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Sick Noise Instruments Kontakt Bundle

Sick Noise Instruments’ latest Kontakt library is called NoizeBreaker. Robots, transformers, and aliens serve as inspiration for this futuristic sci-fi SFX library.
You can find high-quality samples that are prepared for production in this library. It is beneficial for sci-fi and futuristic-themed electronic music genres including psytrance, high-tech psytrance, techno, and dubstep as well as for trailers, video games, and animated films. You can find Weapons, Glitches, Robotic SFX, and Signals inside NoizeBreaker. Drones, impacts, signals, shut-downs, and other robotic phenomena. You can drag and drop wave samples from NoizeBreaker into your DAW.

Protogon Horizon PRO is a brand-new Kontact Library by Sick Noise Instruments. Its High Tech Futuristic Dark Industrial Cinematic Collection is helpful for various electronic music genres, including Psytrance, Dubstep, HighTech, and many others. Moreover, it can be utilized in trailers and soundtracks for films. Protogon Horizon includes more than 8 Gigabytes of sound and produces really distinctive and inspirational audio. Protogon is both a synth and a library. With Protogon, you have complete sound control.

TRYPTICON is a sound library for psytrance and house music. TRYPTICON is a sound collection with a synthesizer built-in thanks to its six segments: Sound, Filter, ENV, Delay, Chorus, and LFO. More than 100 sounds, including leads and sfx, are included. You don’t need to spend time creating sounds for your creation; simply modify and blast the track. The sounds are lively, forceful, and extremely user-friendly. Three instruments in TRYPTICON have diverse sounds instead of the single sound of a traditional kontakt instrument; each KEY has a different sound. Roboticon FX, Machine FX, and Robo Hits FX. Machine Fx is a collection of sounds and sfx that make it simple to play multiple sounds in a single piano roll and is excellent for creating leads for your track using various sounds. A collection of machine-like noises is called Roboticon FX. Robo Hits FX is a collection of songs with voices that have been distorted and seem like they are coming from robots. The original Sick Noise Instruments library is called Trypticon. You can obtain high-quality sounds and a good library for your songs if you purchase this package. You will find wav files for all the sounds in this bundle that you may use in TRYPTICON productions.