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Best Electric Violin Amps 2024

If you’re a musician who enjoys playing electric violins, you’ll want to make sure that your playing experience and stage performances are well received by others who hear it. Whether you’re practicing in a studio or at home, you need to be able to hear the music you’re working on.

With this in mind, you’ll want to invest in the best amp for your electric violin practice sessions. After all, they’re made to have a significant impact on your performance. As a result, making an informed decision when it comes to selecting the best amplifier for electric violin is critical from the start. As a knowledgeable musician, you may already be aware of the importance of selecting the appropriate model based on your needs and tastes of your string instruments. Because there are so many options available, selecting the ideal pa system may be difficult.

Fishman Loudbox Mini PRO-LBT-500 Acoustic Guitar Bluetooth Amplifier

Fishman Loudbox Mini BT 60-Watt 1x6.5 Inches...
  • 2-channel Acoustic Guitar/Vocal Amplifier with Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Feedback Suppression
  • Built-in Effects

Loudbox Mini Acoustic Amplifier is known for being one of the company’s lightest and most portable amps for electric violins. When it comes to home practice amp for or electric violin, Fishman is a well-known brand. They have a large range of amp options and are known for being a solid company, and the Loudbox Mini Amplifier does not disappoint as guitar amps go, regardless of playing style. One tweeter and one woofer are included in this 60 Watt system. There are two channels: one for the instrument and the other for the microphone.

Fishman is the name of the series amps when it comes to creating spectacular and unforgettable sound. The combo amplifier features a master volume and a power of 60 watts. It has two input channels: one for the instrument and one for the microphone. This combo amp would allow you to amplify both your electric violin and your microphone at the same time. It is black and white in colour.

This amp also comes with a few useful extra features like power level control that make it even more flexible microphone input. It’s Bluetooth-compatible, for example, so you can link it to an external source and play your violin over the music store. It also contains reverb and chorus effects, giving you further more control over how you perform. This is the Best Electric Violin Amp in 2023.

Wood Violins Electric Violin Amplifier

Wood Violins Electric Violin Amplifier
  • This dedicated electric violin amplifier, customized and developed by Mark...

The Wood Violins Electric Violin Amplifier is ideal for bedroom violinists. The amp for electric violin perfect for putting in practise time! This is an electric violin amplifier that has been tailored and developed for optimal practise and performance.

A two-band equalizer with treble and bass controls, a distortion channel, a headphone output, and a variable delay with level control are all included in this custom-voice amplifier. It has a lot of power and is the perfect practice sessions amp for you. With its features, you may rest assured that you will have a fantastic amplifier.

Mark Wood designed this amp specifically for electric violins (at least someone is looking out for us!). As a result, the sound quality and features of this instrument are ideal for violinists. It’s ideal for the travelling student in terms of utility. It just weighs 11.5 pounds and has a great solid tiny handle for all your carrying needs.

The Wood Violins amp is small and compact without sacrificing sound quality. It’s a ten-watt, two-channel amp that’s perfect for practicing. To be honest, it could easily be used for small-scale performances as well as a power amp distortion.

You can know the Wood Violins amp was created just for your electric violin when you play it through it. It precisely projects both my upper and lower registers without any skewed feedback. 10 watts may not sound like much, but in my opinion, it’s all you need for practise and playing the occasional gig. If you perform tiny venues and utilise a different amp from your bandmates, the Wood Violins amp is great. Because of all of its effects, it’s also a wonderful practise amp for any violinist, especially rock players. This is the Best Electric Violin Amps in 2023.

Fender Acoustasonic 90 Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

Fender Acoustasonic 90- 90 Watt Acoustic Guitar...
  • Enjoy 2 channels that will allow for a microphone and a guitar to be input...
  • Jam along with your favorite tracks by simply plugging your MP3 player into...
  • Fender’s smart feedback elimination circuit will tame shrill tones and...

This model from Fender should be of interest if you’re seeking for a small and compact violin amp with a lot of punch. Despite its modest size (it weighs just 18 pounds), it can deliver a decent 90 watts of power, which is more than enough for practicing at home or even performing in front of small crowds.

With two channels, you have plenty of options – you can even add a microphone if necessary. You may also use the “aux in” to connect an mp3 player, letting you to play along with the song. The sound is very pleasant and balanced, which we enjoy. Although this is intended for acoustic guitars, it will also work nicely with a violin. It also has a clever feedback elimination feature, which helps to reduce harsh screams.

On the negative, this amp won’t be able to handle larger venues, so you’ll need to couple it with PA speakers if you want to play in front of a larger crowd – but that’s typical. There is also no headphone jack, so you won’t be able to use this amp for “silent” practise with headphones.

Despite these minor flaws, this is a fantastic amp for both electric violinists and acoustic guitar players. This is one of the best amps for electric violin.

Fishman PRO-LBT-500 Loudbox Mini Acoustic Guitar Bluetooth Amplifier

Fishman Loudbox Mini BT 60-Watt 1x6.5 Inches...
  • 2-channel Acoustic Guitar/Vocal Amplifier with Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Feedback Suppression
  • Built-in Effects

The Loudbox then has two channels that can be operated independently, and you’ll tweak the knobs independently of the external source to acquire the perfect tone before relaying volume and gain controls to an external source such as a PA. The instrument channel includes a well-thought-out blend of standard EQ and onboard effects, which is a welcome surprise given the amp’s price.

The chorus effect in particular is excellent, and it can be modified to create a subtle’shine’ or a full, modulating chorus effect (particularly mixed with the reverb addition). Then there’s the master volume control, which ties everything together. The reality is that the Loudbox Mini’s onboard effects are an incredible space-saving addition, especially if you’re a violinist who already has a limited amount of space in their gig bag and can’t fit any more equipment.

The 60 watts of power is more than adequate for many musicians, and it’s enough to play the violin and mic from the amp alone, or to reduce the amount and use an external speaker. The point is that the possibility exists without requiring the amp to be tremendously bigger.

Fender Champion 100 – 100-Watt Electric Guitar Amplifier

Fender Champion 100 - 100-Watt Electric Guitar...
  • When ‘burying’ your drummer in volume is important, the 100 watts...
  • Jam along with your favorite tracks by simply plugging your MP3 player into...
  • Toggle between 100 Watts of clean or mean from the 2 channels with the kick...

Fender states that the Champion amp minimizes distortions to the best extent possible, assuring excellent sound quality for you and your audience. The easy-to-use amp makes it simple to connect it to your electric violin in a short amount of time. Furthermore, the specific features ensure that you get a rich and natural tone. Finally, you have the option of selecting from a variety of channels.

Bunnel Mini Violin Amplifier

Bunnel Mini Violin Amplifier
  • The Bunnel Mini Amp is a battery-powered mini amp for use with electric...
  • Perfect for beginners and practice on the go!
  • 9-volt battery included.

A choice to consider while looking for the best violin amplifiers is the Bunnel Violin Amp. This product has ten watts of power, which could have an impact on your performance. It also contains a number of functions, including a bass, midrange, and treble equalisation. A master volume, a distortion channel, and an audio output are also included. This Bunnel violin amplifier is an excellent choice for you because of its qualities.

Roland Battery Power Acoustic Portable Guitar Amplifier

Roland MOBILE-AC Portable Battery Powered Acoustic...
  • 15 hours of use with six AA alkaline batteries (Best with Polaroid AA...
  • Five-watt (2.5+2.5) stereo amplifier for acoustic guitar
  • Simple, intuitive controls

This Roland amplifier is suitable for anyone who places a premium on portability. It can be used as a practise amp at home, but because it’s light and small – and runs on batteries – you can also carry it with you and perform wherever you choose.

Each pair of batteries will provide you with a good amount of play time, and changing them is simple and quick. This means you won’t have to fiddle with your amp to replace the batteries if they run out in the middle of a performance. We enjoy how easy it is to operate, and the build quality indicates that it will last a long time. It also provides a good amount of output volume for something so little.

However, don’t anticipate anything spectacular in terms of sound quality — it’s adequate but not exceptional. In addition, the power switch is placed in an inconvenient location, making it difficult to locate, especially in dim lighting. In conclusion, if you’re searching for something small, convenient, and mobile, this is an excellent choice. If that sounds like something you’re looking for, this might be a good option.

Marshall Acoustic Soloist AS50D 50 Watt Acoustic Guitar Amplifier with 2 Channels

This is a unit that should be of interest to anyone searching for a larger amp that will deliver enough power for performances in front of modest to medium-sized audiences. In addition to its 50 watts of power, the sound quality is very good, especially at greater volumes.

Enjoy the anti-feedback notch filter, which will help you avoid those annoying screams during your performance, and this amp is also really dependable, so you can count on it not to fail you when you’re on stage. This is one of the benefits of paying for the Marshall name.

Overall, a great amp from a great company. It will provide the sound quality you need for playing an electric violin, and it is well worth the money, despite being a little pricey. This is an amp that should be on your radar if you’re looking for something in this area.

Stagg 20 AA R USA 20 Watt RMS Acoustic Guitar Amplifier with Spring Reverb

Stagg 20 AA R USA 20 Watt RMS Acoustic Guitar...
  • 1 x 6.5" speaker
  • High impedance instrument (Jack) & microphone (balanced XLR) inputs w/...
  • 3-band EQ (Bass/Middle/Treble) + separate Parametric Mid control

If you’re searching for a nice practice amps for your electric violin but don’t want to spend a lot of money, this unit from Stagg could be the perfect balance. It has a three-band EQ that allows you to tailor the sound – this is especially significant if you want to use it with a violin because it allows you to select a sound that is appropriate for your instrument.

The headphone jack, which isn’t included on every amplifier, even some of the more costly ones. We really enjoy the sound, which is superb at this price point, especially at higher volumes. There aren’t any significant flaws to speak about, just a few little niggles. You can’t use the “chorus” mode on the guitar channel or the “reverb” on the mic with the effects. This restricts your options a little.

It also has a classic appearance, similar to the Fishman we looked at earlier, and other individuals would want something a little more modern-looking. To summarise, if you require strong power and quality at a fair price, this is another wonderful option. We love the sound of this amp and give it a big thumbs up!

JOYO MA-10A Acoustic Guitar Amplifier Portable Mini AMP with Aux In Stereo Headphone Output Jack for Guitar Players

This Joyo small little amp is a good deal at the lower end of the pricing range. Even though it comes in a little container, it manages to produce sound that is more than enough. One of the things we like about this amp is that it’s designed to be portable and easy to use. It has two modes of operation: you can plug it in or use it on battery power. It also features two hidden strap buckles for ease carrying.We really appreciate how easy it is to set up and use — this amplifier doesn’t overcomplicate things.

However, you must be aware of the limitations of an amplifier in this category. It’s not huge or strong enough for live performance, but it’s an excellent practise amp for home use. Aside from that, the battery life isn’t excellent. You’ll only get a few of hours out of it before the batteries need to be replaced.

Despite these minor flaws, this amp is a good value for the money. This amp should be on your list of options if you understand and accept its limitations.

Vangoa Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

Acoustic Guitar Amplifier, 40 Watt Portable...
  • [Inspiring Sound] Equip a 8-in woofer and a 1.8-in tweeter, this 40-watt...
  • [More Convenient to Use] Acoustic amp for guitar has 1 input for guitar...
  • [Stable Powerful Battery Life] This on-the-go rechargeable acoustic guitar...

This amp could be an easy choice for anyone looking for a versatile amp that can be utilized for a variety of reasons. With three channels, it can be utilized by multiple musicians at the same time, and the two-band EQ allows you to fine-tune the sound for the best violin results.

It provides a nice lot of power for the money at 40 watts. We also appreciate how it works with Bluetooth, USB, and can be connected to a phone, allowing you a variety of ways to add music to your playlist. It’s also a rechargeable amp that can last up to eight or ten hours when fully charged, making it ideal for buskers and other mobile artists.

There are a few minor drawbacks to be aware of, like the fact that it is a little heavier than you may imagine, but not terribly so. Also, don’t anticipate high-end sound quality – but it’s more than adequate for this price range.

This is the type of amp that would appeal to someone who needs something that can be utilized in a variety of scenarios, such as at home, solo, or in a band. If it sounds like it ticks all of your boxes, you should seriously consider this amplifier.