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Best Convolution Reverb Plugins 2024

A synthetic effect called convolution reverb imitates the way sound would echo in a physical area. It creates an echo by listening to a recording of the impulse responses made in the space. This sort of reverb sounds more realistic than algorithmic reverb since it has a larger density of reflections.

Convolution reverbs combine the original audio stream with samples of an environment’s Impulse Responses. This creates the illusion that the audio is playing organically inside the space. Any physical space can be sampled and utilized as a preset in a Convolution Reverb plugin. Convolution Reverb is usable on instrument tracks as well as bus tracks. Depending on how the IRs were recorded, audio post production engineers can use them in mono, stereo, or surround sound settings. Since Convolution Reverb uses a lot of CPU, it is not advised to run many instances of it concurrently.

McDSP Revolver Convolution Reverb Native v7

Revolver is a powerful convolution reverb that behaves differently from all others. It offers complete impulse response control, a dedicated and routable EQ, two sync-able delay lines, a reverb decay crossover network, and unique stereo imaging for unmatched flexibility. Revolver offers hundreds of sounds from the holy grail out of production reverbs and acoustic locations, making it the most engaging impulse library to date. With Revolver and the Revolver impulse response tools, additional acoustic spaces and outboard equipment may be modeled in a matter of minutes.

Wet and dry levels, as well as controls for the overall reverb duration (in percent and RT60 values), are always visible. The Revolver plug-in interface’s remaining portions are divided into a number of control pages and views. Signal flow, impulse response data, EQ responses, and even visuals of the impulse response source are all represented graphically.

The outputs are not muffled while any control updates are taking place, and all parameter alterations are audible right away. The reverb does not need to be displayed again while the user waits. This is the Best Convolution Reverb Plugin in 2023.

AudioThing Fog Convolver

For improved CPU management, Audio Thing’s Fog Convolver applies the effect in real-time. The Fog Convolver delivers over 250 impulse responses and may be used in Normal or True Stereo modes. A free expansion pack adds 40 more. It allows you to export WAV files so you can utilize the altered IRs outside of the plugin and lock your parameters when you switch presets. The Fog Convolver allows you enough control to further customize your IRs with a gratifying set of characteristics.

You can alter the preset’s duration and transition properties using Fade Parameters. You may utilize it creatively and produce stunning effects because to its versatility. The two Curve knobs convert the linear and exponential In and Out curves, resulting in a seamless blending that is very helpful in the mix.

For what it’s worth, this plugin doesn’t provide your audio any special tone or texture. The factory IRs have the best audio qualities, and you can alter the reverb’s perceived magnitude by accelerating or decelerating them with the Pitch slider. Overall, it’s a translucent plugin that modifies your IRs’ sound little rather than completely.

A wonderful convolution reverb plugin is The Fog Convolver, which offers straightforward solutions without interfering with your sound. For producers who might not have a large database, the 250+ impulse reactions are quite enticing. Additionally, the ability to export WAV files for usage in other plugins is an intriguing innovation that enables you to carry your favorite sounds with you everywhere you go. This is the Best Convolution Reverb VST Plugin in 2023.

Kilohearts Convolver

Convolution is most frequently used for reverb, which is also extremely cool. When you go to a location with a pleasant ambiance, such as your local church or your grandmother’s bathroom, and record the echo from a brief loud click, you can convolve any other sound with the resulting impulse response (IR), and the impulse response reverb will sound as if you were magically playing it in that location.

You can use Convolver for more than just that, too with the convolution engine. Convolver can simulate anything from a basic guitar amp cabinet to bizarre filters, unique delays, and much more because IRs are just audio data. We’ve included over 300 factory IRs for a variety of special effects to give you an idea. And, of course, some reverbs.

Snapins are effect plugins that are a part of the expanding ecosystem of musical instruments and effect processors from Kilohearts. Snapins are compatible with numerous host plugins made by Kilohearts, including the Multipass band-splitter and the potent modular synthesizer Phaseplant. The plugins from Kilohearts are some of the most potent ones on the market right now because of this idea. Nevertheless, Snapins can also be used independently in your DAW.

Convolver has a number of tools that let you change the impulse response audio sample without affecting the original data. The audio sample’s beginning and finish points are movable. You may also include a fade-in or fade-out. Additionally, the stretch option allows you to change the audio sample’s length, which is a useful tool when you wish to shorten the reverb. Similar to the forward button, the reverse button reverses the sample’s playing direction, creating interesting noises.

Over three hundred impulse response files are included in the sample library that comes with Convolver . These software convolution reverb include digital reverbs as well as a range of settings such churches, cathedrals, halls, rooms, outdoor locations, etc. Other IR types, such as amp cabinets, effect units, etc., are also available. The primary idea behind this Snapin, however, is to employ unique IR samples from the internet or even just random audio files. You never know what these crazy experiments might produce!

One of the preferred methods for producing a realistic reverb effect is convolution. Using mathematical processing, it can accurately record the sound of a particular auditorium from a certain listening location and recreate the experience. The majority of other convolution effects come with a wide range of pre-built impulse responses. Additionally, Convolver maintains humility to keep its pricing cheap even though it offers more than 300 IR samples. Convolver is the best option if you want a simple, high-quality convolution effect that can load custom samples. This is one of the best convolution reverb plugins in 2023.

Melda MConvolutionMB

The 6-band convolution reverb plugin from Melda Productions is called the MConvolutionMB. Whether they are created by the plugin or imported as files, each band can accommodate two IRs. The Ratio knob on the band allows you to change how the two separate IRs are balanced. Additionally, the plugin includes Melda-exclusive features like global and per-band randomization, Edit Mode, and a number of secret options menus where you may completely tune your sound.

It is possible to add various effects to any of the six bands using the File, Reverb, & Filter browser menus. You may select two of the same item or items from several categories. On your computer, files are your personal IRs. Reverb has IRs integrated into the Melda program. The final feature of Filter is a list of processing options you can add to speed up your operation. You can add a maximum of two effects to each band, giving this plugin a total of twelve effects.

A master equalizer at the very end of the signal chain modifies the reverb sound before it combines once more with the dry signal. A saturation knob in it mimics the subtle saturation that an analog equalization would apply to the music. Although it’s a small addition, it gives the reverb character, something that most plugins on this list fail to do. Alternately, each Kernel has an EQ that you may use to enhance saturation.

Unbelievably, Melda has done it once more. The MConvolutionMB lives up to the brand’s reputation for giving creators easy-to-use tools that are completely customisable at a reasonable price. This plugin is for you if you’re one of those people who must modify everything until it sounds perfect.