Best Talk Box 2021

Jim Dunlop MXR M222 Talk Box

MXR M222 Talk Box
  • Contains its own amp and speaker driver
  • Volume, Tone and Gain controls
  • Sturdy, road-ready housing

To begin, the MXR M222 Talk Box is extremely resistant and sturdy, thanks to its 2-piece thick shell, unique driver, D amplifier, and five hex screws. Without a separate amp rig, such structure is practically ready to use.

To get the most out of the “talk” sound, you should invest in an additional microphone and PA system. Second, unlike many other devices, this talk box is much easier to understand. Even novices will find setting up the MXR M222 Talk Box to be a simple task. You can intuitively operate the gadget based on your playing and music preferences! When you play, the sound from the tube is transported to your mouth, where you may shape and speak the sound.

The textures range from faint grit to full-fledged grit. The vowel sounds become much more distinct at a higher gain level. In terms of disadvantages, mastering the effect takes a long time.