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Best Dynamic EQ Plugins 2024

The same degree of flexibility is available with a dynamic EQ as it is with a parametric EQ, but what distinguishes the former is the ability to apply and adjust compression for each frequency band. Equalizer plugins are frequently used in mixing and mastering for a variety of objectives, including managing the low-end of a mix music producers are mastering or ducking the mid- and high-frequency ranges of pianos, guitars, and strings to create room for a vocal to sit in your mix.

FabFilter Pro-Q 3

For years, engineers of all levels have considered Fab Filter’s Pro Q series to be practically a necessity for spectrum analyzer. These EQs offer various spectrogram display modes (pre/post-processing), are completely transparent, and are simple to use. However, their limitless frequency bands, zero latency mode, linear phase processing, fully customizable parameters, etc. make them the most adaptable EQs on the market for sound quality.

Now you have the ability to adjust dynamics to individual frequencies with the user interface, whether you’re boosting and trying to regulate the sound or dipping a frequency that’s bothering you. These fab filter EQs are practically an industry standard, largely due to the fact that its RTA is very graphic and extremely useful for beginners.

Contrary to previous versions, Fab Filter Pro Q 3 adds new equalization filters, like a tilted shelf and a flat tilt. A significant improvement over earlier versions is the ability to apply and modify these sidechain parameters directly from the box outside of the frequency band. With the new Fab Filter, you may select between using the EQ for stereo, mid/sides, and left/right processing while you’re on the move. Instead of the choice being nearly concealed in earlier versions, you may now create a new band and choose the processing mode you want to use for audio quality. A brick wall slope has also been created, which is surprisingly translucent and excellent for mixed scenarios for audio engineer. Both of its predecessors have been improved by Fab Filter Pro Q 3. This EQ is well renowned for its transparency and adaptability, and with each new edition, it gets even better for music production with the split band function. One of the best equalizers to use frequently is this most recent version of the plugin, which was released in 2018.

A depiction of probable regions with high frequencies is provided by Fab Filter. This is done to make it simpler to locate the problematic sections of the spectrum and rectify them. Remember that this is not an intelligent feature, so I wouldn’t advise you to attempt and correct things as soon as you see the mark. Instead, use it as a guide to identify potential problems that you want to fix. The sidechain capabilities of this eq now have a new use thanks to Fab Filter. By contrasting the spectrums of the two tracks and manually matching them, you can utilize this tool to match the tone and spectra balance of a reference track. Pro Q 3 still directs you there on autopilot with AI help.

You can admire Fab Filter for continually improving their plugins to enhance your productivity and, obviously, your workflow. When you need precision, Pro Q3 is definitely the best tool to utilize, therefore use it if you want transparency and accuracy. This is one of the Best Dynamic EQ VST Plugins in 2023.

Tokyo Dawn Labs TDR Nova GE

Tokyo Dawn Records Nova is a very powerful and versatile EQ plugin with a remarkable dynamic equalization mode. The Nova is regarded as a parallel dynamic equalizer since it combines a full-featured dynamic processing section with parallel parametric EQ capabilities. It goes without saying that this excellent plugin has many uses. It might not be the easiest equalizer to use (no dynamic EQ is overly intuitive). Once understood, though, this robust plugin can be used effectively in a variety of audio applications.

When mixing and mastering, you can utilize Nova, a potent parallel dynamic equalizer, to do transparent frequency dynamic processing. You have a lot of options with this plugin in both situations. With the dry/wet mix knob, you may also be as extreme as you need to be while maintaining transparency without adding artifacts or distortion.

Tokyo Dawn Records’ Nova is an excellent choice if you’re seeking for a free mastering solution or want to start with dynamic EQs but aren’t sure what to acquire. This plugin enables you to have fine-grained control over your signal and offers the option of utilizing it as either a multi-band or wideband compressor. In addition to all of its functions, it offers a user-friendly layout that is really beneficial if you are a newbie and are unfamiliar with this kind of application. It self-explains and has assistants to help you navigate the plugin so you can adapt quickly and get results.

Each of the 6 EQ bands in Nova has its own dynamic settings, including 4 fully parametric bands as well as high-pass and low-pass filters. As the triggering signal moves below or above a certain threshold, the bands can be adjusted by internal or external sidechain signals to compress and/or expand specific frequency spectrum regions. The band filter types can also be utilized for frequency-selective compression (also known as de-essing), multiband compression, wideband compression, and other applications without the need of dynamic controls. This is one of the Best Dynamic EQ Plugins in 2023.

Melda MAutoDynamicEq

Melda MAutoDynamicEq is a potent plugin that combines dynamic and automatic EQ features. The MAutoDynamicEq is completely deserving of a spot on this list, from its transparent and melodious sound to its outstanding functionality and lovely GUI.

There are 7 bands in this dynamic EQ, each with sidechain control and gorgeous-sounding variable-slope dynamic filters. The Melda MAutoDynamicEq can do de-essing, ducking, compression, expansion, or any other type of creative dynamic control with excellent results. It may serve as a one-stop shop for all EQ and dynamic demands thanks to its adaptable high-pass and low-pass filters. The MAutoDynamicEq displays your processing’s findings along with an integrated analyzer, sonogram, spectrum areas, and more, all contained in a gorgeous resizable interface.

The MAutoDynamic EQ’s automatic equalization is extremely potent in addition to its amazing dynamic processing. With the push of a button, it is simple and straightforward to match the overall EQ of an audio stream to a specific source. This defined source could be a previously recorded mixed or mastered track, a different source recording, a user-set EQ curve, or a previously established analysis. When you enable the auto EQ, the plugin will configure the EQ bands for you.