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T-RackS 5 SE by IK Multimedia

You have access to the expert tools you need with T-RackS 5 SE to advance your mixing and mastering skills. It comes with 10 analog-modeled and digital processors that rapidly boost the capabilities of your desktop recording setup with essential studio equipment. For the serious modern producer, here are 10 ideal modules. T-RackS 5 SE offers you everything you need to properly treat and finalize your audio, from unfinished mixes to a flawless finished product suitable for upload to the top digital distribution and streaming services. It has more adaptability and power than any of its rivals.

T-RackS, created by IK Multimedia in 1999, gave everyone access to the capabilities of a comprehensive, cost-effective mastering software solution. Since the beginning, a burgeoning number of experts and fans have put their faith in our careful commitment to making the world’s best digital processors. The fact that T-RackS has been used to create thousands of top-charting records is not a coincidence. With an improved audio engine, 44 high-quality modules on a flexible 16 processor series/parallel chain, broadcast-ready metering, a smart single-window GUI, and an album assembly section (available in T-RackS 5 or above) with multi-format export, T-RackS 5 has developed into the most potent mix and master modular system ever.

T-RackS, the original in-the-box mastering solution, has expanded over the years from its initial focus as a fixed processing rack into a comprehensive “pick and mix” smorgasbord of effects for every stage of the music production process, taking in a wide range of classic emulations and brand-new devices.
The standalone T-RackS shell program can use modules, and any VST/ AU/ AAX-compatible DAW or audio editor can load modules as plugins (either individually or within the plugin version of the T-RackS shell).

The revamped shell application Interface of T-RackS 5 makes the congested, semi-skeumorphic face and awkward interactions of earlier iterations look downright antiquated. Although the new design speaks for itself and we can’t imagine anyone not preferring it, the interface’s functional advantages are what users will appreciate the most. In place of loading modules into the Chain from a row of menus at the top, you can now drag up to 16 modules, double the previous maximum of 8, into the Chain directly from a filterable graphical browser panel.
Also, you no longer need to constantly switch between the Chain and the presently selected module because they are now each kept in their own panel.

The four new processors, especially Dyna-Mu, contribute to the overall gloss and thrill of a brand-new application, but those alone give Album Assembly its sheen and excitement element. Album Assembly is also straightforward yet effective. IK’s professional effects suite T-Racks 5 SE now feels more modern and competent than ever thanks to this revolutionary overhaul.