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Best Martin Guitars 2024

Any musician will find purchasing one of the top Martin guitars to be a thrilling and memorable experience. There is a Martin guitar for everyone, whether you’re just getting started and looking for your first acoustic guitar or you’re an expert or professional musician seeking for something to help you improve your playing.

Guitars have been produced by C.F. Martin & Co., also known as Martin, for an incredible 200 years. The enterprise, which was started by Christian Frederick Martin in New York, is still run by the Martin family. They consider both the player and the sustainability of the environment when designing a wide variety of acoustics. Because of this, we’ve seen Martin guitars in the hands of some of the most well-known musicians in history, like Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, and even Elvis Presley.

A number of significant turning points in the development of the acoustic guitar can be attributed to Martin. They are best known for developing the enduringly well-liked dreadnought body size. This body type has strong shoulders, broad shoulders, and softly curved sides.

Due to its rich, deep tones, the dreadnought is a preferred option among guitarists from a variety of backgrounds. Nearly all major acoustic brands have modified it, but Martin is the finest if you want the best. It has been utilised in pop, rock, and country music as well as in movies and on television.

X bracing is Martin’s second noteworthy accomplishment. This serves as a form of structural support for the guitar. In addition to strengthening the instrument to withstand the string strain across the body, bracing concentrates vibrations going through the wood to help shape the sound that is generated. Recently, Martin has added the X-Series and A-Frame to their bracing variations, which are employed on HPL wood tops and mortise and tenon neck joints, respectively.

Martin isn’t just any guitar company, so it’s easy for them to innovate and develop new items while simultaneously preserving a wide selection of timeless, unchanging guitars. There are fantastic options available at almost every price range, so regardless of your budget, you’ll be purchasing something that will last you for a very long time.

Martin D-28 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

The Martin D-28 is regarded as the brand-leading product for the company. The traditional Martin guitar is the D-28. It is one of the instruments of choice for the most skilled guitarists in the world and is revered by musicians everywhere. The guitar has the traditional dreadnought appearance, and it is clear that the construction quality is very high. When you pick up this guitar and start to play, it stands out from the throng, though.

Some of the most distinctive tones on the market are produced by the D-28. Martin has created a guitar that, despite having the appearance of a standard acoustic guitar, sounds completely unique. Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash were some of the D-28’s most well-known fans as a result of this instrument’s distinctive tone. You won’t be purchasing this instrument for a song, despite the fact that legends like Tony Rice, Joni Mitchell, and Bob Dylan have all played Martin D-28s.

The Martin D-28 is a no-cutaway dreadnought that produces a strong tone with a clear midrange that is ideal for bluegrass playing. The rosewood back and sides of the guitar give it a wonderful tone sustain and excellent mid-scooped bass. While not scalloped, the spruce bracing is pushed forward. However, it significantly boosts the guitar’s resonance.

The asymmetrical neck shape of the Martin D-28 is what, if anything, makes it so comfortable to play. Around the first place, its profile is rounded, and as you move up, it becomes shallower. The distinctive neck contour enables the player’s thumb to naturally drift towards the middle of the guitar neck as the playing develops, appearing more over the top of the fretboard in the initial position.

The D-28 is known for having an extremely high build quality and using premium materials, which gives it a reputation for being extremely durable. There is a considerable probability that your grandchildren will be able to play it if you decide to get one. This is the Best Martin Guitar in 2023.

Martin SC-13E Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Martin SC-13E Acoustic-Electric Guitar
  • 6-string Acoustic-electric Guitar with Spruce Top
  • Koa Fine Veneer Back Sides
  • Ebony Fingerboard - Natural

You need a cosy acoustic guitar if you perform live music. One that has top-notch electronics and is simple to repair when strange intonation or fret buzzing problems arise as a result of exposure to the elements and variations in humidity. The Martin SC-13E acoustic-electric really shines in this situation.

You’ll adore the design of this acoustic-electric guitar if you’re a performing artist. The solid Sitka spruce top with x-bracing, offset body, and playability of an electric all work together to project sound across the entire space. It has a built-in tuner inside the soundhole and Fishman MX-T electronics. You can automatically mute the pickups while tuning your guitar to make it even more alluring to the performing artist.

That’s exactly what happened with the SC-13E in this case. The players of this style of acoustic-electric guitar may play lead lines with ease at any point on the neck, much like they would on an electric guitar, and the asymmetrical body helps to produce more tone projection. It depends on the song you’re playing, obviously, but its offset-style body enables you to gain more loudness when plugged in by obstructing and eliminating feedback, so you can jam out confidently knowing you won’t blow the speakers or annoy too many people in the audience.

The higher frets are completely accessible thanks to the revolutionary Sure Align neck system, and the cutaway at the 13th fret is a lead player’s dream. The years of effort and ingenuity that went into this guitar have certainly paid off.

Martin LX1 Little Martin Acoustic Guitar

Martin LX1 Little Martin Acoustic Guitar
  • Mahogany pattern HPL (high pressure laminate) textured finish, solid sitka...
  • Rust Stratabond neck, shortened 3/4 scale
  • Chrome small-knob tuners. Tusq saddle.

In Martin’s product line, the LX1 Little Martin guitar is a legendary instrument. The LX1 has developed a reputation as one of the most capable tiny acoustic guitars available; Ed Sheeran is one of its most well-known users. It may not be the most opulent or expensive model they make. Due to its affordable price range and compact size, the LX1 has proven to be almost ideal for novices and people with little hands, but in our opinion, it is capable of much more.

Given its size, convenience, and affordability, this guitar is appropriate for a wide range of situations. The LX1’s top, which is made from the same premium Sitka spruce as some of Martin’s higher-end models, is where the fun is. The LX1 has an outstanding, punchy clarity that Martin guitars are known for thanks to the combination of highly resonant spruce and mahogany-patterned high-pressure laminate, while the smaller body size controls the bass end.

Yes, the LX1 is compact, and that is something to keep in mind. Although a 23″ scale length isn’t for everyone, the LX1 generally has relatively few flaws. The higher register of the fingerboard is comfortable to play in, and using a lower string tension can really help you advance your playing.

Martin 000-12E Acoustic-Electric Guitar with Gig Bag

Martin 000-12E FG Sitka/Koa Veneer w/MX-T
  • 6-string Acoustic-electric Guitar with Spruce Top
  • Richlite Fingerboard - Natural
  • Koa Back Sides

The 000-12E is a member of Martin’s Road Series, an improvement above the less expensive X series even though it is still built in Mexico. The price range that the 000-12E occupies is a significant increase from the one listed above, but we believe it is justified.

This 000-12E features a koa/mahogany back and sides, comprised of koa fine veneers glued to an African mahogany core, which serves as the rationale for the price difference between the X and Road series. Together with the Sitka spruce top, this construction produces a well-balanced, pleasant tone that is incredibly adaptable. The koa also looks gorgeous in person.

This guitar has a little shorter scale length than the majority of the others on this list (24.9″), but the smaller scale and lighter string tension make it exceedingly simple to play and comfortable in almost any musical situation. We think the onboard Fishman MX-T electronics top this one off because they let you put it in and sound genuinely realistic without any of the harsh top-end you’d expect from budget electronics and pickups.

Martin X Series D-X2E Acoustic-Electric Guitar with Gig Bag,

Martin Guitar X Series D-X2E Acoustic-Electric...
  • PROFESSIONAL SOUND & APPEARANCE: Martin's D-X2E acoustic-electric guitars...
  • SUPERIOR APPEARANCE: Each D-X2E Martin X Series guitar boasts a Sitka...
  • PREMIUM HANDMADE GUITARS: Handmade from the highest-quality wood and HPL,...

The Martin X Series D-X2E guitar is a reasonably priced model built of less expensive, ecological materials. Still, the instrument has a lovely appearance and is of excellent quality. It performs and sounds exactly like a Martin—proud, powerful, and with a lot of bass end.

The Sitka spruce top of this Dreadnought-sized instrument is paired with high-pressure laminate (HPL) sides and back. For plugged-in performance and direct recording, you do receive built-in Fishman MX electronics. The Performing Artist neck with High-Performance taper makes for excellent playability. Due to the adjusted Tusq saddle, intonation will never be a problem for you. It is available in a variety of finishes, including Natural with Mahogany back and sides, Natural with Rosewood Veneer back and sides, and Sapele top with Macassar back and sides.

While it appears that the colour of that particular species can vary quite a bit, the fingerboard and bridge are made of Katalox (Mexican royal ebony), which is generally lovely and dark. With the exception of needing light gauge strings, it sounds wonderful, feels fantastic, and has a lovely neck. It is a reliable instrument. And it never loses pitch. The gig bag that comes with it is quite wonderful, featuring thick cushioning, a soft inside, good neck support, and a sturdy, water-resistant covering.