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Best Guitars for Doom Metal 2024

The best guitars for doom metal are the same guitars you see in many other metal genres, despite the fact that many metal styles require rather specialised instruments. Doom metal is one of the most distinctive subgenres of metal, with influences ranging from the early riffs of Black Sabbath to Candlemass’ groundbreaking sludge-work.

Doom metal frequently goes beyond what is considered typical in the metal genre. Large, sluggish, and menacing sound textures are substituted for ultra-tight rhythm sections and ultra-modern guitar tones in this song. It’s also one of the most “hidden” genres; you won’t see many doom metal acts mentioned in the media or playing at significant outdoor festivals or stadium shows. This is in part due to the relatively intense sound it makes.

Without a doubt, Black Sabbath is the most well-known group to play doom metal. These British men not only understand metal, but also created it. Although blues rock was a major influence on their music, they wanted to take it a step farther. They purposefully muddled up their sound by tuning down their instruments. Doom metal and metal in general were so created.

Gibson USA LP Studio Ebony w/Soft Shell Case

For many guitarists, the Gibson Les Paul has been the ideal instrument for practically every style. These guitars are used in almost every genre and style, including doom metal, for a reason. These guitars are ideal for grim music. They are constructed like a tank and have a very rich, warm tone.

Les Pauls are HEAVY, in case you didn’t know that already. A lot of guitarists grouse about the Les Paul’s weight on a regular basis. Due to its weight, it does provide a powerful, resonant sound that is very huge and rich. You can get a gloomy tone in a matter of seconds by just running it through the dirty channel of a vintage Orange, Laney, or high-gain Marshall stack with the gain turned up.

One of the most recognisable guitars and maybe the second-most popular electric guitar is the Les Paul (closely beat by the Fender Stratocaster). This guitar has been imitated by a huge number of companies, and for good cause. A significant element in the development of music is the Gibson Les Paul. Slash (of Guns and Roses), Jimmy Paige (of Led Zeppelin), and Randy Rhoads are some well-known musicians who play the Gibson Les Paul (Ozzy Osbourne). The guitarists for Pentagram and Stephen O’Malley of Sunn O))) are two doom metal musicians who use this instrument.

You’re in luck if you want to get this instrument for yourself. There are numerous solutions available in essentially every price range. This is the Best Guitar for Doom Metal in 2023.

Gibson SG Special

Gibson USA SG Standard HP 2017 Electric Guitar,...
  • With a speedy slim-taper profile, a roomier Soloist's width, and...
  • With '57 Classic and '57 Classic+ pickups via high-quality electronics...
  • The SG Standard 2017 HP comes in a Gibson High Performance super premium...

Most people are aware of this guitar thanks to icons like Angus Young and Tony Iommi, who contributed to the development of metal as a whole. Similar to the Les Paul, the SG works so beautifully for this genre. It’s a touch lighter, but it still has a lot of lows and is highly resonant. Additionally, the pickups are frequently medium power humbuckers with a slightly looser sound than other types. The Gibson SG Standard is a rock legend that was immortalised by Santana at Woodstock and destroyed live by Townshend. With two powerful humbuckers, a rounded-profile neck, and a smooth Plek’d rosewood fretboard with virtually no action, Gibson’s Nashville-made SG Standard is the real deal. Even if you play all night, the Gibson SG Standard’s lightweight mahogany body provides excellent sustain and no pain. Additionally, the renowned solidbody electric guitar’s tone is enhanced by the nitro finish, which has a luxurious appearance and feel. Own the Gibson SG Standard, a piece of rock history.

A typical criticism of SGs is that they have a somewhat hefty neck, which results in an unbalanced guitar and the possibility of “neck-dive.” This is particularly obvious when you play while standing for extended periods of time. Additionally, certain players can have an issue with this due to the length of many doom metal tracks.

However, if you hang the guitar at a comfortable height and have a fine leather strap, you might not even notice it. Companies like ESP have customised the traditional SG form to fit their brand. The offset body is the most obvious. This not only distinguishes it from all other Gibson and Epiphone SG models, but it also solves the balance problem.

The distinctive growl of SGs distinguishes them from other creatures. Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath), Jus Oborn (Electric wizard), and Scott Weinrich are some doom metal musicians who use SGs (Saint Vitus).

There are numerous alternatives available if you enjoy the SG and wish to purchase it. Similar to the Les Paul, Epiphone offers excellent SG guitars for every price range, and Gibson SGs are just outstanding. This is one of the Best Guitars for Doom Metal in 2023.

ESP Kirk Hammett Signature Series LTD

ESP LTD KH-602 Signature Series Kirk Hammett...
  • Offers nearly everything of its higher-end cousin, the ESP KH-2, at a price...
  • Features neck-thru-body construction, a comfortable alder body, and a 3 pc....
  • The pau ferro fingerboard features 24 extra-jumbo frets and Kirk Hammett's...

The solidbody ESP LTD KH-602 electric guitar is a serious instrument. Axeman from Metallica The contoured alder body of the Kirk Hammett trademark guitar fits you like a glove, and the fast maple neck and silky bound ebony fingerboard enable lightning-quick fretting. A Floyd Rose bridge provides the vibe, while dual EMG active humbuckers produce a vast array of tones and the guitar’s neck-through-body construction provides sustain for weeks. Play a guitar that exudes quality, tone, and playability as you shred.

The influential guitarists on their roster have helped ESP build an incredible range of artist signature guitars. The who’s who of rock and metal guitardom, from James Hetfield to Jeff Hanneman, are represented here, and their hallmark instruments display the customised features and specifications that set them apart. The focus of ESP’s Signature Series is tone and playability, and because these guitars are part of ESP’s reasonably priced LTD Series, they represent outstanding value. Consider an ESP Solidbody Signature Series guitar. You will be in awe.

The creation of ESP LTD guitars allowed a new market to access a more cost-effective variation of the brand’s iconic styles and high quality. All of the instruments in the ESP LTD range are made with high-quality tonewoods, reliable pickups, and durable hardware. Each instrument leaves the manufacturer ready to rock thanks to a meticulous eye for quality and detail. The popularity and esteem enjoyed by ESP LTD are demonstrated by the amazing list of guitars bearing the signatures of some of today’s greatest guitar players. You should look into ESP LTD guitars if you’re looking for the ideal rock or metal instrument.
ESP guitars are designed for heavy rock.

In the late 1970s, ESP began in Japan as an aftermarket guitar parts company. By the middle of the 1980s, ESP was producing unique guitars for some of the biggest rock stars. ESP Guitars is among the most recognisable and widely used guitar manufacturers in rock and metal thanks to its meticulous attention to playability and quality. Their dedication to excellence is unmatched, as evidenced by the amazing list of clients they have on board. The guitars used by today’s guitar heroes, such as George Lynch, Ron Wood, Gus G., Kirk Hammett, and Alexi Laiho, are produced by ESP.

This is one of the Best Doom Metal Guitar in 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is doom metal?

Doom metal is extremely focused on a sense of impending doom, paired with a tonne of heaviness, and is characterised by sluggish tempos, powerful guitar riff based songs, and obscenely grim themes.

Dirty guitar tones are another element that defines the subgenre as a whole. And when I say dirty, I mean really dirty. A doom metal guitarist typically plays a type of SG or Les Paul through a massive Orange stack with the gain turned up. Focused, almost surgical guitar tones are a key component of many of the more contemporary genres. Doom disregards all of that and focuses more on producing a loud sound with extreme amplification and sustain.

Though not in the same way as grindcore, for instance, this style is really intense. Doom metal attempts to convey a sense of impending doom (pun intended) by slowing things down and prolonging the songs well over the ten minute mark, in contrast to grindcore, which focuses on startling the listener with difficult to understand rhythm and absurdly fast tempos.