Best All In One Stereo System with Turntable 2021

Victrola Nostalgic 6-in-1 Bluetooth Record Player & Multimedia Center with Built-in Speakers

Victrola Nostalgic 6-in-1 Bluetooth Record Player & Multimedia Center with Built-in Speakers -...
  • 6-in-1 ENTERTAINMENT CENTER – With vintage looks on the outside & modern features inside, listen your way; vinyl records, CDs, cassettes, AM/FM...
  • NO STEREO SYSTEM OR EXTRA EQUIPMENT REQUIRED. Get it up and running in minutes. Retro looks combined with the convenience of modern technology make...
  • THREE SPEED BELT-DRIVEN TURNTABLE – This 3-speed (33 1/3, 45, 78 rpm) record player features UPGRADED PREMIUM SOUND QUALITY with minimum vibrations....

The Victrola system, with its 6-in-1 designation, certainly lives up to its reputation as a versatile all-in-one audio system featuring a turntable. It also plays CDs, cassette tapes, Bluetooth wireless connection, AUX direct input, and AM/FM radio in addition to vinyl. If you have a heterogeneous collection of media, the Victrola system can play it all thanks to its blend of modern and old technologies.

With its appealing vintage-look design that stands out from the crowd, the Victrola system inspires a nostalgic feeling. It has a dark wood exterior and vintage-style controls that are extremely user-friendly. Selecting input control, operating the radio tuner, and selecting play/pause, fast forward/rewind, program, and repeat are all simple tasks. This user-friendly design is continuing with a plug-and-play system that takes only minutes to install and enjoy.

Although stereo speakers are included in this all-in-one system, some users have expressed a need for a higher maximum volume. If you’re seeking for complete surround sound, the Victrola system’s RCA output makes it simple to connect to other speakers. You can’t go wrong with the Victrola Nostalgic 6-in-1 Entertainment Center if you’re searching for a budget unit with a stylish vintage style and cutting-edge audio features. Victrola Nostalgic 6-in-1 is the Best All In One Stereo System with Turntable.

Crosley CR704D-PA Musician 3-Speed Turntable with Radio, CD/Cassette Player, Aux-in and Bluetooth

Crosley CR704D-PA Musician 3-Speed Turntable with Radio, Cd/Cassette Player, Aux-in and Bluetooth,...
  • Built-in Bluetooth receiver lets you stream your music wirelessly to the full-range stereo speakers
  • Belt driven turntable plays 3 speeds: 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM records
  • Portable audio ready - simply plug in your smartphone or MP3 player

Crosley excels in fusing beautiful historical design with impressive modern features, as evidenced by this Crosley CR704D-PA turntable. It’s one of the greatest all-in-one stereo systems on the market, featuring a turntable that can play 7, 10, and 12-inch records and built-in speakers.

The stunning appearance of this turntable is one of its most distinguishing qualities. It has a diamond stylus and is made of gleaming hardwood with a glossy vintage Paprika veneer. It also has two built-in stereo speakers for a full-bodied, high-quality sound. The high-quality oak frame of this stereo system also contributes to the tenor’s clarity. The turntable also has a CD and cassette player built in.

1 BY ONE High Fidelity Belt Drive Record Player with Built-in Speakers

1 BY ONE High Fidelity Belt Drive Turntable with Built-in Speakers, Vinyl Record Player with...
  • Exquisite Appearance: Built from wood and metal materials with a unique sense of layering; The streamlined corner design is truly atmospheric and...
  • All in 1: This turntable spins at both 33 and 45 RPM speeds, the turntable’s speaker can play other devices’ music wirelessly by Bluetooth or...
  • Magnet-type Cartridge and Adjustable Counterweight: Essentials for any serious classic turntable; These work to balance each channel and produce rich...

The 1byone sports a superior turntable with anti-vibration design, ensuring that your favorite vinyl is played smoothly and evenly. It boasts a heavy, solid iron platter that rotates while remaining stable, resulting in accurate and balanced sound reproduction. It also comes with a Bluetooth receiver for direct wireless playback from your phone or tablet, as well as the option to record vinyl to digital with the supplied recording software. While it isn’t the most extensive stereo system, it excels at what it does.

Premium features on the turntable include an adjustable counterweight and an anti-skating system. This gives you complete control over the 1byone unit’s configuration, allowing you to dial in the cleanest sound with the least amount of distortion. A high-quality Audio Technica MM cartridge produces a rich, balanced sound that does your antique vinyl justice.

With an astounding 36W of power and an MDF board housing, 1byone’s integrated speakers are strong and well-built. The included tweeters include a paper cone and alnico magnet construction that reduces distortion while delivering volume with balanced lows, mids, and highs. With the included switchable phono/line out preamp, you can effortlessly connect this stereo system to additional speakers and increase the volume and quality of the playback.

The turntable on the 1byone system does not have any automated capabilities, which is our only criticism. Intermediate users won’t have any issues with this, but beginners may need to learn and acclimate to this sound system rapidly.

DIGITNOW Bluetooth Record Player Turntable with Stereo Speaker

DIGITNOW Bluetooth Record Player Turntable with Stereo Speaker, LP Vinyl to MP3 Converter with CD,...
  • CD player and recorder: Convenient CD changer for recording and playing with one press
  • Bluetooth Connection: Playing music from external wireless device, such as mobile phone, laptop and other bluetooth device
  • Twin detachable speakers: Clear and lound sound; no noise, simply playback and listen to your records

If you appreciate music from a variety of sources, the DIGITNOW stereo system is an excellent choice. It comes with a Bluetooth receiver for easy pairing with your device and supports CD, AUX, cassette, and AM/FM radio playback.

Of course, it comes with a three-speed turntable that can play all of your records, as well as the ability to convert vinyl to MP3 directly from the unit’s USB/SD card interfaces. DIGITNOW has you covered if you want to digitize your vinyl so that it can last indefinitely, regardless of its condition.

The DIGITNOW stereo system is also extremely portable. It’s incredibly light, weighing in at less than 8 pounds, making it simple to maneuver around your room in search of the best sound. It comes with two powerful removable speakers with balanced sound and little distortion. This enables you to customize your all-in-one stereo system with turntable to provide the immersive audio experience you choose.

One disadvantage of the DIGITNOW system is that the unit’s controls are small and difficult to read, which could be a problem if you have impaired vision. It is, nevertheless, a compact and versatile machine at a reasonable price.

Jensen All-in-One Hi-Fi Stereo CD Player Turntable

Jensen All-in-One Hi-Fi Stereo CD Player Turntable & Digital AM/FM Radio Tuner Tape Cassette Player...
  • CD playback - Enjoy your favorite CDs or personally recorded CD-R and CD-RW discs, including those with MP3 files
  • AM/FM Tuner - A built-in FM/AM Stereo Tuner lets you choose from a wide variety of radio, talk and music programming
  • Cassette playback - Playback your old mix tapes and record new ones with the built-in cassette deck

The Jensen All-In-One Stereo Turntable is easy to like. Why? Because it allows you to play your favorite forms of media in a variety of ways. The AM/FM tuner can be used to listen to the radio. You can listen to cassettes, CDs, or your favorite hi-fi records on the dual cassette player, or connect a digital music player and listen to your favorite MP3s if you like.

This all-in-one stereo system contains a sleep timer, remote control, and headphone connection, in addition to having so many possibilities. Because I don’t want to bother the rest of my family, I sometimes use headphones. The remote control because it allows you to control the entire system.

The full all-in-one stereo system weights 15 pounds, which is a disadvantage. This isn’t a big concern for me because I can carry 15 pounds like it’s nothing. However, some senior persons and little children may struggle to handle anything that hefty. Because it’s plainly fragile, if 15 pounds seems excessive, have someone else carry it for you.

Jensen All-In-One Stereo Turntable comes with a three-speed stereo turntable, multimedia playback choices, powerful speakers, and a stunning aesthetic. The only other minor drawback is that it is somewhat pricey.

Electrohome Kingston 7-in-1 Vintage Vinyl Record Player Stereo System with 3-Speed Turntable

Electrohome Kingston 7-in-1 Vintage Vinyl Record Player Stereo System with 3-Speed Turntable,...
  • 7-in-1 SYSTEM TO PLAY YOUR ENTIRE MUSIC COLLECTION - Plays all of your favorite songs from vinyl records to digital music streaming through Turntable,...
  • WARM ROOM-FILLING VINYL LISTENING EXPERIENCE - Savor the pure analog sounds of the premium audio components including 3-speed belt drive turntable,...
  • HAND-CRAFTED & ACOUSTICALLY TUNED WOOD CABINET - Backed by Electrohome's 100 years of developing high fidelity audio products, the stunning retro...

With its strong speakers and built-in equalization, the Electrohome audio system delivers outstanding, adaptable sound quality. It has four built-in speakers: two 2 inch speakers that can handle 10W of power each and two 3.5 inch speakers that can handle 30W of power each, for a total of 80W. The Electrohome system produces robust and balanced stereo sound when combined with an equalizer that allows you to modify treble and bass.

It has an appealing, vintage design that is handcrafted and acoustically tuned, demonstrating that it is more than simply a pretty face. Despite its vintage appearance, the Electrohome unit is ultra-modern, including Bluetooth wireless, AUX, AM/FM radio, CDs, USB, and a three-speed belt-driven turntable. We especially enjoy the accompanying turntable because it includes a user-friendly auto stop option and a good-tracking sapphire stylus. You may also record vinyl to MP3 directly through the USB connector, eliminating the need to fiddle with recording software on your computer.

The Electrohome system has been chastised for supporting Bluetooth input but not output. While the RCA output can be used to connect to external speakers, we would prefer wireless connectivity at this high price point.

Altec Lansing Belt-Drive Stereo Turntable with Bluetooth, FM Radio and Built-in Speakers

Altec Lansing Belt-Drive Stereo Turntable with Bluetooth, FM Radio and Built-in Speakers
  • Enjoy Great Entertainment as Modern Take on Classic With Altec Lansing ALT-400 (SB) Record Player With Beautiful Vintage Design Taking You Back to Old...
  • Feature Built-in 30 Watt Stereo Speakers To Deliver Quality and Clear Audio Sound.
  • Has Ceramic Cartridge With Stylus with 2-Speed Play Capacity, 33 1/3 and 45 RPM, to Play Your Entire Classic Collection.

The Altec Lansing system is small yet strong, with a compact design that can still pump out your favorite music with its built-in 30W speakers. If you’re trying to integrate this vintage-looking stereo system into your home entertainment system, you may easily couple it with external speakers via an RCA output.

It also has a two-speed belt-driven turntable, quick Bluetooth wireless, and FM radio for varied playback. The turntable is especially good, with features like an auto stop option that takes the stress out of playback and reduces vinyl degradation over time. The Altec Lansing device is ideal for newbies to the world of audio because it comes with a basic control unit on the front of the stereo system.

The Altec Lansing system is small and light, making it ideal for on-the-go listening. You can easily connect your headphones for a more personal listening experience, and a dust cover is included to safeguard the unit and assure years of trouble-free operation.

One critique of this Altec Lansing all-in-one stereo system is that the bass in the built-in speakers isn’t very strong. However, given its low price, it still represents excellent value for money and will provide you with consistent playback.