Best Golf Cart Bluetooth Speakers 2021

JBL CLIP 3 - Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Black
JBL FLIP 5, Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Black (New Model)
Bose SoundLink Micro: Small Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Waterproof), Black
JBL CLIP 3 - Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Black
JBL FLIP 5, Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Black (New Model)
Bose SoundLink Micro: Small Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Waterproof), Black
JBL CLIP 3 - Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Black
JBL CLIP 3 - Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Black
JBL FLIP 5, Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Black (New Model)
JBL FLIP 5, Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Black (New Model)
Bose SoundLink Micro: Small Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Waterproof), Black
Bose SoundLink Micro: Small Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Waterproof), Black

Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker

Bose SoundLink Micro: Small Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Waterproof), Black
  • Crisp, balanced sound and unmatched bass for a Bluetooth speaker its size, plays loud and clear outdoors for beach days or camping trips
  • Built-in mic for speakerphone to take clear conference or personal calls out loud with a wireless range of approximately 30 feet.
  • Waterproof speaker from the inside out (IPX7 rating), with soft, rugged exterior, resists dents, cracks and scratches

Bose SoundLink Micro has many great features to be considered among the Best Golf Cart Bluetooth Speakers. You can expect wonderfully balanced sound, with lots of crisp detail and quality bass output. Despite its relatively small size, this high-quality speaker produces powerful sound that will perform well outdoors. You are also not limited to playing music here. This golf cart bluetooth speaker is built to withstand the elements well, with an Ipx7 waterproof rating to resist moisture damage.

There is a built-in microphone with Bluetooth pairing function so you can pair your smartphone for speakerphone functionality. A wireless range of around 30 feet means you don’t have to be very close to the speaker to take advantage of this feature. The built-in microphone also allows golfers to accept phone calls and use the mobile phone’s virtual assistant (Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana e.t.c) through voice prompts.

What makes the Bose SoundLink Micro portable Bluetooth speaker system unique is the bass. Surprisingly sheer and heavy, for its size, it won’t leave you behind no matter where you go. Bose always has the best speaker because of sound quality, and this quality golf cart speaker is perfect for placing in your cup holder. Bose technology using the newly designed passive radiators and custom mounted transducer is what gives this unit that loud and clear sound indoors or out. All from a speaker system that fits in your hand and is sealed from the inside out. It has a tough yet soft exterior with a tear resistant silicone strap.

SoundLink Micro is a small, square diner. All edges are rounded and the entire enclosure is wrapped in silicone. Micro is IPX7 certified, which means it is completely waterproof (submersible in water up to 3 feet deep). The controls are super simple and easy to use. There are advanced features (such as daisy-chaining two speakers in party or stereo mode) that you can activate by pressing two buttons simultaneously. It can be confusing, but you have explained everything well in the manual. The buttons are rubberized and responsive.

Celtic Blu Tallboy Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker by Celtic Blu - 16W 100ft Wireless Range w/Surround Sound - Comes w/FM Radio,...
  • ★ 16W POWER 360 SURROUND SOUND. Celtic Blu’s feature-rich designs can add Music to the Beat of Your Lifestyle. BAS Technology generates a louder...
  • ★ LONG LASTING BATTERY – up to 30 Hours playtime. ★ BLUETOOTH CONNECTION – up to 100 feet (30.48 m). ★FM RADIO with a built-in antenna ★TF...
  • ★ POWER BANK – charges your other devices. ★ AUX 3.5 mm audio jack cable – provides multiple modes of audio media. ★ WATERPROOF IPX4....

Celtic Blu Tallboy is a very portable and high performance Best Golf Cart Bluetooth Speakers. What makes it ideal for golf is the accompanying frame (cage). This rack is designed primarily for bikes, but it works great with golf carts.

In a nice box, you will find your Golf Cart speaker and many accessories. In addition to the speaker, there is a very sturdy bracket (which looks like a standard bottle cage), a metal carabiner, some rubber straps, an AUX cable, a micro USB charging cable, an Allen key and two screws (for mounting), A simple 3-button remote control (can be attached to any surface such as bicycle handlebars or any golf cart bar), user manual and one year warranty.

The Golf Cart speaker is shaped like a water bottle with a square base. It measures 7 inches tall, 2.6 inches deep, 2.6 inches wide and weighs 1.3 pounds. The entire speaker is wrapped in an aluminum grill, then additionally protected by rubber. There’s a full control panel at the top – it has the track, volume, and play / pause / call buttons, plus 3 additional buttons (mode, charge, and power button). The microphone is also on the top. All entrances are at the bottom and all are protected by rubber shutters. One shutter protects the AUX input and micro SD card slot, while the other protects the micro USB charging port and a power bank USB port.

The Celtic Blue Tallboy gets its name from its shape – a sturdy, powerful, big-child-sized speaker that keeps music playing for 30 hours on a single charge. Its shape allows it to easily slide into a cup holder, on bikes, and even just about anything you can imagine.

This device has speakers around the device to project sound extremely well and has a range of up to 100 feet. It’s also waterproof, dustproof, and shock resistant, so it can withstand anything you throw at (or against) it. The built-in microphone makes it easy to take calls with speakerphone style, and a built-in SD card slot lets you store up to 8,000 songs directly on the device.

AmpCaddy Version 3 Golf Bluetooth Speaker with Mount

Golf Bluetooth Speaker with Mount, Ampcaddy Version 3 Pro Bluetooth Speaker and Mount with Loud...
  • ✅GOLF PORTABLE BLUETOOTH SPEAKER - Designed in the USA by PGA golfers and featured on the Golf Channel, the Ampcaddy portable wireless speaker is...
  • ✅LOUD, QUALITY SOUND AND BASS SUBWOOFER - The Ampcaddy features crystal clear sound that projects on the green and bass that amplifies your golf...
  • ✅180° DIRECTIONAL AUDIO SWIVEL - Mounts securely to any golf cart or bag and directs your music in any direction. Other speakers disturb fellow...

The Ampcaddy speaker is for golfers who like to play light music. It’s also for those who like to stay on top of the latest stock market news and trends between takes or while walking the green. This portable device fits on any golf cart frame or shaft with a diameter of half an inch to two inches wide. With a range that will last about two rounds of golf, depending on the volume, it features a speaker system designed for the outdoor path with the bass to match.

The speaker’s directional audio feature lets you point sound where you want it to go, rather than projecting it from all angles (and towards other golfers). It connects and disconnects easily in seconds and lasts up to 20 hours on a single charge. It is also capable of withstanding shocks, withstand drops of up to 1.50 meters, and has an IPX7 waterproof rating. You don’t have to look any further than the AmpCaddy V3 Pro speaker for a long-lasting, high-battery speaker that will keep your tracks where they belong.

With the bluetooth speaker connection of the built-in speaker, you can easily listen to music wirelessly. Bluetooth operational signal distance is up to 33 feet. Besides mounting it on golf carts, you can also take it outdoors in any weather as it is weather resistant. IPX7 Waterproof Rating and Shock Resistant is Engineered for performance with a rugged design, the Ampcaddy speaker is completely waterproof. 100% money back guarantee with 2 years warranty. The Ampcaddy Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is the number one most recommended speaker for golf enthusiasts.

NOAM NUTV4 Golf Cart Speakers Stereo System

NOAM NUTV4 - Marine Bluetooth ATV/Golf Cart/UTV Speakers Stereo System
  • Enjoy your tunes in high quality sound while riding wild.
  • Use the smart Bluetooth remote to control your phone's function or simply connect your music player to the remote's Inline AUX input.
  • All around water resistant unit; ride in any weather conditions. Speakers, AMP & Bluetooth remote are all water resistant. The remote includes...

Noam Audio specializes in the manufacture of speakers for motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs and golf carts. NUTV speakers are Bluetooth enabled, but are not battery powered and must be properly installed and connected to your truck’s battery. This procedure is definitely a bit complicated and requires some drilling. If you are not a technician, you will need help. Also, if you don’t have your own golf cart, this system is not for you. Instead, you can buy a simple portable bluetooth speaker (you can also find them in our list).

The speakers seem quite interesting. They are shaped like mini airplane turbines. The housings are made of glossy black plastic. Each speaker includes a 4-inch polyethylene injection cone woofer and a 1-inch neodymium tweeter. Also, there are two speaker mounts to attach the speakers to the golf cart bars (the size of the bar is 1.5 to 2 inches).

The amplifier supports up to 4 channels (4x100W), which means you can buy an additional 2 speakers and add them to your existing system. The amplifier has all the cables connected and they all have waterproof plugs. The amp also has an inline on / off switch.


JBL CLIP 3 - Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Black
  • Wireless Bluetooth Streaming
  • 10 hours of playtime
  • IPX7 waterproof

If you’re looking for a compact, affordable speaker that gets the job done wherever you are, the JBL Clip 3 will be your safest bet. As the name suggests, it has a clip that allows you to connect the speaker to anything and voila – the sound stays with you. Convenient controls directly on the device make it easy to use and lasts up to 10 hours with its 1000 mAh rechargeable battery. It doubles as a loudspeaker and accepts a 3.5mm auxiliary cable for added versatility. With 12 color options, you can definitely find the one that suits your style.

Clip 3 is powered by a 1000 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery, is IPX7 waterproof, and has 10 hours of battery life, allowing you to take your favorite music with you wherever you go. With the push of a button, you’ll receive crystal clear calls thanks to the built-in speakerphone with echo and noise cancellation.

The JBL CLIP 3 is definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for a waterproof bluetooth speaker that will hold up well in all weather conditions. More affordable than the newer models in the JBL CLIP range, this particular speaker offers you many high-end features. On the one hand, wireless transmission via a Bluetooth connection is guaranteed thanks to a stable connection and impressive ranges in open field conditions.

JBL FLIP 5 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

JBL FLIP 5, Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Black (New Model)
  • Wireless Bluetooth streaming
  • 12 hours of playtime
  • IPX7 waterproof

The JBL Flip 5 wireless Bluetooth speaker is a cylinder-shaped speaker with a small footprint. It’s easy to carry about because of its lightweight, wearable size. This golf cart-friendly speaker is ideal for use with speakers for golf cart because it is lightweight and easy to transport.

Despite its diminutive size, this waterproof Golf Cart speaker delivers strong stereo sound via Bluetooth pairing. When you’re out on the course on a golf cart, it’s very good at playing back deep bass, creating a spectacular ambience.

The Flip 5 from JBL combines amazing sound with long battery life in a small, beautiful, and cheap packaging. They’ve improved the Flip 4’s bass power to create a genuinely booming portable speaker, and this bad boy has a massive 12 hours of battery life to keep the party going.

The Flip 5 is also tough; its IP7X waterproof rating means it can withstand submersion for up to 3 feet. It’s also available in 11 various colours, so you’ll be able to match it to your golf cart (or just your personal style). The speaker is protected by a sturdy fabric material and a tough rubber casing, which keeps it safe and extends its life.

ROKFORM G-ROK Golf Speaker

ROKFORM G-ROK – Portable Golf Speaker, Magnetic Wireless Speaker, IPX7 Waterproof, Shockproof &...
  • EASY TO USE: Instant Built-in Magnetic Mounting, nothing extra to lose or break
  • WATERPROOF: iPX7 Waterproof and Dustproof for rain or shine use
  • RUGGED: Drop resistant for worry free use

One of the major drawbacks of many golf cart speakers is that they must be installed anywhere on the cart, and figuring out where and how to do so can be difficult. The ROKFORM G-ROK golf cart speaker makes this easy; it’s magnetic, so all you have to do is stick it where you want it and you’re good to go.

Because the magnet is so strong, you won’t have to worry about dropping the speaker on bumpy roads or rapid rides. The device is also IPX7 waterproof and has a 24-hour battery life, so you won’t have to worry about playing in the rain or charging it in between laps.

It also has a built-in carabiner clip, making it simple to clip on to whatever you choose – a big plus in our book – and providing superb sound wherever you need it.

Bag Boy Golf Bluetooth Speaker

Bag Boy Golf Bluetooth Speaker (Black, )
  • Lightweight, wireless speaker streams audio from Bluetooth-enabled devices
  • Wireless range: up to 32 ft
  • Rechargeable 750 mAh battery with up to 5 hours of battery life

Affordable? Check. Lightweight? Check. Does it fit in a cupholder? Check. The BagBoy Golf Bluetooth Speaker is designed to deliver personal sound in a compact packaging, and it succeeds. The device has simple controls on the front and can easily pair with your phone for further ease. Its tiny size makes it convenient to utilise in a cart or bag.

The BagBoy Golf Bluetooth speaker is designed to provide personal audio in a small package, and it does so admirably. The easy controls are located on the unit’s face, and it pairs simply with your smartphone. It may also be easily stored in your car or pocket due to its tiny size.

The BagBoy Speaker has a wireless range of up to 30 metres and can run for up to 5 hours on a single charge, with superb sound quality throughout. If all you need is a compact device to listen to music on the golf course, a BagBoy Speaker is the way to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Install Speakers In A Golf Cart?

The procedure for putting speakers in a golf cart is highly dependent on the model of golf cart you have and the type of speaker you buy. This technique is relatively simple if you obtain a simple speaker that attaches on a pole or simply sits in a cup holder.

What is the difference between waterproof and water-resistant?

A few drops of rain or a quick plunge in the pool will not harm water-resistant speakers. Waterproof speakers can withstand the most extreme weather conditions and can be submerged for a lengthy period of time without harm.

Are Bluetooth speakers allowed on the golf course?

Many individuals enjoy golf because it is calming. “Can you play music on the golf course?” several individuals inquired. The answer is that some courses are less likely than others to police etiquette. As you may be aware, playing music during an official game is prohibited; but, you may do so on a golf range or when practising on the course. Even so, you must play it quietly so as not to disturb others. It’s usually a good idea to only listen to music while riding in your golf cart.