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Best D’Angelico Guitars 2023

Many of the most renowned big-band and jazz musicians have played D’Angelico guitars over the course of their long and illustrious history. Their electric and acoustic guitars are renowned for being exceptionally playable and having unmistakable tone quality. In order for the present generation of guitarists to appreciate the brilliance of their instruments, D’Angelico has reemerged in recent years with a variety of new models.

Despite not being as well-known as other companies, D’Angelico guitars have been producing instruments since 1932 and are renowned for their original versions. Fans of these instruments include Eric Clapton, Pete Townsend, Seymour Duncan, and the Grateful Dead (for a spell). The company reopened in 2011 and is currently active in the east and the USA (owned and controlled).

D’Angelico Deluxe EXL-1 Hollow-Body Electric Guitar

D'Angelico Deluxe EXL-1 Hollow-Body Electric Guitar - Matte Rose Pink
  • A lot of tone in a little pickup. The Seymour Duncan mini-humbucker elevates the organic tone of the EXL-1.
  • Thicker wire means more tone and resonance, brought to you by Jescar
  • Deluxe Series models are available in four striking Limited Edition matte finishes: Powder Blue, Emerald, Cherry, and Plum. Once they're gone, they're...

In the past, a few guitar manufacturers have haphazardly applied the term “deluxe” to instruments that didn’t quite live up to the definition of that word, but D’Angelico has boldly returned that term to its original meaning by naming their penultimate product line the Deluxe Series, which is only surpassed by the Master Builder series.

The D’Angelico Deluxe Series guitars have all the design, construction, components, hardware, and opulent aesthetic features that one would anticipate from a guitar that genuinely merits the term “deluxe.” The Deluxe SS is a fantastic option for musicians seeking a guitar that is a little more unique and adaptable than the majority of thinline semi-hollow guitars now on the market.

The SS body is slightly smaller than the typical 335-style body measurements, measuring 1.75 inches deep, 18.75 inches long, and 15 inches across the widest section of the bottom bout. It features a single cutaway, an arched top, and an arched back made of laminated maple. There are a few options to choose from. There are two options: a completely closed top with stop tailpiece, or an open f-hole body with a choice of a stop tailpiece or a D’Angelico stairstep trapeze. The open f-hole arrangement with stairstep tailpiece served as our test example.

A pair of bespoke Seymour Duncan DA-59 full-size humbucking pickups with gold-plated covers, a six-way toggle switch with quick access to the neck, bridge, humbucking, and single-coil settings, and Jescar medium jumbo frets round out the noticeable modifications. The EXL-1 is a true jazz archtop monster that sounds great both unplugged and with an amp. Acoustically, it creates singlenote lines with quick attack and punch and a desired percussive cut while strumming patterns. When the notes are plugged in, they show more warmth and sustain but no mud. D’Angelico distributes the EXL-1 with.012-.052 roundwound strings, however flatwound strings are highly recommended for producing true vintage jazz tones. This is the best D’Angelico Guitar in 2023.

D’Angelico Excel EXL-1 Hollow-Body Electric Guitar

D'Angelico Excel EXL-1 Hollow-Body Electric Guitar - Iced Tea Burst
  • Mother-of-Pearl split-block inlays indulge in Art Deco decadence-a small but impactful aesthetic detail new for 2018.
  • An aesthetic nod to original D'Angelico Art Deco decadence, an elegant scroll-style bevel adorns the end of the EXL-1's fingerboard.
  • Referencing a number of John D'Angelico's original archtop designs, two subtle mother-of-pearl inlays dress up the EXL-1's ebony bridge.

The Excel EXL-1 is an homage to one of those classic archtop designs from the 1930s. It will transport you back to the Little Italy workshop with a vibrant mysticism. Its large, gorgeous hollow body made of spruce and maple provides acoustic response and sustain. You may play it as an electric or an acoustic because of how loud it bellows. You will experience the warmth and accuracy of tone in either case.

The Seymour Duncan Johnny Smith Humbucker kicks a major league tone when used with an amp. Johnny Smith, a jazz legend from the heyday, served as the model for the humbucker. It’s a voice that translates, mellow with an assertive spunky attack. Whether you’re playing chords or riffs, the vintage jazz mood will win over even the most critical musicians.

There is so much to convey, and every little thing has an Art Deco vibe that makes it worth mentioning. Full fret inlays, a scroll headstock, f-holes that are shaped, hex dials, and many more features. Iconic stairstep machine heads provide visual appeal and tuning stability. It departs from the standard even more thanks to the Stairstep tailpiece.

There aren’t a tonne of tonal variations here because it’s a jazz box. The modern guitarist who enjoys bells and whistles won’t enjoy it. If variety is what you seek, search elsewhere. You’ll struggle if enormous bodies aren’t your thing.

This instrument is a leader if you think that guitar tones should sound like they belong on a vinyl record. It’s the ideal guitar for the lover of archtops thanks to its appealing appearance, strong construction, and excellent playability. This is a professional pick for jazz and blues in general!

D’Angelico Premier SS Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar

D'Angelico Premier SS Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar w/ Stop-Bar Tailpiece - White
  • D’Angelico’s proprietary humbuckers are built for rich tone and balanced output, designed to pair exceptionally with each Premier Series model.
  • A classic Cream Binding lines the premier Series for a traditional, vintage look
  • All models are strung with Electrozinc, co-designed by D'Angelico and D'Addario, guaranteeing exceptional longevity and tone.

You’ll want value for your money whether you spend a few hundred or a thousand dollars on a guitar. However, a word of caution. A inexpensive guitar has no bearing on its worth. Great inexpensive guitars are available. However, they are difficult to find and can have numerous problems.

This D’Angelico Premier SS punches well above the price range, which is what makes it such a terrific deal. You can get your hands on a semi-hollow guitar for less than $1,000 that might be mistaken for a model costing twice as much. The Premier SS is a more affordable option to the Excel models while preserving D’Angelico quality. The brand has everything you’ll love about it. It has a distinctive headstock and Stairstep machine heads. Although the Stairstep tailpiece is optional, having one will give your guitar all the distinctive D’Angelico trademarks.

The humbuckers are marked with the name Seymour Duncan. The 1950s PAF designs are mirrored in the HB-101B pickups. The Seymour Duncan design is excellent even though they aren’t the best humbuckers made in the USA. For these picks, versatility is essential. They manage the peaks and valleys of the tone spectrum for musicians who need variety. Anything goes, from high gain distortion to clean jazzy elegance.

The semi-hollow maple body offers bite and brightness. It plays like a pro pick and has a sustain that lets you hold a note. The Premier SS performs admirably as well. The cosy C-shaped maple neck will fit your requirement for speed if you enjoy playing quickly. The plastic nut is one example of a place where materials have kept the cost low. You will, however, receive value for your money given the pricing point. This guitar is well-made, manageable to play, and has a versatile sound.

D’Angelico Premier Tammany LS Acoustic-Electric Guitar

D'Angelico Electro Acoustic 6 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar, Right, Aged Mahogany (DAPLSOMAGDCP)
  • CLASSIC BODY: Featuring a classic look with a non-cutaway body shape and satin finish throughout, the Premier Tammany LS delivers a full-bodied tone...
  • ADDED COMFORT: Designed with tapered shoulders and a slightly shallower upper bout depth, this acoustic guitar contributes to the warm tone and adds...
  • D'ANGELICO PREAMP: Featuring a D'Angelico Preamp that includes onboard EQ and volume controls, as well as an LED tuner so you can strengthen the...

For individuals who are just starting out or have a tight budget, the D’Angelico Premier Tammany LS is the ideal acoustic-electric guitar. It has a surprisingly high-quality tonewood blend and costs less than $300. It has a resonant mahogany body and a smooth, satin-finished neck.

The consistency of the tuning was another aspect of this guitar that I found impressive. Due to the use of less expensive materials and components, many entry-level acoustic guitars have trouble maintaining tuning. Additionally, D’Angelico has added a trustworthy tuner to the instrument so you can easily fix any problems in this area. Because of its OM body type, the Tammany LS is stylistically well suited to fingerpicking techniques.

The MG-30 preamp system ensures that the guitar’s pleasant, warm tone is faithfully reproduced and that feedback difficulties are avoided when it is connected to an amplifier or PA speaker.

D‘Angelico Premier Fulton 12 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar

D'Angelico Electro Acoustic 12 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar, Right, Aged Mahogany...
  • ERGONOMIC BODY: The body of this Premier Fulton LS is ergonomically designed with a 16-inch wide body that is easy to hold and a slim C neck shape...
  • D'ANGELICO PREAMP: Featuring a D'Angelico Preamp that includes onboard EQ and volume controls, as well as an LED tuner so you can strengthen the...
  • CONTROLLED SOUND: Enjoy a clear, balanced tone with this grand auditorium laminated mahogany body that offers sturdiness and impressive sound quality...

First of all, this 12-string acoustic is reasonably priced. Although few performers utilise 12-string instruments for every song, you may have one in your collection. Therefore, unless you’re extremely affluent, you shouldn’t spend a lot of money on something that won’t be used frequently. A poor 12 string is difficult to play and wears out the hands more quickly than a 6 string. The action must be slow. The delightful action is prepared for use right out of the box. The Premier Function is more playable as a whole.

The mahogany neck is sculpted to accommodate the hand and features a well-liked C-profile. You’ll feel mobility around the neck as it follows the contours of your hand. The cutaway further increases playing options if you desire a guitar that can allow runs along the neck. The Premier Fulton sings with a brilliance that can only come from a 12-string while providing tonal warmth and shine. The vast auditorium body, bigger than a dreadnought, reverberates with distinction.

When plugged in, the D’Angelico preamp on the integrated tuner keeps its delectable tone. A tuner is also incorporated into it. a useful tool for quick tuning, which is essential with a 12-string. When activated, it disables the output so that your tuning abilities won’t be broadcast. There is a small inconsistency because there is no shutdown feature. Expect the battery to be depleted if you leave the tuner on.

The Premier Fulton will satisfy your needs if you want to play live or on record with a different tonal variation. Both fingerpicking and strumming will sound natural with its tone. Most importantly, you don’t have to spend a fortune!