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How To Connect Headphones To Meta Quest 2

Both 3.5mm and USB-C headphones are supported by Meta Quest 2. Plug your 3.5mm jack-compatible headphones into the audio port on the right side of your headset to utilize them.Connect the USB cord to the charging connector on the right side of the headset, which is positioned behind the regular audio port, in order to utilize USB-C headphones with Meta Quest 2. Keep in mind that only the headphones connected to the 3.5mm audio connector will function if you plug in two pairs of headphones. Additionally, if the Elite Strap with Battery is connected in, USB-C headphones won’t function.

Does Meta Quest 2 Support Bluetooth Headphones?

Even said, there might be a way for players to still connect Bluetooth headphones to their headsets even though they aren’t “technically” supported. Thank you to Meta Quest’s Experimental Features.