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Best Austrian Audio Headphones 2024

Austrian Audio’s cutting-edge pro-level Hi-X headphone series has won a slew of accolades, praise, and awards. Some of the most renowned headphones and drivers in the world have been created and manufactured by the engineers of Austrian Audio. After the AKG offices in Vienna closed, they set out to develop something fresh, difficult, and rooted in our history. Austrian Audio was established in July 2017. Despite the fact that Austrian Audio is relatively new, it is supported by almost 350 years of combined engineering experience, talent, knowledge, and tradition.

Austrian Audio Hi-X65 Open-Back Reference-Grade Headphones

Austrian Audio Hi-X65 Open-Back Reference-Grade...
  • For Mixing & Mastering
  • Over-Ear, Open-Back Design
  • Foldable for Easy Storage and Travel

Open-back Hi-X65 headphones were designed with mixing and mastering in mind. They are designed to meet the demand for focused listening during these crucial phases of the audio production process. They are ideal for audiophiles who value hearing every subtle element in the music they love since they possess the same characteristics that make them wonderful for professional audio production.

Listening to Hi-X65 headphones is like opening a fresh window on your music because they are constructed around a driver that was initially created with open headphones in mind. The open-back design creates a natural, spacious sound that provides fresh clarity to the positioning and individual characteristics of its pieces. The Hi-X65 headphones are an essential new instrument for expert mixing and mastering because they offer a high-resolution, precise aural perspective.

The build quality is excellent, as you would expect for a non budget offering, and they feel fantastic in the palm and on your ears. A group of devoted individuals with years of expertise creating high-quality microphones and headphones for picky audio professionals created the Hi-X65 headphones in Austria. Of course, listening is the true test of quality of any headphone range. Try out the Hi-X technology in an open-back design for yourself by putting on the headphones, starting your music, and hearing the clarity and precision for yourself at this price point. This is one of the best Austrian Audio Headphones in 2023.

Austrian Audio Hi-X55 Closed-Back Over-Ear Headphones

Austrian Audio Hi-X55 Over-Ear Headphones - High...
  • On the go or in the studio: The Hi-X55 professional closed-back headphones...
  • Greatly improved reproduction: The newly developed "High Excursion"...
  • The wearing comfort is not too short: the circumaural, double-walled ear...

The astounding sound of our Hi-X55 headphones is made possible by the Hi-Xcursion (High Excursion) technology. A 44 mm driver and ring magnet mechanism are standard on all Austrian Audio Hi-X headphones. This structure has the strongest magnetic field in its class and allows for better airflow. The ring magnet and copper-clad aluminum voice coil lighten the membrane and the voice coil attached to it, enabling the membrane to move or change direction more quickly and producing an impulsive reaction that is more responsive for the price tag.

According to listening studies, 44mm is the ideal size for this design. It moves a lot of air, guarantees professional performance in the Hi-X, and prevents the diaphragm from “wobbling.” This is similar to the driving mass being dampened, and this is where our membrane really excels because it is ultra-stiff while also dampening down undesired resonance. The earpads and headband cushion, which are prone to wearing out with use, are simply interchangeable, so these headphones should last for many years. Although the connection is also detachable and replaceable, we do have a tiny complaint: at 3m, the supplied wire is essentially intended primarily for home listening. Although it’s not a deal-breaker, a shorter 1.2m cable is available, but it does cost a bit more. It would have been good if it had been included in the purchase. At least a 6.3mm to 3.5mm converter is provided, which is helpful.

Although there is a lot of metal used in their construction, these headphones don’t feel especially weighty for their type. All “essential” components, including the hinges, a sizable portion of the headband, and the earcups, are made of metal, and the product unquestionably has a premium feel to it. To reduce the volume of the device while in transit listening sessions, the earcups hinge. These headphones weren’t developed just for the home; they were designed with portability in mind.

The Austrian Audio Hi-X55 impresses us. They are well-built and accurately relay a track. They won’t appeal to everyone because they aren’t as easy to listen to as some of their competitors and will undoubtedly be harsh with some recordings. However, you won’t find better experts at this price if you want to hear what is actually in a track or recording. Absolutely worth a tryout.This is one of the best Austrian Audio Headphones in 2023.

Austrian Audio Hi-X50 Professional Closed-Back On-Ear Headphone

Austrian Audio Hi-X50 Professional Closed-Back...
  • High Excursion proprietary drivers
  • All metal hinges and bow for maximum durability
  • Foldable construction

Mobile musicians, gigging DJs, and live sound engineers that require a smaller, lighter, and more portable package will be drawn to the Hi-on-ear X50’s design. The ear cups are a little bit smaller because of the on-ear design, which reduces weight and bulk when being transported. In order to please users in less-than-ideal settings such on stage, side stage, or at FOH or users who prefer to listen to music rather than analyze its tonal balance, the Hi-X50 has been tuned with a little more emphasis on the bottom end!

Hi-X50 have a sturdy, straightforward feel to them. The headband framework is attractively made and substantial for the sound quality. These cans have a sense of quality that their more plasticky competitors lack thanks to the significant use of metal in the headband, folding hinges, and mounting brackets. It also helps that components prone to wear and tear, such the memory foam earpads and headband padding, are simple to replace.

Once the initial high-clamping pressure subsides with use, headphone comfort is good. The nature of this type of closed design causes our ears to warm up after prolonged listening using the audio equipment. Beyond that, it’s a good thing that these Austrian Audios are light and simple to ignore. A 1.2m cable is available as an attachment and is recommended if you intend to use these headphones while traveling. The normal cord is detachable and 3 meters long.

Despite the fact that these headphones are labeled as “professional,” portable use is something to take into account. Unless you count the Hi-forthrightness, X50’s that is, nothing we discovered during testing or in the specifications suggests that price-compatible portables will experience any problems here despite the headphone cable.

These headphones are not for the faint of heart; a bright or aggressive source or recording won’t be made better by them. On the whole, they’re brutal but also quite balanced, showing how the company’s studio roots are beginning to shine through.