics isolation deck is an excellent choice for external motor turntables to reduce vibrations and resonances.

The IsoAcoustics Delos Isolation Deck is made from maple wood, which makes it durable and scratch resistant. Maple wood has a urethane-based seat gasket that also makes it stain resistant. With the combination of hardwood and sound insulation, you are sure to get quality sound from this butcher block. This is because it is stable and absorbs vibrations while increasing sound clarity. The main way this isolation pad works is by decoupling the turntable speakers from the surface. This ensures that the bass sounds produced do not reach the surface.

Gingko Audio Cloud 11 Vibration Control Platform for Turntables

Gingko Audio Cloud 11 Vibration Control Platform for Turntables - 18"x16" (11S)
  • Dimensions: 18 x 16 x 2.5 in , Acrylic finish: Black
  • The Cloud 11 vibration control platform offers the best performance of the Cloud series with some added features over the Cloud 10 model:
  • Its bottom plate has deeper wells to provide an added level of safety in use. The balls stay in the wells, resting squarely on the dimples.
  • The top plate accommodates components with larger footprints. It features a thicker skirt that makes the platform more rigid to withstand heavier components and minimize deformation.
  • The extra thickness of the bottom plate and the top plate skirt improve vibration reduction performance to an average of 99% of the vibration from 5 Hz to 500 Hz, with a resonant frequency of around 13 Hz.

With an acrylic finish that makes it look so stylish, this 18 ”by 16” by 2.5 ”turntable isolation pad will help eliminate unwanted noise. The Gingko Audio Cloud 11 vibration control platform will also enhance your audio listening experience. The bottom plate of this insulating deck features deep wells that make it a secure deck for turntables and other audio systems. It also has recesses that provide a stable resting ground for the audio system or turntables.

This turntable isolation rig may look pretty straightforward when viewed with the naked eye. However, it was designed with deep holes in the bottom deck to accommodate up to nine balls, making it very sturdy and a sure grip for your turntable. Each bullet in this rig can support up to 10 pounds of weight, making this isolation kit suitable for various turntables, especially VPIs (which are typically heavier than average). Additionally, the thick bottom deck and upper deck skirt provide additional balance and ensure up to 99% reduction in external vibration.

This tray is not a standard size; Its dimensions are 22.25 “x 17.25” x 2.5 “. You can transport much heavier turntables with great ease, and the fact that Gingko Audio has incorporated 9 balls between the two decks means you can stay without worrying about the safety of your delicate turntable. The deck is available in black acrylic finish.

Pro-Ject Audio Ground It Deluxe II

If you want the best turntable isolation base, the other one you can look at is the Pro-ject Turntable Isolation Platform. It’s a relatively affordable option if you don’t have the cash but still want a quality isolation pad. What makes it so unique is the accompanying insulation tips. Peaks allow you to eliminate unwanted sounds while enhancing clarity and tonal lows. This allows you to listen to music without worrying about disturbing the neighbors.

This isolation deck comes with 4 adjustable feet, which allow your turntable to be completely clear of the floor where the deck is located. This ensures that vibrations will remain minimized. Dimensions are ideal at 23.9 “x 20.5” x 6.9 “. It is the thickest platform on this list, and it is also the strongest. It offers the best insulation of all the platforms on this list and has been found to have a quality of significantly louder sound when in use.

It also has stable feet that guarantee resistance to vibrations caused by the speakers. This allows it to effectively absorb any vibration that may seep through walls and floors. The non-slip weight ensures that it can support different weights of speakers or audio systems. The durable foam material on the surface also makes it a better absorber for bass and unwanted sounds.

Auralex Acoustics GRAMMA v2 Isolation Platform for Amplifiers

Auralex Acoustics GRAMMA v2 Isolation Platform for Amplifiers, 7/4" x 15” x 23”
  • A tighter, more focused low-end
  • Hear the true sound of your amp, loudspeaker or subwoofer
  • Instantly improve your sound on-stage or in the studio
  • Lower profile for increased stability
  • Even better mid- & low- frequency definition

You can get this amazing turntable made of good quality materials. It was designed as a lower platform for the purpose of providing stability for weights up to 300 pounds. It also has large dimensions of 23 “x15” x1.75 “. It provides low and medium frequency sounds with control and stability. It guarantees the minimization of vibrations. It was made with the best insulating material called Ozite, and was designed with a smaller base and larger top to maximize stability and provide vibration absorption.

It comes in three variants: 1.75 “x 15” x 15 “for the Baby Gramma and 1.75” x 15 “x 23” for the Gramma. That is why the Auralex Acoustic deck is an inexpensive yet high-quality choice for turntables of all sizes. The brightest feature of this deck is the high acoustic medium density fibreboard (MDF) deck, and the Auralex deck is covered with Ozite, the material used in insulating flooring products.

This rig is also quite versatile and while it was designed for amplifiers, it is actually ideal for turntables. It offers excellent performance and guarantees incredible sound quality. This platform is easy to move around and has a handle to make sure it’s portable, especially at 6.7 pounds.