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Can You Use Guitar Amp as Speaker?

Can You Use a Guitar Amp as a Speaker?

It is possible to utilize guitar amplifiers as speakers, although the audio quality will probably be lesser than with regular speakers, and too much volume should be avoided as it can damage the speakers. To get the finest quality and to keep your amplifier safe, avoid playing music with a lot of bass.

How to Use a Guitar Amp as a Speaker for Music

By connecting a smart device, such as a phone, tablet, laptop, etc. to your amplifier through a 3.5mm jack, also known as an Auxiliary (AUX) connection, you can use a guitar amplifier as a speaker. Directly Connecting a Smart Device and Amp:

Both the amp itself and the outlet on your guitar amplifier should be turned off.
Find your guitar amplifier’s AUX input.
Use the 3.5mm jack on your device to connect an AUX cable to your amplifier.
Make sure your amplifier’s volume and distortion controls are all set to 0.
Start the amplifier, then gradually raise the volume.
To prevent the speaker from blowing, don’t turn the volume up past halfway.