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Best Headphones for VR 2023

A good pair of headphones is required to truly appreciate the wonders of Virtual Reality. They’ll help you immerse yourself more fully in the virtual world while blocking out the sounds of the real world. Unlike ordinary headphones, VR models are made expressly for use with virtual reality.

It’s critical to have the correct headphones for gaming, business, medicine, conventions, therapy, art, and so on. Otherwise, it’s easy to lose sight of technology’s allure, resulting in a loss of interest and enjoyment. You may thoroughly immerse yourself while using VR, you can eliminate any outside noises and distractions with the correct pair of headphones. One of the most crucial considerations when purchasing headphones is noise canceling.

Turtle Beach EARFORCE Stealth 350 VR Headset

Stealth 350VR Amplified Virtual Reality Gaming Headset - Variable Bass Boost - Mic Monitoring -...
  • Battery Powered Amplification Amplified audio for greater immersion. Play for over 30 hours on a single charge
  • Variable Bass Boost Enhances lows and adds depth and realism to game audio
  • Mic Monitoring Let's players hear their own voice inside the headset to avoid shouting

The Turtle Beach Stealth 350VR VR Headphones are one of the best VR Headphones for Gaming, with loud and clear sound and battery-powered amplification.

You also get a customizable bass boost and a well-built form factor that’s ideal for virtual reality, with plenty of room for virtual reality headbands and wires. The headphones include massive 50mm speakers that give a rich, immersive audio experience. The lightweight design, as well as the soft, fabric-covered memory foam over-ear cushions, make for a comfortable fit. To top it off, active noise-cancelling is included, which reduces real-world background noise to a great extent. This is the Best Headphones for VR in 2023.

Logitech G PRO Gaming Headset 2nd Generation Comfortable and Durable with PRO-G 50 mm Audio Drivers

Logitech G PRO Gaming Headset 2nd Generation Comfortable and Durable with PRO-G 50 mm Audio Drivers,...
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz-20 KHz.Headphones fit type:Over-Ear
  • Built to last with a durable aluminum fork and steel headband. Soft memory foam earpads with passive noise-canceling leatherette offer supreme comfort
  • Advanced PRO-G 50mm drivers deliver clear and precise sound imaging with improved bass response. Hear footsteps and environmental cues with clarity to...

With its outstanding features and high price, the Logitech G Pro gaming headphones is the best VR headset on the market. There’s something about the way the G Pro’s sound hits you when you use it that’s unlike any other device you’ve ever used. To this day, no other headphones produce such incredible sound quality while also offering the cutting-edge technology that this headset does. Get a pair of these fantastic headphones if you want to experience technology like you’ve never experienced it before!

Stealth 350VR Amplified Virtual Reality Gaming Headset

Stealth 350VR Amplified Virtual Reality Gaming Headset - Variable Bass Boost - Mic Monitoring -...
  • Battery Powered Amplification Amplified audio for greater immersion. Play for over 30 hours on a single charge
  • Variable Bass Boost Enhances lows and adds depth and realism to game audio
  • Mic Monitoring Let's players hear their own voice inside the headset to avoid shouting

This headset offers one of the most comprehensive and deep audio experiences for virtual reality on the market. With battery-powered amplification audio, all sounds are amplified for a more immersive experience. You have complete control over whether the ANC is turned on or off, allowing you to filter out any distracting outside noises while playing. It’s as easy as pressing a button on the ear cups.

Mic monitoring is a prominent feature for this model, and it’s crucial for gaming. You don’t have to yell to be heard because your voice can be heard from within. The microphone is also detachable, allowing you to use them as ordinary headphones at any moment. You can even change the amount of bass with the bass boost slider for complete control.

The integrated rechargeable battery provides up to 30 hours of gameplay. Because this model has detachable wires, managing your cables is a breeze. This allows you to switch between different PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PS4 Pro systems. This is the Best VR Headphones in 2023.

Logitech G333 VR Gaming Earphones for Oculus Quest 2

Logitech G333 VR Earphones for Oculus Quest 2 - Oculus Ready - Custom-length Cable and Straps - Dual...
  • Note : If the size of the earbud tips does not match the size of your ear canals or the headset is not worn properly in your ears, you may not obtain...
  • Designed for Oculus Quest 2 – The official earphones for Oculus Quest 2 provide audio only you can hear, so you can take yourself further into the...
  • Custom-length cable and straps let you focus on your game. 3.5 mm aux connection provides minimal latency for optimal realism.

For team action games, Logitech offers an immersive audio version. With great sound quality and a lesser price than other headphones, the G333 Pro is one of the best Oculus Quest headphones. The G333 VR is an amazing headset that maximizes the gaming experience with a wide range of audio drivers. You will notice a difference in sound quality when utilizing.

Whether it’s high, mid, or bass, sound quality is meticulously handled. As a result, it can precisely imitate noises in virtual reality situations and fully utilize your in-game audio. A standout feature is the low latency performance. The time difference between what you see and what you hear is nearly non-existent. As a result, you can listen to every sound in the game.

A regular 3.5 mm cable with a custom length is used by the Logitech G333 VR. The connector is shorter than other versions because of the line’s flexibility, which allows the user to modify the size to fit each usage case.

Amavasion in-Ear Headphones for The Oculus Quest

Amavasion VR Earphones Compatible with Meta Quest Pro/Oculus Quest 1 (3D 360 Degree Sound – Noise...
  • (Not Fit Quest2) Amavasion headphones Compatible with Quest Pro/Quest 1 for the ultimate immersive sound experience.Each earbud features a high...
  • Amavasion in-Ear Headphones Product Features:16-cm Single sound channel earphones marked L/R, bulit-in with a 10mm dynamic driver and support...
  • Single Channel Separate Left and Right Calibrated Headphones Deliver 3D 360 Degree Sounds – Calibrated by Direction and Distance.

This model’s ergonomic design allows the buds to sit snugly in your ears, offering a secure fit that won’t fall out as you move. They keep tangle-free thanks to a shorter wire than typical models.

Furthermore, they are comprised of a robust silicone material that increases their strength and resistance to fracture. Because you’ll be moving your head and neck around a lot in VR models, this is extremely vital. A gold-plated 3.5mm connector allows for quick signal transmission to your ears. This makes it more durable, allowing it to stay longer while being continually attached and detached. With a weight of only 10g, you may wear them for hours without becoming sore or exhausted.

The sound quality is excellent across the board, making for a genuinely immersive experience. Extra-low bass, clear mids, and crisp trebles make you feel even closer to the reality side of virtual reality. You get authentic 3D ambient noises with single channels in each bud. The buds form an incredibly tight vacuum-like barrier within your ears, blocking out 94% of external noise.

BIONIK Mantis Attachable VR Headphones

Bionik Mantis Attachable VR Headphones: Compatible with PlayStation VR, Adjustable Design, Connects...
  • Compatible with PlayStation VR - Designed to match the look and feel of PSVR headset
  • Adjustable Design - Extend spring-loaded clips to attach to VR headset and adjust in multiple directions as needed for perfect fit
  • Connects Directly to PSVR - 20 inch cable plugs into the PlayStation Virtual Reality headset to make it easy to wear, store, and play

The Bionik Mantis gaming headset is a fantastic alternative for consumers looking for a simple-to-use gadget that is optimized for virtual reality. While this variant is designed for PlayStation VR headsets, the clip design is compatible with the Rift S and Oculus Quest. While the split design makes this headset unsuitable for general gaming, the 20″ 3.5mm audio jack connector provides excellent compatibility with other VR headsets.

This innovative model combines a small form factor with good sound quality to create an easy-to-use gadget designed exclusively for virtual reality gaming. This unit’s 3.5mm audio jack ensures excellent compatibility with a variety of virtual reality headsets.

The Bionik Mantis gaming headset provides players with comfort that assures full immersion in the best VR games, in addition to simplicity and extensive headset compatibility. Over long gaming sessions, the earbuds may be adjusted to comfortably rest over your ears without creating discomfort. Furthermore, this device has excellent sound quality, which allows users to maintain spatial awareness throughout intense competitive multiplayer bouts. Finally, the provided wire wrap protects the wire from damage while storing the headphones.

SteelSeries Arctis 3

SteelSeries Arctis 3 - All-Platform Gaming Headset - for PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Nintendo...
  • Optimal PS5 compatibility requires user to change settings on Sony PS5 – disable Sony 3D Audio and then increase default volume to 100%
  • Designed for everywhere you game, with superior sound, comfort and style on all gaming platforms, including pc, PlayStation, Xbox one, Nintendo switch...
  • Widely recognized as the best mic in gaming, the discord certified clear cast microphone delivers studio quality voice clarity and background noise...

The SteelSeries Arctic 3 gaming headset is an excellent choice for those who want to take their virtual reality gaming to the next level. Most major VR headsets won’t be affected by the over-the-ear design, and the enlarged soundstage enhances immersion in the most popular virtual reality games. The Arctis ClearCast bidirectional microphone is also noise reducing and retractable, making it ideal for solo gaming sessions. The 3.5mm audio jack connection assures extensive compatibility with modern PCs and gaming consoles, even though the wire is a little short for some users.

The SteelSeries Arctic 3 gaming headset offers consumers a very comfortable unit over hours of continuous usage, in addition to an excellent microphone and fantastic device compatibility. The woven ski goggle cloth on the headband keeps the device light and sturdy whether playing games or listening to music. The AirWeave ear cushions on the Arctic 3 are made of a breathable performance fabric that keeps your ears cool and dry during extended gaming sessions.

Avegant Glyph AG101 VR Video Headsets

The Avegant Glyph AG101 headset is lightweight and has a cool unique design. It is equipped with VR technologies. These are a two-in-one headset and virtual reality headset.

You can have a fun and interesting experience without feeling utterly alone thanks to the superior high definition audio and video. This is due to the unit’s unique design, which allows the user to view their surroundings at any time without having to remove the device from their head. You can only watch the video when staring inside the glasses, but you can easily see outside by moving your gaze down.

Full-screen compatibility allows you to experience 3D effects. It also works with any HDMI output device, including smart TVs, PS4 consoles, and cellphones with an HDMI adaptor. The battery may last up to 4 hours on a single charge. With these, you may watch infinite movies in your own little theater. The external strap allows you to fine-tune the fit to your head. This means you can move around freely without having to worry about it flying off your face. The emphasis on comfort is a significant plus, especially if you plan on playing for several hours.

One of the finest aspects of this model is that it comes with a slew of accessories that you won’t find in many competitors. To simplify the setup procedure, you get HDMI and USB connections, a head strap, four adjustable nose parts, a tote bag, lens cover, and a user handbook with a warranty card.

SpectraShell OQ9 Earbuds

SPECTRASHELL OQ9 Earbuds Earphones Custom Made for Oculus Quest VR Headset
  • Work exclusively with the Oculus Quest VR Headset for the ultimate immersive sound experience.
  • Each earbud features a high quality 9mm dynamic driver and UltraFlex silicone wire styled to look great with the Oculus Quest.
  • These earbuds provide deep bass, crunchy mid-tones and clear treble to ensure fully immersive gameplay.

The SpectraShell OQ9 earphones provide enhanced sound. Despite their diminutive size, these speakers are noted for their powerful bass, punchy middle, and crystal-clear trebles. You receive a full comprehensive surround-sound experience without having to use bulky headphones. These may also allow you to move your head around more freely during the VR experience, adding to the overall enjoyment.

The UltraFlex silicone wires are soft but sturdy, allowing you to move your head around with ease. Each side of the Oculus Quest headset is seamlessly connected to the other. They each provide one audio channel, allowing you to experience everything as though you were in the real environment.

The design is unique in that there are two jacks instead of one. This means there will be no extra wires bouncing around and getting in the middle of your game. With how much comfort they provide, you’ll probably forget they’re even there. A variety of earbud caps are included so you may choose the best fit for your ears.