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Best Multiband Compressor Plugins 2024

A multiband compressor is a collection of standard compressors for mixing and mastering, each of which is limited to the user-specified frequency range. Each group of frequencies is referred to as a band, and processing the dynamic nature of each band enables a level of control that would not otherwise be possible for mastering engineers for music production.

When it comes to synth pads, guitars, and other supporting instruments, multiband compressors are frequently useful for clearing up muddy frequencies. Multi-band compressors are preferable to EQs because they operate dynamically and can be adjusted to not significantly alter the tonality of the instruments.

For many years, multiband compressors have been utilized frequently as a de-esser for vocals. Additionally, it can assist keep the bass end tight and give the upper frequencies an airy quality. Multiband compressors may substantially tighten up the sound, whether we’re talking about drum busses or instrument sub-mixes. Your mix won’t sound muddy at the low end if you compress the low frequencies with enough attack time.

FabFilter Pro-MB

With this incredibly adaptable multiband compressor, FabFilter continues to be a pioneer in software plugin research and development. The ability to generate a free band wherever you like is the key characteristic that distinguishes this multiband compressor from the competition. This implies that you don’t need to establish three bands to position the center one where you need it if you want a band from mid to high frequencies. Instead, you just choose a single band in the precise location you desire, leaving the remainder of the frequency spectrum unaffected.

The ability to easily resize the graphical user interface is one of the best features of this plugin. Additionally, the user interface is quite simple to use. Almost all changes you make to the parameters are immediately visible in the stunning, sizable graphical display. Included in this are different processing settings, gain reduction, etc. You also receive a programmable frequency spectrum in the background of this view. Overall, this plugin feels very contemporary and meticulous, which is praiseworthy auto release control.

There are a maximum of six bands on the FabFilter Pro-MB. There is no band crossover because each band might be made and moved around freely. Of course, the Pro-MB makes it simple to snap the bands together if you prefer the conventional crossover approach for stereo width control. This time-saving approach to band manipulation works quite well.Compression and expansion options are available for this multiband compression plugins. To cap it off, FabFilter provides mid/side modes, stereo control for each band, and gating.

A global dry and wet knob on the Pro-MB may be helpful for NY/parallel compression. The knob can also be automated in your DAW. If you need to activate the multiband compressor in the middle of a song without the effect seeming overt, automation of the mix knob is essential. Moving the audio bands while the music is playing won’t produce any audible artifacts with up to four times Linear Phase oversampling. The multiband can also be used in a mastering chain thanks to this functionality.

The Pro-MB provides a variety of choices for the crossover slope steepness, just like the majority of multiband compressors. From 6 dB per octave to 48 dB per octave, the steepness is available. The fact that the steepness has such a wide range is fantastic. This qualifies the plugin for both delicate mastering applications and precise sound sculpting.

This plugin is a highly noteworthy option for any multiband compression requirements because to its unique and user-friendly design. Once you get the hang of the interface, the plugin makes sense even if you are just getting started. Additionally, the filters are precise and fluid. The pricing of this plugin is the only potential drawback. However, we believe it’s well worth the investment if you regularly need a multiband compressor. This is the Best Multiband Compressor Plugin in 2023.

Softube Drawmer 1973 Multi-Band Compressor

This faithful simulation of Drawmer Electronics’ 1973, a hardware multiband mastering processor, is typical of the careful simulations of analog studio technology that Softube is known for producing. This plugin is a FET multiband compressor with three bands, just like the original hardware. Under authorization and in cooperation with the creator Ivor Drawmer, Softube has faithfully reproduced all of its subtleties.

They have also included sidechaining and mid/side mode, which the hardware does not support. With the distinct sonic character of the hardware, the resulting plugin is an incredibly adaptable and fantastic compressor by audio engineers. A fixed crossover slope that matches the original circuitry produces a sound that is subtly different.

The sound is this plugin’s most important element. The emulated FET compressor used by the Drawmer 1973 has an odd drive. A “large” and “air” setting is also included in the plugin, which lend character to the lows and a broad, airy boost to the highs, respectively. By allowing you to individually tune and compress the mid and side with a single instance of the compression plugins, the mid/side mode also gives you more control over the stereo field of the music frequency bands. Unquestionably better and clearer sound is the end result. The plugin’s user interface is really attractive and simple to operate. We would argue that the tools it offers for quick results make visual analysis superfluous, even though there isn’t a modern spectral analyzer to help you see the adjustments you are making.

You have a completely new range of options when you can sidechain external audio. When the bass drum hits, for instance, you may utilize it to tighten some of the bottom ends of a bass guitar while leaving the mid and high frequencies open and loose. A global mix knob is essential because this plugin doubles as both an enhancer and a multiband compressor. Not to note that NY/parallel compression might be applied using this global mix knob.

In conclusion, we would strongly suggest this plugin for its amazing sound if you’re searching for a fantastic multiband compressor for mastering and other general sound modification. It really improves vocal and guitar clarity and reduces the boomy low end of bass or acoustic guitars. Additionally, you could use it to surgically eliminate resonance, but its true strength lies in adding character and clarity. This is the Best Multiband Compressor VST Plugin in 2023.

Leapwing Audio Dynone 3

A five-band parallel compression plugin called DynOne 3 adds no distortion, phase issues, or aliasing. It offers no artifacts and is quite transparent.

Quality and musicality are delivered in every track by DynOne’s cutting-edge algorithms. The dynamic control method used by the plugin is exciting; rather than smoothing the stronger transients, DynOne will make the audio’s lowest levels more protuberant. For an alternative approach, you can choose between the parallel compression mode and the regular compression option, both of which route the signal to a distinct dynamics processor.

There are slopes in each of the five bands that reduce any interference between the crossover frequencies. The bands can be linked, soloed, stored in two different settings for the A/B comparison feature, disabled, and they cover the entire frequency spectrum. By deactivating a single band, the signal will exhibit fewer crossover points because the crossover frequency number likewise decreases. For simple monitoring, the bands also include a metering display.

The two processing options are stereo and center-side, respectively. When you switch to the center-side mode, additional controls will appear, such as distinct instructions for the threshold, ratio, attack, and release settings for middle and lateral signals. A synchronized value for the controls in both the center and side signals will come from linking these commands, which is a possibility.

Any mix can benefit from Leapwing Audio DynOne’s remarkable dynamical presence. All frequency points can behave consistently and musically while having five processing bands without losing any of their organic value. With unique link settings for stereo processing and a contemporary Center-Side mode, the stereo field of your mix will be vibrant and alive. Switching between Ultra Quality, Master Quality, and Low Latency will yield intriguing results as you experiment with the three quality options for the filters. Every producer’s toolbox must include the dependable DynOne multi-band compressor.

McDSP ML4000 Mastering Limiter HD v7

A fixture in the toolbox of many engineers, the McDSP ML4000 has received notice for its high-quality limiting and multi-band compression functions. Whether you apply its compression, limiting, or both, your music can profit from this powerful plugin.

This plugin combines the power of McDSP’s high-quality ML1 limiter and the flexibility of its ML4 four-band compressor. The master part allows engineers to select an out ceiling, threshold, knee, and release to set the overall response of the plugin. Multiple restricting modes allow the user many diverse qualities all under the same roof.

There are six settings overall that offer exactly the proper amount of flavor to your mixes. Clean delivers the most transparent answer while Crush offers the most distorted sound. Soft, Dynamic, Smart, and Loud deliver sounds that range in between the extremes that are provided. The four band section delivers several dynamic choices for tremendous control over your tracks. Each band features a separate threshold, ratio, knee, attack, and release parameters to fine-tune how the ML4000 responds to all frequencies in your mixes. To further its power, each band can also be programmed to operate as a gate, expander, or compressor.

To decrease the number of adjacent frequencies going into the detector circuits, the ML4000 incorporates 24 dB/octave crossover filters to assist keep your content as clean and focused as possible. The dedicated crossover page offers real-time graphics for frequency response and also gives customers a graphical tool to alter their crossover locations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is multiband compression?

Multiband dynamic range compression is a type of processing that divides the input signal’s frequency spectrum into many bands and compresses (decreases the dynamic range) each band using a distinct set of compression parameters.