Best Grado Headphones 2021

GRADO SR80e Prestige Series Wired Open Back Stereo Headphones

GRADO SR80e Prestige Series Wired Open Back Stereo Headphones
  • Grado's award winning headphone - open back design offer a larger sound stage with greater detail and clarity
  • "The Grado SR80e's are special, buy them and love them" - What HiFi
  • Mini plug termination, incudes a 1/4 inch adapter
  • Lightweight, comfortable design
  • 4OurEars is the only Grado Authorized Amazon Reseller - 1 Year US Warranty

Grado’s SR80e is something of an anomaly in today’s headphone market. Not only are they handcrafted in Brooklyn, New York, but they’re not proudly tech-savvy. There is no Bluetooth connectivity, no in-line microphone or active noise canceling, and thanks to their open design, they’re hopelessly impractical for commuting or commuting to the office. Despite all of these flaws, however, the Grado SR80e delivers an unrivaled listening experience at its price point and is unbeatable value for money, provided you know what you’re getting.

Grado’s Prestige series has been around for over twenty-five years and this is immediately evident in the design of its SR80e headphones. Designed to sit on your ears rather than on them, they simply consist of two large plastic earphones connected by metal rods to a simple vinyl headband. While the sleek retro look is quite trendy, the flip side is that the headphones aren’t sturdy and aren’t particularly practical. The cord, for example, is a chunky, non-detachable wire that attaches directly to each earbud, and while the earbuds can rotate 360 ​​degrees, there’s no way to fold the earbuds for storage.

The SR80e headphones are versatile enough to listen to a range of sounds, whether you’re in the studio or playing video games. A 4-conductor cable helps balance frequencies, creating a uniform range. This prevents distortion or static electricity so you can listen to more precise sounds. An open back structure makes stereo recording more natural and rounded. This design makes them more suitable for indoor use as they lose sound and don’t block out a lot of background noise.

Matching 0.1dB speakers deliver a punchy bass texture at high speeds, while maintaining exceptional midrange tones. As mentioned, the open back construction means the conductors are exposed. This is impressive considering how strong the bass is, as this style usually results in a flat, low pitched sound. The ear cushions are very comfortable because they don’t compress your ears and cause pain when removing them. They are lightweight which makes them easy to travel. Plus, the long cable is handy for those who play instruments when plugged into a stereo or other device.

The design is a unique feature that separates each Grado from the rest of other similar devices. But, one downside to this is that almost all Grados look the same from a design point of view. So if as a buyer you are considering buying a Grado, it is important to see that you are not part of the list design and that you decide based on other aspects. The earpiece is covered with leather-like material with plastic earbuds. The entire structure is held together using metal clamps.

The difference in one feature of this series compared to most is that the foam pads would now cover the pilots here. This series brings improved sound quality compared to previous versions. Speaking lightly around the earplugs, they can look aesthetically stylish and beautiful, but sometimes they tend to fall out.

If you’re worried about the price, the best Grado headphones in this series fall somewhere in the mid-range of headphones, so they shouldn’t really bother you on the cost front. In terms of performance, the sound quality is smooth, creamy and warm. The sound quality is second to none. Grado SR80e is the Best Grado Headphones 2021.

GRADO SR325e Stereo Headphones

GRADO SR325e Stereo Headphones, Wired, Dynamic Drivers, Open Back Design
  • 4OurEars is the only Grado Authorized Amazon Reseller
  • The new "e" series headphones, hand made in Brooklyn, NY
  • Manufacturers Warranty is only applicable in the US

The SR325e stereo headphones provide slightly heavier bass than the previous model. Like the Prestige series, these share a similar classic design with exposed speakers and nice foam ear pads. These SR325e headphones are a bit sturdier than the SR80e. They feature a luxurious leather headband, powder-coated aluminum outer ear cups, and soft foam ear cushions that fit snugly over the ears. Thanks to this heavier construction, the transition between low and high frequencies is very smooth. It also reduces distortion along with the 8-conductor cable to produce a more detailed and wider sound.

The SR325e offers slightly more powerful bass with the same overall sound as its predecessors. The 325 also has a leather headband and metal casing, unlike the SR80e’s polymer and plastic. The 325s also weigh more and the overall sound is brighter and therefore more revealing. Here’s a detail that you won’t find on the 125 or 225, but keep in mind that the difference is pretty subtle.

GRADO SR60e Prestige Series Wired Open-Back Stereo Headphones

GRADO SR60e Prestige Series Wired Open-Back Stereo Headphones
  • 3.5mm mini plug with 1/4 inch adapter
  • Open Air Operating Principle

The SR60e headphones are designed to dampen static electricity in the plastic construction for more enjoyable listening. The new matching .1Db drivers are designed to move the air inside so that the vibrations can precisely block any distortion. It maintains the signature Grado sound full of clarity.Recover full spectrum sound with punchy bass sounds and uniform mids for a fully realistic experience. For such incredible quality in form and sound value, these are rather affordable compared to the competition.

The Grado Prestige Series SR60e headphones have a unique old-school look that could prove to be divisive: I personally love the look, but if you’re more used to the sleek, modern look of many current headphones, you may find this strange. Part of this is due to the open-back design: instead of being completely covered, the back of each earbud is partially open, covered with a grid that allows you to see the components inside. In general, it looks like it would be at home in a 1970s recording studio which, again, is a plus for me, but your mileage may vary.It begins with a rather astonishing sound signature. There is detail, clarity and a nice sense of space with these. The mids and highs are both phenomenal, and the bass has nice extension but doesn’t really snap. They do well with almost any genre, but their bread and butter is most definitely for rock, metal, and all electric guitars.

High on quality, bass, midrange and treble are the main highlights while talking about the SR60e Prestige series from Grado. They are a good example of great durability and good value for money. On the look side, they may look like the old school ones, but they sure look stylish too. These do not have a fancy remote control inside, and also have a missing removable cable. But the sound quality puts them at par. In short, they would perfectly fall under the category of the best mid-priced Grado headphones, traditional in design and amazing sound quality with several latest upgrades missing (if they don’t really make a huge difference), they should be the ones that you would make love.

While the bass is ideal, the higher treble is also well thought out. You can hear them in detail instead of being muffled like some others on the market. The midrange is smooth, so there are no irregularities when listening to all types of music, even harsher metallic or electric genres. What it lacks in a wireless connection it makes up for with a 2.1m long cable, which allows more freedom of movement than others on the market. These have the same super comfortable foam earmuffs as the previous ones, with a leather headband that is thin and fits the head well. These are true on-ear headphones, so they don’t seem bulky.

If you are looking for the best audio value for money, the Grado SR60e is an absolutely amazing deal. You might be able to get a pair of open-back headphones for less, but I’d be surprised if they were almost as good. Of course, they can’t really compare to Grado’s premium offerings, and they’re not ideal for all situations, but for sheer music enjoyment these headphones are a great buy.

GRADO SR125e Prestige Series Wired Open-Back Stereo Headphones

GRADO SR125e Prestige Series Wired Open-Back Stereo Headphones
  • 4OurEars is the only Grado Authorized Amazon Reseller
  • The new "e" series headphones, hand made in Brooklyn, NY
  • Manufacturers Warranty is only applicable in the US

Whatever your musical taste, the Grado Prestige Series SR125e headphones can enhance the sound of your tracks. They deliver classic Grado sound in spades – intimate mids with full-bodied vocals, crisp, sparkling highs, and tight, punchy bass. These headphones feature updates to Grado’s previous SR125i headphones, including an improved driver design, better sound dampening and a new cable. Grado’s SpaceBlack polycarbonate enclosures minimize resonance and vibration, for crisp, clear sound. The feeling of warmth and immediacy of the SR125e can sometimes surprise you. We believe these phones are exceptional value for audiophiles on a budget. You can easily drive them with your portable player or laptop. They also benefit well from the addition of a headphone amplifier.

Every pair of SR125e headphones are still made in Brooklyn, New York, where the John Grado family have been making award-winning audio gear for over 60 years. Like all Grado headphones, the SR125e uses an “open-air” ventilated headphone design with large, non-resonant air chambers for a powerful and extended low-frequency response and a more open, spacious sound. The diaphragm of each speaker has been subjected to a special “de-stressing” process which allows it to provide more musical detail for an even greater soundstage. A sturdy eight-conductor patch cable and ultra-high-purity copper voice coils give these phones a refined high-end, ultra-smooth and dynamic, yet tightly controlled bass.

These SR125e headphones are high performance with a remarkable distinction between sound textures. Wide open sound is produced due to the open back structure. You have an equally smooth range between each sound level: punchy bass, lively mids, and sparkling highs. The first thing you will notice about these headphones is their design, and for good reason, they are extremely unique. The word “elegant” doesn’t necessarily apply here – but “classic” does. It’s also very simple: there’s a simple leather strap that goes over your head and the earbuds extend to different sizes thanks to a basic metal rod. We think the retro styling of these cans is a good thing – they don’t conform to the same treatment the Beats and Monster give their headphones, and that makes Grado’s headphones stand out.

These headphones won’t be the pair you take with you on the road. They’re designed to stay at home – they don’t come with a case or bag beyond the cardboard packaging, and when it comes to accessories, they only include a 1/8 “adapter. to 1/4 “. But that’s all they need. Again, you don’t take them on the road – you use the Grado SR125e to listen to high-definition music at home, and when you’re not using them, they’re sitting on a shelf or near your headphone amp.

There really isn’t much to say about the look of the helmet. They definitely look classic and have an all black design. The only perhaps negative thing about them is that it looks like Grado traded in good audio quality for cheaper parts. The parts still look great, of course, but the plastic earpiece is a bit cheap and the padding is not very strong and is a bit susceptible to tearing.In terms of construction, they are more stable than they appear at first glance. Although lean in structure, they are sturdy thanks to firm plastic and rigid metal rods attached to a faux leather band. The foam pads are removable which is convenient for long term use as you can replace them if they get damaged. The swivel ear cups let you easily sit them on your chest when not in use.

You have the best of all worlds with this uniform range, as these top model headphones focus on all aspects of professional audio. They don’t emphasize just one part of a song, rather they bring out specific rhythms from the source. Pure sound can even be achieved on smaller electronic devices like a mobile phone or iPad, which is hard to find. The sound produced never seems excessive, as everything is well balanced to allow precise sounds to pass through.

Grado’s ability to combine lightness, extreme stiffness and internal damping has been put to good use in the SR125e. Based on the same design as the SR80e, the SR125e also features an improved driver and cable design using UHPLC (Ultra-High Purity, Long Crystal) copper voice coil wire. With the new 8-conductor cable design, you’ll notice improved control and stability of the upper and lower range of the frequency spectrum instead of high frequency, both of which better support Grado’s world-famous midrange. The diaphragms go through a special “de-stressing” process to enhance interior details. The way the SR125e’s new driver, cable and plastic housing move air and respond to sound vibrations are now less affected by transient distortions. The bass, midrange and treble are all more open and you’ll appreciate the fine tonal distribution and balance.

GRADO RS2e Reference Series Wired Open-Back Stereo Headphones

GRADO RS2e Reference Series Wired Open-Back Stereo Headphones
  • 44mm/38 ohm dynamic driver
  • 8 conductor cable with 3.5mm termination, ships with a 1/4 inch adapter
  • Brown leather headband
  • Open back design for larger soundstage and added detail.

If you’re looking for rich, detailed sound with natural warmth, realistic vocals and explosive dynamics, Grado’s Reference Series RS2e headphones are named after you. These headphones feature updates to Grado’s older RS2i headphones, including an improved rider design, better sound dampening, and a new cable. These mahogany wood beauties immerse you in a listening experience so engaging that you’ll want to re-explore every track in your music library.

Each earpiece is handcrafted by Grado in Brooklyn, New York from a particular species of mahogany. The wood is carefully treated using Grado’s enhanced drying process to take advantage of the natural acoustic properties of wood for optimum sound quality. These Grados can be driven using the headphone outputs of most home audio systems, or even a portable player or laptop. But they’ll really sound their best with the addition of a headphone amplifier.

In terms of aesthetics, retro chic meets no frills. But when it comes to durability, you might need to be careful with Grados. The minimalist design is not meant to be rushed. And the cable is thick, but not replaceable. The pads, however, are replaceable. Plus, the ear cups swivel 350 degrees and move back and forth at an angle to accommodate your head shape.

The balance is about as perfect as it gets. No matter what you want to listen to, the sound will be the best it has ever been. I threw every genre of music I could find at these things, from classic symphonies and low-fi blown amp punk to bubblegum pop, hard trap and shoegazery sludge metal, and they stood up every time. Nothing blew them up, nothing was pushed too far forward or too far back. Every sound, every note was exactly where it needed to be. These are the types of headphones that pick up the songs you’ve heard a thousand times and play them back. It didn’t matter what I played, the RS2e let me hear all the way to the back of the mix, choosing individual instruments in the back, even in the tumult of vocals up front. For those who spend a lot of time streaming their music from services such as Spotify or Google Play Music, I recommend turning on high quality streaming. Do you remember Tidal? Remember how everyone laughed at Tidal? These headphones will make you want to enjoy Tidal for that good, good audio quality.