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Can I Take My Guitar On American Airlines?

One of the most well-known and well-liked airlines in the world is American Airlines. If you want to bring your guitar on a flight, you might be wondering if American Airlines allows them. This article will provide you with the answer to that query as well as some advice on how to transport your guitar.

Can You Bring a Guitar On an American Airlines Plane?

If your guitar fits in the overhead compartment and there is still room when you board the aircraft, you are permitted to bring it on an American Airlines flight. When these conditions are satisfied, American Airlines is required by law to allow you to bring your guitar on board as a carry-on.

You can bring a guitar on an American Airlines flight for no additional cost if it’s your only piece of hand luggage. However, you will need to check in one of them if you also have another carry-on item with you, such as a suitcase.

How Much Does It Cost To Check a Guitar On American Airlines?

It will cost you $75 to check your guitar if you are traveling in a basic economy seat. First checked bag is free if you have any tickets above that. When you check your guitar at the gate, there are no additional fees, in contrast to United Airlines. Southwest Airlines would be a better option if you want to check your instrument. because they give away the first two checked bags. To ensure its security, I advise bringing your instrument on board as carry-on luggage. Your guitar shouldn’t be thrown around by airport staff.