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Best Ibanez Guitars 2024

If you play the guitar, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Ibanez guitars at some point. Ibanez has a big selection of acoustic, electric, and bass guitars to pick from, and they come in a variety of pricing ranges.

Ibanez is one of the most dependable brands available. They were one of the first Japanese musical instrument brands to develop a presence in the United States, having been founded in 1957. In the 1980s, Ibanez really gained its stride, launching a new series of innovative and unusual guitar designs. The company now produces a wide range of electric and acoustic guitars, as well as effects pedals, and has manufacturing sites in Asia and the United States.

They’ve established a reputation for providing high-quality instruments at a reasonable cost. However, dismissing Ibanez as a budget-friendly brand would be an injustice to the firm, as they have a number of excellent high-end models that can compete with any premium guitar brand.

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Ibanez AZ2204 AZ Prestige Series Electric Guitar

Ibanez Prestige AZ2204 Electric Guitar - Hazy Rose...
  • dyna-MIX9 Switching System - Hazy Rose Metallic
  • Solidbody Electric Guitar with Alder Body
  • Roasted Maple Neck Fingerboard

Looking for anything other than a normal Fender Stratocaster when it comes to a Strat-style guitar? The Ibanez Prestige AZ2204 could be the right choice for you. This is the best Ibanez guitar for Blues and Jazz music, in my opinion.

The Prestige AZ2204 is like a supercharged Fender Strat. It has an alder body with a wood-roasted maple neck that has been treated with Ibanez’s S-Tech nitrogen-heating process. Regardless of temperature changes, this treatment assures stability and endurance. It’s also water-resistant, which is handy if you’re playing in a crowded pub.

The AZ2204, on the other hand, can compete with any Elite Strat since Ibanez used quality materials throughout and did an excellent job in terms of construction. The AZ2204’s body is built of alder, as is the case with all premium Strats. This guitar, on the other hand, has a roasted maple neck. S-tech wood is used in all Prestige models, which is a trademarked technology that allows the wood to resonance better and have a more consistent appearance. There are plenty of more nuances that may go unnoticed at first, such as the rounded fretboard borders and the luminous side dots.

The AZ2204 has a more curved body than the Strat guitars on the market, making it more pleasant to playing style. Ibanez has equipped this high-end model with Seymour Duncan Hyperion, which is only available on the AZ line of guitars. The HSS pickup combo isn’t something we see very often on Ibanez guitars. In terms of sound, it’s made for hard rock, blues rock, punk, and funk. Because you can dial in pretty much whatever tone you choose, the AZ2204 may sound both vintage and modern. The price range is the only serious issue we find here. Not because the AZ2204 isn’t worth it; it is, but because it competes directly with Strats built in the United States.

The Prestige AZ2204 is an excellent alternative if you’re looking for a nice Strat-style guitar with extra features. These guitars would work well in blues, jazz, and traditional rock styles, as well as more modern hard rock. Regardless of genre, the Prestige AZ2204 is certainly worth a look if you’re searching for a well-made Strat-style guitar and have the cash to spend. This is the Best Ibanez Guitar in 2023.

Ibanez RG550 Genesis Collection Electric Guitar

Ibanez RG550 RG Genesis Collection Desert Yellow
  • Solidbody Electric Guitar with Basswood Body
  • 1 Single-coil Pickup - Desert Sun Yellow
  • 2 Humbucking Pickups

The Ibanez RG550 Genesis Collection is a reissue of the legendary Ibanez RG 550, which was first released in 1987. It’s a high-end Japanese guitar with a striking neon finish, a thin maple Wizard neck, and vintage Ibanez V7/V8/S1 pickups.

The Ibanez Genesis Collection RG550 is our top pick for the greatest Ibanez electric guitar overall. The RG550 has a timeless design that dates back to 1987. The Genesis Collection incorporates certain contemporary elements while maintaining the original’s feel. The RG550’s body is made of basswood, which produces warm tones with piercing mids. It’s a really pleasant instrument to play because the body contour fits your body and forearm.

The RG550’s ultra-fast Wizard Neck is one of the coolest features. The Wizard Neck was originally made from a single piece of maple. The reissue’s materials have been improved to a 5-piece maple and walnut mix. Jumbo frets abound on the 24-fret fingerboard, making it ideal for big bends. Instead of the sculpted All Access neck joint found on many recent RG-style guitars, the RG550 has a conventional tilt neck joint.

The RG550’s pickups are based on the now-classic HSH design, which features a pair of humbuckers around a single-coil in the middle position. The humbuckers are current V7 and V8 designs, with a traditional single-coil tone from the S1 in the middle. These high-output pickups are ideal for hard rock and metal, but they may also be used in other genres. The RG550 has solid black hardware, including an Edge locking tremolo system and Gotoh locking machine heads, in addition to high-quality electronics. This is the best ibanez electric guitars.

Ibanez RG420HPAH Electric Guitar

Ibanez RG420HPAH Electric Guitar
  • Nyatoh Body w/ Ash Top & Blue Wave Black Color
  • 25.5" Scale Wizard III Roasted Maple Neck w/ Jatoba Fingerboard
  • Dual DiMarzio Fusion Edge Pickups

The RG420HPAH is built for speed and dependability, but it also includes a slew of premium features and specifications that set it apart from similarly priced competitors. We knew this guitar was remarkable as soon as we put it through its paces. We liked how it had a high-end appearance and feel to it. Gold hardware, for example, looks fantastic with the Blue Wave Black gloss that Ibanez picked for this guitar.

The double-cutaway body is built of nyatoh tonewood and is adorned with a stunning Ash top. Despite its superior hardware and extensive tonewood usage, the RG420HPAH is only seven pounds! Talk about a slender ax. Given that the RG420HPAH has a relatively lengthy body, this score is even more amazing. The roasted maple neck has the same premium feel and finish as the rest of the product. The wood is roasted to give the guitar a more mature tone while also making it more resistant to the environment.

This guitar from Ibanez with the Wizard III neck, which provides excellent playability and comfort like a super strat. The luminous side dots that run the length of the fretboard are another eye-catching, but also essential element. These dots not only look cool, but they also assist you navigate around the neck if you’re playing on a dark stage.

The Ibanez Fusion Edge pickups were created in conjunction with DiMarzio. Two humbuckers generate a clear sound with a very smooth response, making them excellent for everything from progressive metal to metalcore. We didn’t have to worry about getting out of tune while making bends with the RG420HPAH because it includes a double-locking tremolo bridge. The Ibanez RG420HPAH is a fantastic premium electric guitar, and it’s definitely the best in the company’s lineup if you’re serious about metal. This is the Best Ibanez Guitar for Metal in 2023.

Ibanez LGB30 George Benson Signature Hollowbody Electric Guitar Vintage Yellow Sunburst

Ibanez LGB30 George Benson Signature Hollowbody...
  • "Super 58 Custom Pickups deliver the smooth, nuanced tones and the biting...
  • The ebony fretboard with Artstar fret edge treatment provides tight...
  • The bone nut provides richer tone from low to high

“Little George Benson” is the abbreviation for “Little George Benson” in all of the trademark models. The LGB300 is the best Ibanez jazz guitar, however it has been discontinued and is extremely pricey if you can get your hands on one. The LGB30 is its younger sibling, which comes quite close to the original but at a considerably lower cost. It does, however, have a quality appearance, with wonderful vintage details and a distinctive tailpiece.

The top of the hollow body is built of spruce, with laminated maple for the back and sides. The f-holes and the traditional four-knob Gibson-style control configuration add to the overall vintage vibe. The LGB30 is slightly smaller than the LGB300, but don’t be fooled into thinking it’s a little or light guitar. In fact, at 8.5 pounds, it is fairly heavy, making it unsuitable for novices and smaller players.

There’s also the “Florentine” cutaway, which is quite deep and allows you to easily reach all of the higher frets. The cream binding, which lends a touch of sophistication, was also a hit with us. We have a three-piece laminate neck with one piece of maple and two pieces of mahogany for the neck. With abalone block inlays, the fretboard is composed of bonded ebony.

We loved the bone nut on the guitar, as well as the gold tuners, which make it appear more costly than it is. The guitar’s motor consists of two Alnico Super 58 Custom humbucker pickups, with the neck pickup generating a warm tone and the bridge pickup having a lot of clarity. The LGB30 can produce a wide range of sounds using various control knob combinations, making it equally ideal for blues and Americana genres. The Ibanez LGB30 is a superb hollow-body guitar that we would suggest to almost any jazz or blues musician.

Ibanez AS73 Artcore Series Hollow-Body Electric Guitar

Ibanez Artcore Series AS73 Semi-Hollowbody...
  • Artcore set mahogany neck Double-cutaway, all-maple body 22 frets Bound...
  • As evidenced by its long-standing association with such giants of jazz...
  • Part of that legacy is owed to the Artcore collection, which has succeeded...

Semi-hollow body guitars are among the most flexible instruments available, although they can be costly. The Ibanez Artcore AS73 is one of the best semi-hollow electric guitars you’ll find for around $500. The Artcore, like other semi-hollow guitars, is recognized for its resonance. The guitar’s body is made entirely of laminate linden, providing all of the jangle and sharpness you’d expect from a fine semi-hollow guitar.

The Artcore AS73 does not suffer from the 60-cycle hum that plagued early semi-hollow body designs. Classic Elite humbuckers are used by Ibanez, and they keep the guitar’s bite while preserving their own distinct sound. Separate volume and tone controls for each pickup, as well as a 3-way switch, give you additional control.

The AS73’s smooth nyatoh neck is another outstanding feature. This neck provides excellent comfort for a comfortable playing experience with pickup configuration. There are 22 medium-sized frets on the walnut fingerboard. The AS73 has an ART-1 bridge with a Quik Change III tailpiece for tuning and intonation stability. The nut is plastic, but for a modest fee, it might be modified to bone.

Bottom line, If you want a good semi-hollow guitar but don’t want to spend a lot of money, the Ibanez Artcore AS73 is an excellent option. These guitars would be ideal for anyone who like blues, jazz, early country, and rockabilly music. They’re definitely not the best place for metal, but if guitar players really want to go, go for it! Personally, I believe that the Artcore AS73 is best Ibanex guitar for Jazz.

Ibanez JEMJR Steve Vai Signature 6-String Electric Guitar

Ibanez JEMJRWH Steve Vai Signature 6-String...
  • Mahogany Body
  • Wizard III Maple Neck
  • Rosewood Fretboard

Steve Vai, the famed virtuoso, is one of Ibanez’s most prominent users. They’ve now partnered up to offer an Ibanez trademark electric guitar at an unbeatable price! As a result, this is the best Ibanez guitar under $500.

Despite the fact that the JEMJR is the younger sibling of Vai’s primary Ibanez signature guitar, it has many of the same features and quality. The JEMJR’s distinctive appearance is the first thing you’ll notice about it. The famous acrylic Tree of Life inlay, as well as the unusual “monkey grip” handle that allows musicians to pick up the instrument one-handed like a case, are all there and correct.

Despite the monkey grip, this is a Meranti solid-body guitar. It has a Wizard III maple neck with a Jatoba fingerboard and 24 jumbo frets from Ibanez. The Wizard necks are well-known for their ability to handle the fast-paced shredding that can be found on any Steve Vai album. When it comes to playability, the Ibanez neck is unrivaled. They’re really light, quick, and comfy.

The JEMJR has high-output Quantum pickups with excellent articulation for trademark Vai tones. Two humbuckers and one single-coil cover all the basics, and a 5-way switch lets you mix and match pickups. A double-locking tremolo bridge is another fascinating feature on the JEMJR, which ensures peak tuning stability even after deep pitch bends. A locking nut and cosmo black tuners give you even more control over your tuning.

The JEMJR is a very adaptable quality instrument with a nice aesthetic for guitarists of any genre, even though it was developed with Steve Vai’s tone in mind. It’d be ideal for hard rock and advanced music in particular. It’s also unbeatable in terms of price.

Ibanez Nita Strauss Signature JIVA10 Electric Guitar

Ibanez JIVA10 Nita Strauss Signature Deep Space...
  • Solidbody Electric Guitar with Nyatoh Body
  • Edge Zero II Tremolo - Deep Space Blonde
  • Maple/Purpleheart Neck

Looking for a kickass Ibanez electric guitar with a one-of-a-kind look? Check out the Nita Strauss JIVA10 Signature from Ibanez. This is the best Ibanez guitar for rock music in my opinion.

Nita Strauss is a well-known hard rock guitarist who first rose to prominence as Alice Cooper’s touring guitarist. She’s also a member of the Iron Maidens, an all-female Iron Maiden tribute band. Strauss is a great professional guitarist, and her signature Ibanez guitar is a top-tier instrument. This guitar has a maple/purpleheart neck with an ebony fretboard and a choice of high-quality tonewoods. Nyatoh and quilted maple make up the body.

The JIVA10 also has a lightning-quick Nitro Wizard neck that gives you access to the whole guitar’s range. The Wizard necks from Ibanez are recognized for being extremely playable, and this one is no exception. It is likewise distinctive in terms of tone. It has two unique DiMarzio Pandemonium humbuckers in the middle, as well as a True-Velvet single-coil in the middle. The pickups, according to Strauss, deliver everything from tight lows to smooth highs, as well as superb sustain and harmonics. A 5-way switch allows for a variety of pickup combinations.

The JIVA10’s hardware includes an Edge-Zero tremolo system with a stud lock mechanism for excellent tuning stability and accurate bends and vibrato. You don’t have to worry about being out of tune if you shred for hours. The JIVA10 could be the guitar for you if you want a really cool-looking guitar with a lot of interesting tonal possibilities, or if you’re just a Nita Strauss fan. The inclusion of genuine DiMarzio pickups in a guitar at this price point makes it a fantastic deal.

Ibanez V70CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar Black

Ibanez V70CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar Black
  • Select spruce top
  • Chrome tuners
  • Mahogany neck, back, and sides

Ibanez may not be the first brand that springs to mind when considering an acoustic guitar, but they do offer some excellent options. The Ibanez V70CE is an excellent alternative for a great acoustic-electric guitar on a budget. The back and sides of this Ibanez acoustic guitar are all mahogany, with a select spruce top. A gentle cutaway in the dreadnought’s body allows for easier access to the top frets.

Mahogany is also used for the neck, which has a rosewood fingerboard. The V70CE features a rosewood bridge and chrome die-cast tuning pegs, as well as 20 frets. While not cutting-edge, the pickup system is nonetheless of great quality for the price. In fact, getting any gadgets at all for this price is unusual! You can fine-tune the amplified sound with an on-board preamp.

You can’t go wrong with the Ibanez V70CE if you’re a beginning or intermediate musician looking for a great budget acoustic guitar. Even if you’re not yet performing live, the electronics will come in handy when you go to your first Open Mic. Once you start playing solos, the soft cutaway should be more comfortable and useful. Remember to get a gig bag because this guitar does not come with one. This is the best ibanez acoustic electric.

Ibanez Joe Satriani JS140M Electric Guitar

Ibanez JS140M Joe Satriani Signature Soda Blue...
  • Solidbody Electric Guitar with Basswood Body
  • Edge Zero II Tremolo - Soda Blue
  • 1 Single-coil Pickup

The Ibanez JS2410 Joe Satriani is a costly guitar, but it’s well worth the money when you consider the tone and quality it provides. It falls into the premium class of guitars in terms of build quality, craftsmanship, attention to detail, and price. The small, curved body and ultra-thin neck immediately indicate that this guitar was designed for performance. We particularly like the color selections and the finishes on this one.

The JS2410’s body is composed of alder, which is a popular wood for high-end electric guitars, while the neck is made of a mix of maple and Bubinga. A rosewood fretboard is also included.

Given that this is a premium Ibanez guitar, it’s no surprise that it’s built and assembled in Japan to Ibanez’s high standards. This is also the first JS signature model to feature 24 frets.

The pickups are DiMarzio, of course, with the neck pickup being a DiMarzio Satch Track Humbucker and the bridge pickup being a DiMarzio Mo’ Joe Humbucker. The JS2410 has a huge tone, and we’re sure it could be much better if you could play like Satriani, which we can’t.

One unique feature of the tone controls is the high-pass filter on the volume pot, which helps keep those high notes at a manageable volume, as well as the push-pull coil tap, which allows you to change the tone of both pickups.

Ibanez RGD71ALMS Axion Label

Ibanez RGD71ALMS RGD Axion Label 7-String Multi...
  • 2 Active Humbucking Pickups - Black Aura Burst Matte
  • 7-string Solidbody Electric Guitar with Nyatoh Body
  • Macassar Ebony Fretboard

Looking for something a little different in a high-quality 7-string metal guitar? You might like the Ibanez Axion Label RGD71ALMS. The Axion is a stunning guitar at first glance. Its distinctive design enables easy access to the entire fretboard, and its Nyatoh body is coated in a striking Satin polyurethane finish.

The Fishman Fluence Modern humbucker pickups are probably the guitar’s most distinctive feature. Similar to a current active pickup, one voice provides tight bass and clean highs. The other voice is a high-gain beast with a high output. With a 3-way switch and a push/pull pot, you can create a wide range of tones.

Multi-scaled frets on the RGD71ALMS are designed for down-tuned and more complex playing. This allows for greater intonation over all 24 jumbo frets because the lowest strings have a longer scale than the higher strings for guitar player. The RGD71ALMS has a Nitro Wizard-7 neck in addition to the multi-scale fretboard for exceptionally rapid and comfortable playing. The fingerboard is Macassar Ebony, and the neck is a 5-piece combination of Panga Panga and Walnut. Tuning stability and long sustain are ensured by a Mono-rail 7 bridge. Gotoh MG-T locking tuners are also included in the RGD71ALMS.

Design no farther than the Ibanez Axion Label RGD71ALMS if you’re looking for a 7-string guitar with a distinctive look and a wide range of tonal possibilities. For fans of downtuned hard rock and classic 7-string guitar bands like Korn and the Deftones, these guitars are ideal. These guitars, on the other hand, are adaptable to any style for the best ibanez hollow body guitar.

Ibanez Gio GRX70QA

Ibanez 6 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar, Right,...
  • GRX Maple Neck
  • Poplar Body/ Quilted Art Grain Top
  • Medium frets

Look no farther than the Gio GRX70QA for the greatest Ibanez guitar on a budget. Though the Gio is well-priced for beginners, it is unquestionably a high-quality instrument. The quilted art grain top on the full-scale basswood body creates a distinctive aesthetic, and there are plenty of features.

The Gio, like many old Ibanez guitars, has three pickups in the HSH configuration. These Powersound pickups offer a diverse range of sounds. The two ceramic-magnet humbuckers have a lot of volume without being muddy, and the Alnico single-coil has a lot of clarity and vintage tone. A fast-playing maple neck with medium-sized frets is also included on the GRX70QA. The comfy neck and purpleheart fretboard make it simple to play chords and scales, which is very useful for beginners.

The Gio’s FAT 6 tremolo, which can produce everything from delicate whammy bar moves to devastating dive-bomb sounds, is a truly cool feature for a guitar at this price point. On a budget guitar, having a tremolo bar is a huge plus. This is a fantastic guitar for any aspiring rock or metal player. However, the wide range of tones offered makes it suitable for any genre.

The Gio GRX70QA may be the ideal Ibanez guitar for you whether you’re a beginner guitarist or simply searching for a quality electric guitar on a budget.

Buying Guide for Ibanez Guitars

With Ibanez’s diverse catalog, here are the most important factors to consider when choosing one of their guitars:

Body Type

You should choose solidbody models like the RG and S series for sharper attack and sustain. Go with hollow or semi-hollowbody models like Artcore series for warmer, rounded tones. Acoustics are available in grand concert and dreadnought shapes from Ibanez.

Neck Profile

Wizard necks offer an extra thin profile for speed playing. Artcore necks provide a comfortable vintage feel on hollow/semi-hollow models. Some signature or special edition models may have custom neck shapes.

Scale Length

25.5″ scale is standard on most Ibanez models. Some shredder guitars feature shorter 24.75″ or 24.0″ scales.

Pickups and Electronics

H-S-H and H-H pickup layouts provide tonal versatility. V, VII, and X signature pickups are on prestige models. Some lines have coil-splitting, active EQs, and mid-boost switches.


Floyd Rose or Edge tremolo systems deliver rock-solid tuning stability. All hardware components like tuners, bridges, and more are selected for reliability.


Prestige models have premium details – binding, inlays, woods, finishes etc. GIO beginner guitars offer playable quality at low prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Ibanez Guitar?

Depending on your taste and budget, the finest Ibanez guitar is the one that is right for you. If you’re a touring musician in need of a trustworthy instrument on the road, something like the RG550, or even something a little more expensive, is a good choice. It doesn’t make sense to spend over a grand on a guitar like the Nita Strauss signature if you’re a bedroom musician with a few years of skill. Choose a design that best suits the style of music you wish to perform after deciding on your budget.

Where are Ibanez guitars made?

Ibanez manufactures their instruments in several factories across Asia. Most models are produced in Indonesia, China, Japan and Korea. High end Prestige guitars are usually made in the Fujigen factory in Japan.

What musicians use Ibanez guitars?

Famous Ibanez players include metal greats like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert and Kiko Loureiro. Rockers John Scofield, George Benson and Nita Strauss also use Ibanez. And bassists like Steve Harris, Mike Dirnt, and Frank Bello.

Are Ibanez guitars good for beginners?

Yes, Ibanez makes excellent entry level guitars for beginners like the Ibanez GRX and GIO series. They provide high quality components, reliable performance and comfortable necks at affordable prices.

What is an Ibanez neck like?

Ibanez guitar necks are known for being exceptionally thin, flat, and fast thanks to designs like the Wizard neck profile. Their necks allow effortless chording and shredding, especially in upper registers.

How versatile are Ibanez guitars?

While known for metal, Ibanez guitars are quite versatile. Models like the S and AZ series span many genres. Their hollow body signatures work well for jazz and the Talman acoustics nail multiple styles.

What is the Ibanez Wizard neck?

The Ibanez Wizard neck is an ultra thin and flat neck profile designed specifically for fast, easy shredding, especially when playing leads in the upper frets. It allows for very low action and fast chord changes.

What pickups do Ibanez guitars use?

Ibanez uses a variety of pickups depending on the model. Common Ibanez pickups include Quantum, Infinity, V7/V8, Powersound, and the Ibanez Super 58. Many signature models feature DiMarzio or EMG active pickups.

Are Ibanez guitars good for metal?

Yes, Ibanez guitars are renowned for metal, owing to their fast necks, aggressive tones, and extended 7/8 string options. Models like the RG, RGA, RGD, and S Series are ideal for metal.

Are Ibanez guitars good for beginners?

Definitely. Ibanez offers excellent beginner electric guitars like the GRX and GIO lines. They provide quality components, comfortable necks, and reliable performance at affordable prices.

Where are Ibanez guitars made?

Ibanez produces guitars in several Asian factories, mainly in Indonesia, China, Korea, and Japan. Their Prestige line is crafted in Japan while lower priced models are mass produced in the other countries.

How versatile are Ibanez guitars?

While known for rock and metal, Ibanez guitars are quite versatile. The AZ and hollow body models work for jazz, Talmans for blues, and S Series for classic rock. Ibanez makes guitars suited for most genres.