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Best Guitar Cabinets 2024

The cabinet you choose for your guitar speakers affect your performance greatly. To make the right decision and choosing the appropriate one is not as easy as it may sound. Several factors should be considered to order to make the right buying decision. These are available in a number of different options in various colors and they also vary in design and functionality.

The type of enclosure you are using also affects the sound performance. Well, most of the players prefer to go for the cabinets that the manufacturer suggests for the amplifier but if you want to be more creative with your performance, you can choose another one. For that, first, you should have some basic knowledge about different designs of Cabinets. We are here to help you understand how different designs can affect your performance and it would help you to make the right selection with these guitar speaker cabinet reviews.

The guitar speaker cabinets are designed by the professionals for producing accurate and enhanced sound. Factors like room coverage and speaker size are kept in mind for designing perfect cabinets. There are certain models that are designed for providing an amazing combination of comfort and better sonic characteristics.

The Guitar Cabinets come in both open back and closed back design. Each has its own benefits. For instance, the open back cabinets offer proper placement of electronic components and keep them cool through proper venting. Some cabinets feature ample space and a symmetrical border for baffling the speakers.

Orange PPC212 120W 2×12 Open Back Guitar Speaker Cab Straight

Orange Amplifiers PPC Series PPC212OB 120W 2x12...
  • Speaker: Two Celestion Vintage 30
  • Output: 120 Watts RMS
  • Dimensions: 26"W x 21-1/4"H x 12"D

The Orange PPC212 is a classic Orange open-back cabinet with two Celestion Vintage 30 speakers. These speakers are designed to replicate the Celestion Blue’s legendary sound.

The Orange PPC212 boasts a solid build and excellent sound quality. This speaker cabinet also seems light for a 2*12 speaker cabinet, making it easy to travel. This open-backed variant has excellent strong distortion response, making it ideal for metal guitar tones in the guitar cabinet market.

The Orange PPC212 features a 120Watt power handling rating, which produces a powerful sound and full-range tone with increased performance. Metal corners and rubber feet protect and stabilize the orange cabinets. The built-in carrying handles on the Orange PPC212 make it simple to transport and move around on stage.

Orange amplifiers have a great reputation, and after you experience one, you’ll understand why combo amps. For metal and rock musicians searching for a medium-sized guitar cab with uncompromising tone, this high-quality cabinet is a wonderful choice. This has a tight sound that leads and rhythm guitarists will enjoy. The celestine speakers are bright and clear, cutting through a recording mix or a performance hall, and they can handle a lot of power.

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 112 Enclosure 80-Watt 1×12-Inch Guitar Amp Cabinet

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 112 Enclosure, with 2-Year...
  • Features a highly versatile 12” Celestion G12P-80 speaker.
  • It fits neatly under the Hot Rod Deluxe and Blues Deluxe combos, adding...
  • Speaker cable and fitted cover included.

The Celestion G12P-80 speaker in this cabinet is quite adaptable. It performs an excellent job of catching every nuance of your playing. It also adds a lot of bass response and strength to the mix. It also helps to maintain a clear and pleasant tone. It works nicely with combination amps thanks to its 80 watts of output. It’s best used in conjunction with a Fender combo amp. Despite this, it works with a variety of amp heads.

It’s a terrific addition to any studio or for usage in tighter situations like a mesa boogie. One speaker with 80 watts, on the other hand, might not be the ideal choice for a huge outdoor musical venue. It is, however, a good technique to increase your strength without sacrificing tone clarity. The overall structure is solid and durable. It has a weight of less than 50 pounds. A speaker cord and a fitting cover are also included.

Laney Guitar Amplifier Cabinet Black (CUB-212)

Laney Guitar Amplifier Cabinet, Black (CUB-212)
  • POWER RATING: 100 Watts
  • SPEAKER: 2 x 12 Inch Custom HH Driver
  • IMPEDANCE: 8 Ohms

A compact speaker cabinet that sounds like a vintage tube amp. It is the greatest affordable guitar speaker cabinet because of its versatility and mobility. This cabinet can be positioned in either portrait or landscape mode. As a result, you’ll be more comfortable when performing on a small stage. On the bottom and on one side, there are strong rubber stabilizing feet. On top of that, it includes two distinct handles. This makes moving it a lot easier.

This cabinet was made in the United Kingdom. The guitar cabs includes two specially designed 12-inch HH drivers. These give you a distinct low-end that doesn’t muck up. The open-back design also helps to soften and round out the midrange tones.

With a power output of 100 watts, this little cabinet is an excellent choice for a variety of situations. In addition, it can be used in the studio. This could be the greatest little guitar speaker cabinet on the market.

EVH 5150 III 2×12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet Black

EVH 5150III 2X12" Cabinet - Ivory
  • 2 x 12" Straight Speaker Cabinet with Celestion G12H Speakers Birch Plywood...
  • 60W

Two 12-inch Celestion Heritage speakers are used in this guitar speaker cabinet. Each speaker has a power rating of 30 watts. As a result, you’ll have a lot of leverage when it comes to filling larger venues. This cabinet is ready to rock with 16 ohms. It’s best used with the EVH 5150 III 50-watt amp head to get an Eddie Van Halen sound. It has an ivory white covering, a black grille, and black metal corner covers, and is well-built and durable. It does, however, weigh 60 pounds despite its small stature. Tilt-back legs, rubber feet, and wheels are also included. It’s simple to move about and position to your preference.

Two Celestion G12H 30W anniversary speakers produce a clear tone in these transportable open back cabinets. These guitar speaker cabinets are ideal for performing metal live or in the studio. They’re comfortable with loud gain and ready to disseminate the sound of wilding shredding. These 2*12 guitar cabinets generate a sound that spans the entire frequency range and can be driven hard with up to 60W of power. This resulted in a fantastic “breakup” crunch. The angle-able legs are one of the other benefits of the other features. This cab can be oriented up or down, which adds diversity to the sound and makes it excellent for on-stage monitoring. The birch plywood structure of the EVH 5150III gives it a bright, pleasant sound.

For a wider, rather than taller, sound, the dual speaker cones are arranged in a horizontal array. This is an excellent choice for rhythm metal guitarists searching for high-quality gear at an affordable price. At the same time, we believed that for the same money, you could purchase larger cabinets of comparable quality. Apart than that, we had no complaints about this guitar cabinet.

Hughes & Kettner TubeMeister TM112 60W 1×12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet

This Hughes & Kettner 112 model is an excellent little metal amp stack. Don’t be fooled by its diminutive size; it produces high-quality sound that can withstand any amount of gain. These closed-back cabinets, which feature a beautiful Celestion speaker, are ideal for metal or hard rock. It has a precise response and a warm low end thanks to its closed-back design. The mid-range was rather nasal, although that sort of tone may appeal to some players. This closed-back cabinet has a smooth, black appearance that isn’t as garish as orange cabinets.

Prepare to hear some scorching tones when you combine this with the studio settings of a hefty amp head like a Hughes & Kettner Tubemesiter 18. The Celestion 30 speaker in this cabinet produces a clear, powerful sound. Because this is a smaller speaker, it won’t be loud enough for stadium shows or major concerts. At best, it could handle a medium-sized concert. For rising metal guitarists searching for a home and stage amp, we recommend the Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister speaker cabinet.