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Best 88-Key Keyboards 2023

One of the most distinctive and alluring instruments, full-size pianos are unquestionably a thing of true beauty. Of course, their size, weight, and static nature present a problem because many people find them to be inconvenient. Since they are acoustic, they are also constrained in that they don’t provide any extra features to aid in learning or changing your sound. Enter the size digital 88-key keyboard, a full-sized electronic option that aims to accurately reproduce piano sounds while providing you with a number of digital advantages and, of course, a significantly smaller form factor.

The ideal 88-key keyboard for you depends on a wide range of different factors. What you intend to use it for, how much you want to spend, and which features are most important to you will all determine what you need. But it can be difficult to start when there are so many possibilities available. To assist you in finding the best 88 key keyboard for your needs, we’ve put together this list of the best ones.

Yamaha DGX-660 Piano With Furniture Stand

YAMAHA DGX660B 88-Key Weighted Digital Piano With Furniture Stand, Black
  • The Pure CF Sound Engine faithfully reproduces the tone of a meticulously sampled and highly acclaimed Yamaha concert grand piano
  • GHS weighted action is heavier in the low register and lighter in the high, just like an acoustic piano
  • Score display puts music notation of MIDI songs on the screen, helping you play your favorites by following the bouncing ball

Yamaha DGX-660 88-Key Weighted Digital Piano With Furniture Stand has features designed to impart piano skills in the most accurate manner feasible. For instance, the GHS weighted system keyboard has 88 keys. The DGX-660’s keys have an acoustic piano feel because of this function. Yamaha also comes with everything you need to get started. Need a bench, music stand, stand, and other accessories? The Yamaha DGX-660 Piano will take care of you.

Yamaha digital pianos, one of the leading brands in both acoustic and electrical instrument manufacturing, will be prominently featured in this list. With a wide variety of demands in mind, they offer a wide selection of high-quality products at a wide range of costs. However, the DGX-660 comes first. Anyone with a big budget for their 88-key weighted keyboard should include this top-tier digital keyboard on their list because it provides practically everything the majority of players would desire.

It is clear that Yamaha went to considerable lengths to make this digital keyboard sound fantastic. It makes use of real grand piano sampling, and you can even set up various sounds in conjunction with the type of environment. All of this sounds fantastic through the excellent speakers. The DGX-660 is expertly manufactured, as are all Yamaha products. Everything has a premium feel to it, with sturdy construction and great key and button feel. Perfect if the keyboard would be portable.

Although this keyboard doesn’t look particularly unique, all of its components are thoughtfully arranged, and its LCD screen has a nice appearance. The Yamaha YPG235 is an alternative that you can consider. This isn’t a cheap option, but it’s also not outrageously pricey. Additionally, a fantastic bundle is offered, which significantly raises the perceived value. You should definitely take a look if your budget allows for it.

The DGX-660 has a wide range of features—almost too many to list. With a keyboard this expensive, you get all the normal features, like recording, lessons, and well weighted keys. However, you also get a fantastic LCD screen, the option of wireless connectivity with phones and tablets, and instructive books that you may also use (with added Yamaha adapters). This is the Best 88-Key Keyboard in 2023.

Nektar Impact LX88+

Nektar Impact LX88+ | USB MIDI Controller Keyboard with Nektar DAW Integration Dark Grey
  • High quality MIDI controller keyboard designed for performers and producers wanting tactile instrument control. 88 semi-weighted full-size...
  • Nektar DAW integration for most popular DAWs with Mixer and Instrument modes
  • Comprehensive MIDI functionailty. Compatible with all MIDI music software applications

Nektar’s Impact LX88+ contains everything the digitally inclined person may want. For songwriters or anybody else wishing to advance their musical abilities, this USB MIDI controller is ideal. For instance, it has a wide range of MIDI choices and a premium software suite. Additionally, the eight lighted, hyper-sensitive pads help with MIDI programming. With the touch of a button, the Impact LX88functions +’s are all easily accessible. Not to mention, Nektar will provide a press workshop using their Bigwig 8-track digital audio system. You ought to give one a try right now.

Another obscure piano brand is Nektar, but you should keep an eye out for this particular digital keyboard because it’s a very intriguing option. This 88-key MIDI keyboard has a tonne of features and accomplishes almost everything you could want from a MIDI keyboard, despite the extremely low price. Discover why we think it’s worthwhile to have a look by reading on.

With the correct tools, you can very much make this thing sound anyway you want it to, but because the sound depends on everything else you plug it into, it’s difficult to state with certainty if the sound is excellent or awful. But there is a tonne of personalization available. In spite of the inexpensive cost, the quality isn’t at all subpar. The keys have a pleasant feel to them and are flawlessly finished. The entire thing feels solidly fastened together.

The LX88 is a stylish piece of equipment thanks to its colourful drum pads and knobs as well as its great flat, smooth finish. It actually has a more appealing design than the majority of the other digital keyboards on this list, and it definitely matches the style of electronic music you would wish to create with it.

This is a fantastic deal and among the most affordable options for a full-size MIDI keyboard with 88 semiweighted keys, but keep in mind that, unlike the standard keyboards on this list, it lacks built-in speakers or anything similar, so you will need to make investments in other areas. This is the Best 88-Key MIDI Keyboard in 2023.

Casio Privia PX-160BK 88-Key Full Size Digital Piano with Power Supply

Casio Privia PX-160BK 88-Key Full Size Digital Piano with Power Supply, Black
  • The AiR engine provides highly-accurate grand piano sounds with seamless dynamics for a remarkably expressive and powerful performance
  • The Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II keyboard has an incredible feel and captures the dynamics of a performance with unparalleled speed and accuracy
  • Features a chassis designed for an elegant look and to house a 8w x 8w speaker system that delivers the PX-160’s remarkable sounds with total...

You probably already knew that Casio produced watches, but did you also know that they also produce keyboards? The Casio Privia PX160, one of the full-size alternatives in the Casio lineup, was created to provide a respectable balance of pricing and functionality in a mid-range 88-key digital piano. The Privia PX160 is marketed by Casio as a beginning to intermediate option, and we wholeheartedly concur.

Affordable and adaptable, the Privia PX-160BK is a digital piano. Additionally, it includes a keyboard that functions exactly like the actual thing, despite the fact that some individuals may find the keys uncomfortable. Connectivity with the Privia PX-160BK is excellent. Additionally, the front of the instrument has two headphone outputs. Additionally, you may link your piano to a Mac or Windows computer using the USB connection ports. Overall, the Privia PX-160BK is a reliable digital piano that is reasonably priced.

The Casio Privia has excellent speakers, but what really shines out are the samples’ quality and the digital keyboard’s capabilities to divide and mix sounds to produce a tone that is incredibly full and realistic. We am astonished by the exceptional calibre of the products. Like most Japanese instrument manufacturers, Casio has a solid reputation for quality and dependability. If you read some owner reviews, you’ll discover that there aren’t many issues with this model’s finishing.

Although it is not the most visually appealing digital keyboard on this list, it is also not the least appealing. Additionally, you may purchase it in either a light gold or the standard black colour. This digital keyboard was always going to rank highly for value because it isn’t at all pricey. However, there aren’t many features, therefore the value might not be that high if you’re searching for lessons and other features. Check out the Casio PX860 as a substitute. This is the Best 88-Key Digital Piano in 2023.

Korg B1SP 88 Keys Digital Piano with Stand and 3-Pedal Unit

Korg B1SP 88 Keys Digital Piano with Stand and 3-Pedal Unit White
  • "Easily portable, small footprint Astounding bass response, especially for its size Authentic keyboard action Affordable"
  • The streamlined design delivers the features most important to any pianist: an authentic touch, superior sound and ease of use
  • For those who are just starting or those who want to start again, consider the KORG B1 Digital Piano

The Korg B1SP Digital Piano does a great job of simulating an acoustic piano. We imply that the acoustic and electric piano tones on this digital piano are faithfully reproduced. Digital keyboards made by Korg, a well-known brand in the music industry, are among the best. The Japanese firm is renowned for producing a wide variety of high-quality goods, including effects pedals, leads, and the renowned guitar amplifier brand Vox. The 88-key weighted digital piano we chose for this list is the B1SP. This one, like others, is categorised as a digital piano and attempts to mimic one as closely as possible. Given the quality of the piano brands, even though this is one of Korg’s more entry level items, it falls into the mid range overall.

The Korg keyboard’s speakers are undoubtedly the greatest of all the keyboards we’ve evaluated, and they are really fantastic. The B1SP performs a superb job of simulating the rich, full, and sharp tones of a real grand piano thanks to MFB servo technology and a passive radiator. Despite the cost, this is a truly high-quality product. Despite how well crafted and sturdy everything feels, the keyboard yet manages to be fairly light. just what you’d anticipate from Korg.

The B1SP is without a doubt the most aesthetically pleasing keyboard on the list. It features a minimalist style with subtle buttons and knobs. Of course, the sweeping speaker vent that runs the full length of the instrument is the focal point. This 88-key digital piano is incredibly affordable. Even though it doesn’t have many built-in capabilities, it does a great job at simulating a piano in terms of feel and sound, so if that’s what you’re want, the pricing will be quite appealing.

Alesis Coda Pro | 88-Key Digital Piano with Hammer-Action Keys

Alesis Coda Pro | 88-Key Digital Piano with Hammer-Action Keys, Split Keyboard & Voice Layering, and...
  • 88-key hammer-action keyboard with aux input for playing alongside external equipment
  • 20 built-in voices, with ability to split or layer two voices simultaneously
  • Play along with 60 preset songs or record your own with the User Record mode

Now a household name in the electronic music industry, Alesis Professional is known for producing high-quality weighted keyboards that compete with premium brands without charging a premium. One of their best-selling keyboard lines is the Coda line, and we’ve decided to feature the Coda Pro here. Its full-size 88-key weighted keyboards were created for a variety of applications, including live use and student use in their bedrooms. It’s a great alternative with some wonderful features at a great price, as we can tell you right away, but let’s look at things in more detail. There isn’t much more to say save the fact that this is a fantastic digital keyboard with key weights. All 20 voices are superb, and it’s difficult to tell that this keyboard isn’t one that costs twice as much or more.

The Coda Pro feels very much like a high-end instrument thanks to the hammer action weighted keys. In general, they make playing the digital keyboard feel more like playing an 88-keyed digital piano (click for digital keyboards under $500). Additionally, each key is well-made; you won’t find any plastics that seem flimsy here.

With a sleek black finish, a symmetrical design, and stylish angular speakers, the Coda Pro is a stylish digital keyboard. Red is used for highlights. Again, all of this contributes to the product’s premium appearance. Since it is a USB MIDI, it has a USB port. Alesis Keyboards has a reputation for being a good value, which is evidently still true today. The Coda Pro holds its own against keyboards that cost far more money. An alternative is the Alesis Recital 88-key beginner digital piano.

The Coda Pro is an extremely versatile digital keyboard because it has a tonne of capabilities. AiR Music Technology & SONiVOX provide 20 built-in voices, 88 weighted keys with hammer action, 60 pre-programmed tunes, 50 patterns, and lesson modes. Additionally, the keyboard itself has a recording function, which is a fantastic addition. There are stereo 14 inch aux inputs, USB-midi and midi din outputs, 14 inch aux, 14 inch headphone jacks, and other outputs available. everything you require for accessories.