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Best Impulse Responses for Guitars 2024

An impulse response (IR) is a measurement of how quickly an output reacts to a short burst of input signal (the impulse). Convolution reverbs have been using impulse responses to generate their sounds for a long time. Convolution reverb plugins use an IR of an actual acoustic environment to digitally replicate the sound of that place. The concept is the same with guitar cabinet and microphone IRs: an engineer may capture a real rig’s sound fingerprint and then digitally replicate it.

Impulse reactions have been around for quite some time. Using an expensive microphone to capture the sound of renowned speaker cabinets for perfect guitar tone appears to be the latest fad evident on high-end stompboxes with IR loaders. You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking for the best impulse responses for guitar.

Aside from amp settings, a number of other elements influence the tone of your guitar. Two of the most important considerations are speaker cabinets and microphone selection. A guitar played through a 412 cabinet will sound much different than a guitar played through an 812 cabinet. Similarly, your guitar recording will sound vary depending on whatever mics you use and where they are placed.

This is where the concept of impulse response (IR) comes into play. The measurement of an output that reacts to a short burst of input signal is known as an impulse response (the impulse). Convolution reverbs usually generate their sounds via impulse responses, which are digitally recreated noises from an acoustic environment. Guitar cabinets and microphone IRs both use the same logic as some of the best impulse responses for guitar.

Jens Bogren Signature IR Pack: Lead + Clean

Jens Bogren, a Swedish producer/engineer who has previously worked with metal heavyweights like as Opeth, Dimmu Borgir, Between the Buried and Me, and others, recorded the Bogren Digital IRs. This is one of the best guitar impulse reactions out there if you want to make a filthy guitar tone on those lines.

This follow-up, and ideal complement to the Rhythm IR pack, is designed to produce superb lead and clean tones. Tone that will stand out in a crowded mix without piercing your ears with harshness. Jens’ guitar production philosophy is shown in the leads and cleans pack, as he utilizes a different approach for rhythm, lead, and clean guitars to avoid frequency accumulation and clashing. This is one of the Best Impulse Responses for Guitars in 2023.

Kristian Kohle IR Pack: Rainbows and Chainsaws

Kohlekeller Studios in Germany is owned by him. Kohle has over two decades of experience and multiple chart-topping albums under his credit, including three Gold and Platinum recordings.

Kristian has a very successful YouTube channel where he has made it his mission to teach up-and-coming engineers how to obtain the greatest tones possible, in addition to his profession as a producer.

All software and hardware impulse response loaders, including Quad Cortex, AXE FX, Kemper, Mooer, Line6, Boss, Strymon, and others, are compatible with Bogren Digital IRs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are impulse response files?

So, how can you put Impulse Responses to work for you? Many Impulse Responses are available for free or for a fee on the internet. You might be surprised by what you get if you try downloading a free Impulse Response.

An Impulse Response file is essentially a wav audio file. If you try to play the file through an audio player, you won’t be able to hear anything because the audio is so brief. When you load it into an IR loader, though, you get a fantastic replica of the guitar amp speaker and equipment.