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Black Rooster Audio RO-140 Vintage Plate Reverb Review 2024

The RO-140 is a Black Rooster Audio unique plug-in that was authentically modeled by its illustrious hardware equivalents. As you would expect from any badass Black Rooster Audio plug-in, its plate modeling method enables users to accurately reproduce an analogue unit’s sound and feel while also adding some surprising twists.

The RO-140 by Black Rooster Audio features an anodized gold tone look on the knobs and a tarnished, well-used brushed-nickel motif with orange and yellow LEDs. The primary input and output gains are flanked on either side by stylish orange LEDs that display the levels. The vintage-style Damper control includes two buttons for adjustment, and there are seven knobs and two switches in total for EQ cutting and boosting, pre-delay setting, plate size selection, dry/wet selection, and stereo mode selection. Everything is clearly organized, simple to find, and pleasing to the eye.

This plug-in, which was physically modeled after the EMT 140 and other vintage plate reverbs, was inspired by and offers the greatest features of each vintage piece of gear in a small but potent design. The plate size settings give you practically endless options, while the six material selections enable the most accurate plate reverb simulation. Utilize the classic 3-band EQ to enhance your sound and adjust the specific plate characteristics to your preference.

Although the initial intent of a plate reverb was to simulate reverberant spaces, the hardware variations that followed have now become legendary in their own right. To any decent ear, the contrast between a classic vintage piece of hardware like the EMT 140 and the majority of solely impulse response-based plug-ins is immediately audible. For this reason, Black Rooster Audio physically modeled not just one, but six plate reverbs to produce the RO-140, which combines the highest level of realism with cutting-edge functionality.

By discovering a new degree of intricate audio modification, this Black Rooster Audio RO-140 plug-in enables you to advance your productions. In addition to reproducing the sounds of coveted hardware classics, it also enables you to design your own sounds using almost endless combinations of the dampening, pre-delay, and plate material and size parameters.