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Best Guitar Tuners 2024

Staying in tune onstage or while rehearsing at home is crucial to a successful performance. Unless you have perfect pitch and can tune by ear, which, let’s face it, most of us don’t, you’ll need to rely on an external type of tuning.

Investing in one of the best guitar tuners isn’t the most thrilling guitar accessory on the market, but it’s the most crucial. Being in tune is obviously an important part of sounding fantastic, so you’ll be glad you set aside some money for this worthwhile purchase. Because there are so many various sorts, styles, and brands of tuners on the market, it can be difficult to figure out which is the ideal tuner for you – and how do you figure it out quickly so you can buy it and get back to the business of really playing guitar?

TC Electronic POLYTUNE 3 MINI Tiny Polyphonic Tuner with Multiple Tuning Modes and Built-In BONAFIDE BUFFER

TC Electronic POLYTUNE 3 MINI Tiny Polyphonic...
  • Tiny polyphonic Tuner gives you fast, accurate tuning and a high-quality...
  • Quickly tune up with polyphonic, chromatic and strobe tuning modes
  • Built-in Bonafide buffer keeps tone crisp through long cables and large...

If you’d rather use your pedalboard space for amazing, creative effects, TC Electronic’s PolyTune 3 Mini might be the finest guitar tuner for you. TC Electronic is the industry leader in polyphonic tuning (the ability to tune all strings at once), and its latest pedal tuner is the greatest yet. The third PolyTune model includes a built-in BonaFide Buffer, which lets users choose between all-analogue buffered bypass and true bypass through internal DIP switches.

The PolyTune line includes polyphonic functionality, and the little display’s 109 LEDs do a nice job of presenting the potentially intricate view of your guitar’s full six-string tuning.

Buffered bypass can be used to amplify a signal over long cable lines or on huge pedalboards. The pedal has the same features as the PolyTune 2, such as an ultra-bright LED display, polyphonic and chromatic tuning modes, and a strobe tuner with a +/- 0.02-cent accuracy.

Have you ever tried playing slide guitar? Fretless? String bends with a lot of emotion? To aid your throwing, use the Mini’s useful always-on feature. With both buffered and true bypass modes, you can be sure the PolyTune will fit somewhere in your signal chain.

Peterson StroboStomp HD Strobe Tuner Pedal for Bass and Guitars

Peterson StroboStomp HD Strobe Tuner Pedal for...
  • SUPPORTS +60 "SWEETENED TUNINGS" - The Sweetener is a set of preset tunings...
  • ENSURES CLEAN TONE QUALITY - The strobe tuner pedal is equipped with True...

The Peterson StroboStomp HD includes the largest display Peterson has ever produced for a pedal tuner that you can read from a mile away. With a changing color LED lighting, the HD LCD screen displays the note you’re tuning in large characters. Because stage lighting varies, you may select from a variety of display colors to make it easier to read — and you can remember these settings for one-touch recall to make it even more handy! Over 100 Sweetened Tunings, as well as a huge range of drop-tuning presets, make the StroboStomp excellent for 6-, 7-, 8-, and even 9-string guitars.

Peterson strobe tuners have always been the choice of professionals looking for the best gear, and in 2019, the company released the StroboStomp HD, which it calls “the ultimate pedal guitar tuner.”

You’ll find true and buffered bypass modes, as well as 135’sweetened’ tunings — micro-adjusted reference pitch points optimized for a range of instrument types and altered tunings – in this feature-rich unit. It’s even possible to save your own presets. Of course, only the most exact tuners can handle this amount of nerdy tinkering, and the StroboStomp HD boasts 0.1 cent precision. For the most discerning of ears, that’s more than enough.

Boss TU-3 Chromatic Tuner

Boss TU-3 Chromatic Tuner Pedal with Bypass
  • Guitar Bass Tuner Pedal with High-Brightness Mode f Outdo Visibility
  • 21-segment LED Meter
  • Drop Tuning Suppt

The TU-3 is an update of Boss’ best-selling industry standard TU-2, with drop tuning, enhanced tuning precision, and ‘Accu-Pitch’ verification to ensure you’ve tuned correctly. All of this is excellent, and the TU-3’s brighter screen is ideal for cutting through intense sunshine. It’s ideal for busking!

Boss’ unmistakable rock-solid construction quality is still an industry standard. However, you may discover that other pedals provide more value for your money. In the TU-3, Boss only supports buffered bypass mode. You’re looking at the TU-3W ‘Waza Craft’ version if you absolutely need a true-bypass Boss tuner. You do, however, pay a surcharge of $50.

D’Addario NS Micro Sound Hole Tuner – PW-CT-15

D'Addario Accessories Guitar Tuner - NS Micro...
  • QUICK TUNING: Tune your acoustic guitar or acoustic bass with ease....
  • EXTREME ACCURACY - The NS Micro Soundhole Tuner features an extremely...
  • COLOR SCREEN - Color screen makes it easy to tune in dark environments

D’Addario’s soundhole mounted tuner is a tiny device designed for acoustic guitars, basses, and ukuleles, with a bright multi-color display for easy viewing. The NS Micro, which is hidden inside the soundhole of your acoustic guitar, will not detract from the appearance of your prized possession. Installation is stress-free thanks to a non-marking attachment.

It works by picking up vibrations from your guitar’s soundboard, which is significantly more accurate than traditional microphone tuners, which are susceptible to ambient noise. Sure, there are more precise tuners on the market, but they’re also more expensive. The NS Micro, on the other hand, is well worth a look because it combines ease of use with a non-intrusive, small form factor.

A highly sensitive piezo transducer detects vibrations from the soundboard, allowing for quick and accurate tuning, and the bright display makes it easy to see. The NS Micro Soundhole Tuner has an A435-455 calibration range and is suited for acoustic guitars, basses, and ukuleles.

Snark SN5X Clip-On Tuner for Guitar, Bass & Violin

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Even if you merely put it in a gigbag, an ST-2 is worth having around at this low price. The greatest guitar tuner for people on a tight budget. Despite the fact that there are other more expensive and fully equipped guitar tuners on the market, Snark’s ST-2 is designed for the musician who only needs the minimal essentials.

First and foremost, the attachment method is sturdy, and the screen can be freely slanted – an unexpectedly essential feature considering that these tuners must fit around tuning machines on six-string guitars, 12-string guitars, mandolins, basses, and so on. Second, the ST-2 is a rapid tracker. It’ll function perfectly in all but the loudest gigs if you set it to the vibration sensor. Of course, the microphone is for acoustic instruments, so you’ll need some silence.