Best Tailgate Speakers 2021

ION Audio Tailgater (iPA77) | Portable Bluetooth PA Speaker with Mic and AM/FM Radio

ION Audio Tailgater (iPA77) | Portable Bluetooth PA Speaker with Mic, AM/FM Radio, and USB Charge...
  • Dynamic, powerful speaker system with 50-hour rechargeable battery
  • Bluetooth connectivity plus iOS/Android app for expanded control
  • USB power bank to conveniently recharge your smartphone, tablet, and more

A microphone, AM/FM radio, and USB charging port are included in our favourite tailgate speaker. The iPA77 is the speaker to bring if you’re planning an all-night tailgate party and want something that will last. This tailgate speaker has a 50-hour rechargeable battery with enough juice left over to charge other devices like tablets and cellphones using the USB power bank.

It has Bluetooth connectivity for connecting to other audio devices, and it can also connect via NFC. You can utilise the auxiliary input instead of Bluetooth for non-Bluetooth devices. In fact, the speaker features an integrated AM/FM radio, so you won’t need any other audio equipment. If any of your visitors want to sing along with karaoke, they can use the microphone that comes along with this speaker.

AUX input, mic input, mic volume knob, Bluetooth button, radio button, two track/tune buttons (for changing tracks or finding radio stations), play/pause button, master volume knob, and a USB charging port are all included (powerbank).

Above the buttons is an LED display that shows which mode is now engaged (Bluetooth, Radio, AUX). You’ll also be able to see the battery level and radio frequency. The NFC tag (which you may use for speedy pairing if you have an Android mobile) and a radio antenna are located on top of the speaker. Two robust handles for transporting the speaker can be found on the left and right sides. The AC input and on/off switch are located on the back panel.

This speaker also comes with a free app for iOS and Android that lets you alter the speaker’s EQ settings and other features. Despite the fact that it lacks the wheels of the SBT1009BK, this speaker may be easily transported thanks to its two side handles. It’s also a rather tough device with reinforced rubber corners, so you won’t have to worry about it getting damaged while moving it around.

The iPA77 is no slacker when it comes to sound quality, with a powerful woofer and a wide-dispersion tweeter. This speaker can make itself heard even in wide-open outdoor spaces. You can’t go wrong with the iPA77 if you want a speaker with a robust build, amazing music quality, and enough battery life to last all night. It lacks frills like spinning disco balls, yet it will nonetheless wow your guests at your next tailgate party.

Aiwa Exos-9 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Aiwa Exos-9 Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • HOME-STEREO SOUND, INSIDE OR OUT - With 200 watts of continuous power and 5 drivers, including a 6.5" dual-voice coil subwoofer, the Exos-9 delivers...
  • ALL-DAY BATTERY LIFE - Your guests will pass out before the Exos-9 does! Keep it plugged in at home or enjoy up to 9 HOURS of incredible unplugged...
  • CONNECT IN SECONDS - Bluetooth 4.2 ensures instant pairing and maintains a strong connection up to 80 feet. The Exos-9 remembers your last device,...

Sound that is loud and clear, with a variety of sound settings and a plethora of connecting possibilities. Without a question, the Aiwa Exos-9 Portable Bluetooth Speaker is one of the best tailgate speakers available this year. The Exos-9 distinguishes out from its competitors not just because of its stunning design and high-quality materials, but also because of its cutting-edge technology.

The aluminium grille that protects the drivers can be found on the front panel. A small LED panel (which displays battery status, mode, and EQ settings) and a volume knob are located just over the grille. On the top, there is a control panel. The panel has seven touch-sensitive buttons: play/pause, EQ with four arrows for navigation, and LINK (for linking two Exos-9 speakers). The carrying handle (at the top), battery slot (at the bottom), and bass reflex port are all located on the back panel. The AC input, power switch, USB charging port, and micro-USB port for firmware updates are all located in the bottom right corner.

The sound is the best feature, but the Aiwa Exos-9 has a lot more to offer. The battery life is adequate (although there are a few speakers on our list that have a longer battery life), and the Bluetooth connection is excellent. There’s also an AUX input, a USB charging connector, and a micro-USB port for firmware upgrades on the speaker.

There are four EQ settings available, as well as the option to experiment with other frequency bands and fine-tune the EQ to your satisfaction. When it comes to drawbacks, keep in mind that Exos-9 is not at all tough and is not IPX rated (not waterproof). That is most likely the most significant constraint in terms of outside use (you have to be really careful with the speaker because of that plastic exterior). We’re also not entirely satisfied with the control panel’s design.

The Exos-9 has nearly no limitations when it comes to networking. Bluetooth aptX and A2DP support allows you to connect it to your iPhone, iPad, Android device, Kindle tablet, Windows device, PC, or Mac. It also supports Android NFC, and if WiFi isn’t your thing, you can connect directly via a 3.5mm audio socket.

LG PK5 Xboom Go Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

LG PK5 Xboom Go Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Upto 18 Hours Playback and Grab & Go Handles
  • Easy Bluetooth pairing & high definition streaming with enhanced bass
  • Upto 18 hours playback on a single charge
  • Grab & Go handles – Bring the PK5 anywhere your travels take you

The LG PK5 XBOOM’s volume isn’t exceptionally loud. If you require a louder device, the larger version of the identical unit should be considered. You could also use Bluetooth to connect it to some external speakers.
LG PK5 XBOOM is IPX rated, it can withstand splashes and light rain. It appears to be well-made and capable of withstanding a few minor dings and scuffs. Its design makes it very stable and difficult to knock over by accident. Overall, it seems more like a hefty ghetto blaster than a tailgate speaker.

It boasts a modest 32W of peak power and a maximum of 18 hours of gaming before requiring a re-charge, measuring just 8.7” x 4.7” x 5.1” and weighs only 2.7lbs. It has the most up-to-date NFC 4.0 Bluetooth, as well as an auxiliary input and USB charging. At full volume, the LG PK5 XBOOM is not particularly loud, and it would benefit greatly from being connected to another speaker. Of course, you may do it via Bluetooth, but we’d prefer an auxiliary output on this speaker for a more secure connection.

These speakers are well-balanced, offering good quality, clear, and precise sound across all frequencies, as you’d expect from Meridian. Although there is an EQ tool to offer some boosted bass, the bass lacks a little power. Even with the increased bass option turned on, the bass isn’t as strong or punchy as it is on many other systems.

Monster Rockin’ Roller 270 Portable Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Speaker

Monster Rockin' Roller 270 Portable Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Speaker, 200 Watts, Up to 100 Hours...
  • 200 Watts for up to 100 hours of playtime
  • Connect two TWS speakers
  • Wirelessly charge your devices with the built-in Qi Charger

The Monster Rockin’ Roller lives up to its name by being a monster operator. The Rockin’ Roller exceeds many other competitors on the market in terms of power, with a whopping 200 watts. If that isn’t enough, why not add another Monster Rockin’ Roller 270 to the mix with a quick, easy, and efficient pairing?

You receive a balanced sound that projects 270 degrees with the Monster Rockin’ Roller. Indoors or out, the rockin’ roller is ready to provide hours of enjoyment for any event, up to a hundred to be exact! You read that correctly: up to 100 hours.

Enjoy the music, charge your devices with the built-in Qi charger, and never have to worry about the party coming to an end unexpectedly. You also don’t have to be concerned about the weather because the Monster Rockin’ Roller is equipped with an IPX4 weather-resistant casing that can withstand severe weather.

QFX PBX-61081BT Portable Bluetooth Party Sound System

QFX Portable Bluetooth Speaker - PBX-61081BT SI Silver - Outdoor Party Aux Wireless with Built-in...
  • THE SPECS - This portable sound system features an 8 inch woofer, amplifier, equalizer, and up to 2,600 watts of power providing clear sound quality -...
  • EASY TO TRANSPORT - This big speaker is actually super easy to take on the go with a retractable handle and caster wheels - don't sweat the rough...
  • BLUETOOTH, AUX, & MORE - You can bring the music in multiple ways with our wireless sound system - no bluetooth, no problem! - just connect using the...

If you’re searching for a low-cost tailgate speaker, you won’t find one better than this. It’s the only speaker on this list that costs less than $100, and depending on the colour, it can cost as little as $70. You shouldn’t expect to be blown away for that type of money, but if you have moderate expectations, you’ll be pleased with the overall performance.

This speaker’s appearance and functionality appealed to us. When it comes to music playback, you have a lot of options: Bluetooth, USB port, micro-SD card slot, mic input, and AUX input. The connection quality is outstanding, and the battery life is excellent (considering the price). The audio quality isn’t great. The bass is underwhelming and uninspiring. The upside is that it can be quite loud. The build quality didn’t wow us, but that’s what you get for less than $100. Furthermore, there are no buttons on the machine itself, only on the remote, which is inconvenient. You must use the remote to switch between modes or to seek for a radio station, and you must not lose it.

The speaker is designed in the shape of a suitcase, with built-in wheels and a telescopic handle. It’s not a really attractive speaker, but it does the job. There are three colours to choose from: red, blue, and white (the enclosure is always black and the only thing that changes is the grille color). The drivers are located on the front panel, along with a small LED display at the top.

The woofer is shielded by a soft grille of some sort. The rear panel has all of the controls and input connections. There are five volume knobs, a USB connector, micro-SD card slot, radio antenna, AUX input, mic input, power input, and power switch (master volume, bass volume, treble volume, mic volume, echo). There are additionally three control buttons: play/pause, next/previous song, and two track buttons. The speaker comes with a remote control that can be used to modify the volume, switch between modes, search for radio stations, change EQ settings (choose several EQ presets), and so on. Try not to lose the remote because there are many extra parameters that can only be adjusted with it.

ION Audio Raptor

ION Audio Raptor | Ultra-Portable 100-Watt Wireless Water-Resistant Speaker with 75-Hour...
  • Tough styling meets modern convenience - All-terrain tire-inspired rubber-tread body perfectly evokes the feel of the stylish ford pickup; IPX4...
  • Dynamic, powerful sound – Powerful robust woofer and wide-dispersion tweeter deliver deep, driving and vibrant sound, plus 100 watts of dynamic...
  • Connectivity covered – Seamlessly connect and send your music via easy-pair to Raptor from any Bluetooth-enabled device

The ION Audio Raptor Speaker has been developed and built to allow the user to throw it on the vehicle and move it wherever he or she and friends or family are having a gathering or a party. The system is extremely portable and can handle the rigours of travel with ease. The system is designed to look like a Ford Pickup truck and is made in genuine pick-up truck form. Its dual cap holders add to the car-like sensation.

With its exceptionally powerful and dramatic sound, the ION Audio Raptor Speaker allows for optimal enjoyment at any outdoor party or gathering. This 2-way speaker system’s highly powerful woofer and tweeter combo produces a very colourful and driving sound. The user can pump up the volume to the fullest with the 100-watt power output. The tweeter has a wide dispersion and the woofer is powerful.

The ION Audio Raptor Speaker features a rugged design that has been combined with modern convenience to create a portable speaker system that exemplifies this style. The speaker’s body is covered with an all-terrain tire-inspired rubber tread. Not only does this give it a wonderful Ford pickup truck feel, but it also makes it highly strong and sturdy for travel and tough use. It is IPX4 water-resistant, which means you can leave it out in the rain without worrying about it becoming wet.

The Easy-pair link on the ION Audio Raptor Speaker makes it simple to connect to portable devices via Bluetooth. If a device like this isn’t accessible, the user can always utilise the built-in AM/FM radio to listen to stations he or she likes. Using the integrated 1/8-inch auxiliary input, the speaker system may also connect to non-Bluetooth devices such as a CD player.

The ION Audio Raptor Speaker comes with a long-lasting rechargeable battery that may last up to 75 hours on a single charge. Through the 12V connector, it can be powered by the car’s DC system. It also has a microphone, allowing the user to record more memories. Like a pickup truck, this speaker system is always ready to go.

ECOXGEAR GDI-EXBLD810 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth/AM/FM Wireless 100W Speaker

ECOXGEAR EcoBoulder+ GDI-EXBLD810 Rugged Waterproof Floating Portable Bluetooth Wireless 100 Watt...
  • 100% Waterproof and dustproof - meets IP67 international standards, no worries with rain, dirt or snow, drop the EcoBoulder+ in your pool, lake or...
  • Double up the sound with EcoConnect that allows the connection of 2 EcoBoulders (mono or stereo mode) within 30 feet of each other; Bluetooth 4.1...
  • Audio sources include Bluetooth, AM or FM or wired aux in connection; Play on standard AC wall power for continuous, or unplugged on built in battery...

ECOXGEAR is a small California-based startup that creates highly tough and durable outdoor Bluetooth speakers. One of our favourite under $200 Bluetooth speakers is their ECOBOULDER. If you’re lucky, you might be able to obtain a discount and acquire it for less than $150, which is a fantastic price considering the performance and variety of features you get.

This is a fantastic outdoor speaker with a lot of extra functions. First and foremost, we were impressed by the unit’s design and durability. It’s exceedingly tough and durable. It’s also IPX67 certified, which means it’s dustproof and waterproof. It has two USB charging ports, two AUX inputs, a built-in AM/FM tuner, mic input, and a small LED screen on the top panel. For stereo sound, it can also be connected to another ECOBOULDER (but only in Bluetooth mode). The Bluetooth connection is excellent, and the battery life is reasonable given the price. The speaker does not include a microphone (but it does have a mic port) or built-in LED lights (no lighting).

It has an 8″ full-range speaker, a 3″ tweeter, and an 8″ passive woofer for tweeter and woofer. The mids and highs are clear and crisp, and there should be no distortion when the speaker is turned up to its maximum level, so there’s no need to be cautious.

The speaker has a powerful battery that provides a full 10 hours of playtime and 100 hours of standby time, which is excellent because it is more than enough to play continuously throughout the party and still have some charge left over. It is extremely lightweight, weighing only 27 pounds. While this may be a bit heavy for some, the speaker includes a telescoping handle and wheels, allowing you to easily move it to wherever you want for optimal sound dispersal.

It also has a waterproof storage area for your phone, keys, and any other items you don’t want to get wet or destroyed. All of these capabilities, combined with the excellent Bluetooth connection, make the EcoBoulder an excellent choice for your next tailgate.

ION Audio Party Rocker Max

ION Audio Party Rocker Max - 100W Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker and Karaoke Centre with...
  • This portable Bluetooth speaker packs a punch powerful 8 inch woofer and wide dispersion tweeter deliver vibrant sound, plus 100 watts of dynamic...
  • Connectivity covered – Wireless Bluetooth connectivity to stream your music from any compatible smartphone or tablet; A 1/8 inch (3.5 millimeter)...
  • Energizing light display – Sound reactive light dome and LED grille fills the room with six vibrant colors: Red, green, blue, magenta, orange, white

The Party Rocker is unquestionably a mobile party. It weighs 24.6 pounds and dimensions 11.0′′x 15.0′′x 17.25′′. It has a peak power output of 100 watts and a frequency range of 65Hz to 20,000Hz. It has two decent-sized drivers. The woofer is 8” in diameter, while the tweeter is 3”.

There’s Bluetooth 4.0, an auxiliary input, and two microphone inputs for those karaoke duets. Without the lights, it offers an astounding battery life of 75 hours. The battery life drops to just 6 hours when lights and music are turned on. We’re not sure why they provide a battery life value that excludes the illumination effects. That is incomprehensible. We’d want them on all the time if we could. Forever!

There’s an useful LED indication on the right-hand side of the control panel for those who wish to keep an eye on the battery level.The form is simple and boxy, but the lights make it instantly recognised. When you see it, you’ll immediately recognise it as an ION speaker. There are two versions available: one with grille lights and another without.

A robust metal grille protects the drivers on the front side. The master volume knob, mic volume knob, echo knob, AUX input, 2 mic inputs, Bluetooth button, lights on/off button, party light mode button (use it to choose the light dome lighting mode – beat sync, auto, single colour, freeze, off), speaker light mode button (use it to choose one of 16 lighting modes for grille lights), and 6 detachable detachable detachable detachable detachable detachable detachable detachable (red, green, blue, white, pink, orange).

ION Audio Block Party Live 50 Watt Portable Bluetooth Speaker System with Party Lights

ION Audio Block Party Live 50 Watt Portable Bluetooth Speaker System with Party Lights, Wheels &...
  • Dynamic, powerful 50 Watt speaker system with built-in light display that moves with music
  • Streams music wirelessly from your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, tablet, computer, and more
  • Microphone with power cable included for announcements and karaoke

LED illumination is used at ION Audio Block Party Live. We were so enthralled by the lights that we almost forgot about everything else. This amusing extra feature improves everything, but it isn’t the only positive aspect of this speaker. The suitcase-like design with telescoping handle and wheels is appealing; the durability is satisfactory; the connection quality is excellent; the battery life is excellent when the lights are turned off (not so much when the lights are turned on); and the sound quality is acceptable for a large Bluetooth speaker.

The speaker is substantial in size and weight. It measures 15 inches wide, 10 inches deep, and 20.4 inches tall and weighs 26.2 pounds (11.9kg). It has two drivers on the back panel: an 8-inch woofer and a 1-inch tweeter, as well as two bass reflex ports. The frequency response of the speaker ranges from 59Hz to 25kHz.

The battery in the Block Party Live is a powerful 7Ah lead-acid battery. The maker promises that you can get up to 75 hours of gameplay, and you might get that much if you lower the volume down to 40-50 percent and turn off all the lights. When you switch on the lights, the battery life is considerably reduced, and you can only obtain up to 7 hours of playback time at maximum volume.

The sound quality is excellent. The bass is strong and forceful, however at 75% level, it becomes distorted. The midrange is pleasant and detailed, while the highs are crisp. At high volumes, the bass tends to drown out the voices. Fortunately, even at 70% level, this speaker is quite loud, which is more than enough for smaller gatherings (up to 20 people).

ION Audio Block Rocker Plus

ION Audio Block Rocker Plus - Portable Bluetooth Speaker 100W W/Battery, Karaoke Microphone, AM FM...
  • Dynamic, powerful sound 8 inch woofer and wide dispersion tweeter deliver clear, lifelike sound; A 100 watt peak power amplifier pumps up the volume...
  • Ultra-portable centerpiece for your gathering rugged plastic enclosure featuring a telescoping handle, wheels and two conveniently located carrying...
  • Long life battery 50 hour rechargeable battery for nonstop fun, plus a USB port is included for charging smartphones, tablets and more

The ION Audio Block Rocker Plus Speaker has been conceived and built as a powerful system that creates life-like sound. The speaker, telescoping handle, wheels, audio ports, amplifier, microphone, easy pair wireless Bluetooth, and an AM/FM radio are all packed within a road-ready cabinet, making it extremely portable. This can be taken to any destination that the user desires.

With a 2-way speaker system that features an 8-inch woofer and an ide-dispersion tweeter, it can provide a very strong and dramatic sound. The result is a sound that is crystal clear and lifelike. The amplifier’s max power is 100 watts, and it produces a very loud sound for parties. A Bass Booster is also included in the speaker, which amps up low-frequency sounds like drums and other instruments to double the excitement and listening pleasure.

Bluetooth connectivity is included into the ION Audio Block Rocker Plus Speaker. It pairs with iPads, iPhones, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices to play saved or streamed music. The user’s favourite music would be broadcast throughout the party area thanks to the 100-watt amplifier and Bass Boost. The Play/Pause and Next/Previous Track Buttons allow the user to control the music’s playback.

The ION Audio Block Rocker Plus Speaker comes with a built-in battery and a charge indicator. It has a 50-hour battery life and can deliver crystal-clear music. If the battery dies, the user can always plug it into an AC outlet if one is accessible. The ultra-long-life battery, combined with excellent sound quality, means that partygoers will have endless hours of enjoyment. It features a built-in USB 2.0 port that allows you to charge your iPad, iPhone, or other device.

Milanix Tailgate Portable Bluetooth PA Karaoke Speaker

Milanix Tailgate Portable Bluetooth PA Karaoke Speaker with Microphone, USB Charge Port, Guitar...
  • Please Note: To make the volume higher please use and HOLD the Forward Track button for higher volume on the keyboard
  • Play your favorite music with many features from BLUETOOTH, AUX, USB, SD, MP3
  • Inputs for Microphone, Karaoke, Guitar, with Echo Controls and Bass Adjustment Knob

Milanix is 12.6 pounds and is 20” x 15.7” x 9.7”. There is no information on max power, but we can tell you that it is quite loud and produces enough sound for a small party. Milanix also doesn’t say how long the battery lasts, although you should expect roughly 10 hours of average use before needing to recharge.

Given its inexpensive price, the settings and inputs on this tailgate speaker system are remarkable. Bluetooth, auxiliary input, USB input, SD input, FM radio, and karaoke functionality are all included. Surprisingly, it contains a recording function as well as a guitar input. We think you’ll agree that’s a rather thorough list. All of the controls and functions are located on the top of the machine and are simple to understand and use.

It includes a telescoping handle and wheels, making it easy to carry and transport. It’s also well-built to withstand the rigours of transportation. Though it isn’t as tough as some of the more expensive ones we’ve evaluated, it does have some corner and edge reinforcement. It isn’t IPX certified, which is unsurprising.

In terms of sound quality, but we were pleasantly surprised. We were surprised by how loud the volume was, as well as how good the sound quality was. The bass was punchy, and the mids and trebles were crystal clear. It does have a bass-heavy sound that would probably fit into a variety of popular music genres. There are no EQ settings to alter the sound, so you’re stuck with the sound you get.

The bottom line is that we’re blown away by how wonderful this unit sounds and has so much functionality for such a low price.

ION Audio Tailgater Plus 50W Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Easy-Pair

ION Audio Block Rocker Plus - Portable Bluetooth Speaker 100W W/Battery, Karaoke Microphone, AM FM...
  • Dynamic, powerful sound 8 inch woofer and wide dispersion tweeter deliver clear, lifelike sound; A 100 watt peak power amplifier pumps up the volume...
  • Ultra-portable centerpiece for your gathering rugged plastic enclosure featuring a telescoping handle, wheels and two conveniently located carrying...
  • Long life battery 50 hour rechargeable battery for nonstop fun, plus a USB port is included for charging smartphones, tablets and more

ION Audio Tailgater Plus is an extraordinarily powerful speaker system that creates compact wireless sound no matter where it is used for a party or gathering in the woods, at the camping, or at the stadium. It allows the user to take his or her music with them wherever they go. It has speakers, audio inputs, an amplifier, an FM radio, a microphone, and easy-pair wireless Bluetooth technology, all of which are housed in a durable and ultra-portable road-ready cabinet.

With the bass increase, the ION Audio Tailgater Plus produces a powerful 50-watt sound output. The Play/Pause and Next/Previous Track Buttons can be used to control the playback of music on Bluetooth devices. The tweeter has a wide dispersion and the woofer is exceptionally durable. This produces a beautiful deep and crystal-clear sound that gets the party started.

It’s ultra-portable, and the complete system is housed in a rugged, durable road-ready cabinet that can withstand the rigours of travel to its destination. It can withstand shocks from unloading the speaker at the destination, as well as a few minor bumps on the route there. The enclosure is built of tough composite material and has a one-handed carry handle for easy transportation. enhances the sound quality of the user’s portable playback devices. Bluetooth devices can be connected to the system up to 100 feet away. This allows the user to keep his or her gadget in his or her pocket while at the party and not have to keep it close to the speaker system all of the time.

The ION Audio Tailgater Plus allows the user to listen to music from the built-in AM/FM radio, which includes 20 presets for the user’s favourite radio stations or presets for different sorts of music, and then tune into the radio station that plays music appropriate for the occasion. Through the 1/8-inch auxiliary input, the system can connect to older non-Bluetooth devices like as CD players and the like.