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Can you use Bluetooth headphones on a plane? 2024

Yes, Bluetooth headphones are permitted on airplanes. That’s because they are short-range devices and typically interact with aircraft in a minor way. In 2013, the FAA, which is strict about flight safety, determined that Bluetooth was safe. However, many airline flight attendants request that passengers limit their use of Bluetooth devices to when the aircraft is in the air and not during takeoff or landing. Not all airlines follow the same policies; some might be more rigid or lax regarding the use of Bluetooth devices.

There are several restrictions, and because they are dynamic, they have changed and advanced along with technology in recent years. However, it is not usually permitted to use portable electronic devices when flying, and packing additional baggage that you won’t be able to use could ruin your trip unless you want to become the next #lord or #lady celebrity on social media battling a flight attendant.

The majority of airlines permit the use of Bluetooth devices and similar gadgets, but only in accordance with their restrictions, and these regulations vary by carrier and airline, making it challenging to respond to the issue with a simple yes or no.

Why Can’t Headphones Be Worn During Take-Off and Landing?

You must be able to hear announcements, which is the major reason why headphones are not permitted during takeoff and landing. You must listen to orders from the crew of the aircraft in the event of an emergency. In most cases, airlines are concerned about headset cords getting in the way during an evacuation, but this is not a problem with wireless Bluetooth headphones.

Can You Use Bluetooth Headphones with Inflight Entertainment to Watch Movies?

Airlines provide in-flight entertainment options for lengthier journeys, allowing passengers to watch the newest movies on the built-in screen in the front seat. Since I don’t frequently go to the movies, I typically take advantage of this opportunity to view the most recent releases that aren’t yet on Netflix.

Sadly, the built-in entertainment systems are frequently fairly out-of-date, and you won’t always be able to pair them with your Bluetooth headphones. You must use the headphones that the airline provides because the majority of them still use the two-pin AUX input. You’ll be relieved to learn that there is a workaround for this.

You can use Bluetooth headphones with airplane entertainment systems that still accept two-pin plugs if you buy a Bluetooth Transmitter/Receiver. Simply connect your Bluetooth headphones to this device using the two-pin end of the in-flight entertainment system, and your headphones should be linked.

Some airlines provide entertainment apps that you can download and use on your device while connected to the Wi-Fi on the aircraft. You won’t need to apply any complicated tech tricks if you download this software to use your Bluetooth headphones. Remember that not all airlines provide this, so you’ll typically need to utilize Bluetooth transmitters to connect your Bluetooth headphones.

Why airlines restrict Bluetooth headphones and electronic devices?

Well, I’m sure by now you’ve encountered wireless interference, whether it was while using your WiFi devices or simply speaking on the phone with a friend. If an electronic gadget is larger than a smartphone, certain laws forbid or restrict their use (i.e. tablets or laptops). Due to the connection’s limited range—a maximum of 5-8 meters, as you may have noticed—Bluetooth headphones are regarded as short-range gadgets. Short-range devices can interfere with aircraft, although their impact on security is minor. Nowadays, some airplanes now permit WiFi (where it is supplied for a fee).

However, it’s critical to prevent long-range signals like the cellular network because they may produce interference, and nobody wants interference while a plane is flying 30,000 feet in the air. Because of this, many flights allow you to use gadgets as long as you activate airplane mode, which essentially disables your cellular connection but may also disable Bluetooth and WiFi. However, you can turn those two features back on while still using your cellular mode.

Additionally, utilizing your brand-new noise-canceling headphones will prevent you from hearing airline announcements and messages that are crucial for passengers to hear. Some passengers purposefully turn up the volume on their headphones to block out the sound of the jet engines. Airlines work to prevent situations in which you end up in peril because you weren’t aware of the instructions in time.

Because of this, many airlines offer a simple headphone set that you can plug into the entertainment system so that you can also hear any announcements the captain or flight attendants give. But we all know those headphones are terrible, and since most entertainment systems are dated and have antiquated interfaces, it’s nearly difficult to utilize our Bluetooth headphones with them.