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Best Future Bass Plugins 2024

Without a doubt, one of the most fascinating and dynamic musical subgenres for music production in the past ten years is future bass. Most future bass track compositions focus on a hook, build-up, and drop sequence, which is structurally similar to other electronic dance music genres like dubstep or trap. However, they depend on warmer, throbbing synths and pitched, expressive voices drowned in reverb rather than a forceful, explosive drop. Today, this new genre is led by musicians like Odesza, Louis the Child, San Holo, and Flume. Future bass has gained popularity among music producers since its inception as a sound to play with. This is mainly because the genre offers a wealth of creative opportunities because it is one where the rules are meant to be broken.

UJAM Beatmaker EDEN 2

EDEN 2 by UJAM Beatmaker is a great plugin for getting your song started. Drums are typically laid out first by producers. They developed this plugin to group all drum sounds together in one place rather than having to laboriously sketch out each sample individually in the pattern. With the many capabilities of this drum plugin, you may manually select the precise drums you want, add various effects, and adjust the frequencies in the mastering area.

EDEN 2 provides you with a large array of rhythmic patterns to explore and create whatever you see fit to meet your idea in order to make every song stand out and have a distinctive drum section. You can adjust these rhythmic patterns for each drum, including the claps, hi-hats, and kicks. You can also adjust your own breakdown and closing portions. Applying a side-chain compression to your kicks makes it possible to create the kick pump, a signature sound in the EDM genre. Eden 2 made that choice available with a simple slider to make it simpler for you to observe the difference with or without the extra effect.

The plugin offers you 45 various dance genres to use into your beats in addition to amazing drum sounds. Additionally, you have the ability to connect the plugin to several audio outputs and drag the created midi directly into your DAW, cutting down on the number of steps that are superfluous in the production process.

PluginBoutique Scaler 2

Because learning about music theory might be monotonous at times, PluginBoutique decided to develop a plugin that will assist you in creating tunes (especially choruses). With an innovative technology that determines the precise key of your tune and proposes the following chord based on the note you input.

Depending on the kind of sound you want to create, the plugin also gives you a variety of options. Additionally, you can experiment with the arpeggio and strum tools and use the humanize feature to make your tunes sound more plausible. A lead melody must be played after every significant chord section. You have the opportunity to compose that melody using the notes that The Scaler 2 suggested based on the chords you utilized. With the aid of PluginBoutique, you may stay in tune at all times and never miss a beat. You can use this tool to maintain the song’s feel by playing in the scale that you’ve chosen.

The plugin’s software gives you a selection of scales after you draw the first chord, and inside each scale, you can choose from a variety of chords to play after the notes you drew. There are a ton of chords available, including ones that renowned EDM producers like Mitekiss and Carl Cox commonly use in their music.

For producers who didn’t invest the time to understand music theory or who have run out of original ideas, this plugin can quickly become a mainstay in daily use. Scaler 2 is a fantastic addition to your toolkit because it can export MIDI directly to your DAW with the push of a button and offers outstanding modulation recommendations.