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Best Spectrum Analyzer Plugins 2024

By segmenting the frequency spectrum to represent the range of frequencies, spectrum analyzers are tools that give the user detailed information about the sounds during music production. The frequencies are represented by the horizontal (x) axis, while their amplitudes are represented by the vertical (y) axis. The frequency range that can be heard by the human ear is typically from 20Hz to 20kHz, which is the range that is displayed on a spectrum analyzer.

iZotope Insight 2

iZotope Insight 2 is a comprehensive metering and audio analysis plugin that is widely used in post-production and music studios. It offers a detailed and responsive spectrogram for monitoring the complete spectral content of your mix. It provides a clear and intuitive display, allowing music producers to visually monitor their work. The user interface is customizable and resizable, fitting any professional audio mixing and production workflow. The plugin’s design is easy on the eye, making it comfortable for extended use.

Insight 2 includes a variety of metering tools such as true peak, RMS, and K-system level meters, loudness meters, 2D and 3D spectrogram, spectrum analyzer, and both a stereo vectorscope and surround scope. It also includes a unique Intelligibility Meter that measures the clarity of dialogue in the mix, providing visual feedback on whether the dialogue is being overshadowed by the rest of the mix. This feature can be particularly useful in post-production work where dialogue clarity is crucial. The plugin also includes Relay, a feature that routes any specified tracks or buses to Insight 2 for analysis. This allows for a clear picture of how individual tracks stack up against the entire mix.

Insight 2 includes tools to analyze stereo imaging and mono compatibility. It provides variations on the vectorscope theme to analyze stereo imaging. Good mono compatibility is assured if the dots lie mainly within a ±45-degree angle from the center. It is also noted for its ability to help meet streaming standards of audio equipment, such as Netflix’s dialogue spec or YouTube’s compression thresholds to tailor the experience.

iZotope Insight 2 is a comprehensive and versatile audio analysis tool that offers detailed visual feedback and a range of features to assist in audio mixing and production. Its Intelligibility Meter and Relay features, in particular, set it apart from other metering plugins. However, some users have noted that the plugin could be intimidating for those unfamiliar with audio analysis tools, despite iZotope’s efforts to keep the interface as simple and friendly as possible.

This is the Best Spectrum Analyzer VST Plugin in 2024.

Blue Cat’s FreqAnalyst Pro

Blue Cat’s FreqAnalyst is a spectrum analyzer plugin that provides music producers with real-time visual feedback of the frequency spectrum of audio signals. It is known for its smoothness and high resolution in both time and frequency domains, which is achieved through unique interpolation algorithms. This allows for continuous variations to be displayed, even at very high frequencies, giving producers total control over the audio-to-frequency display conversion.

The plugin includes a special thresholding system to help users focus on the important parts of the spectrum. For those who require extra precision in a specific frequency range, FreqAnalyst offers a zoomable display. The user interface is customizable, catering to individual workflow preferences. For those interested in stereo imaging, Blue Cat’s StereoScope Pro can be used in conjunction with FreqAnalyst. StereoScope Pro provides an analysis of how audio signals are spread in the stereo field and includes an integrated phase correlation meter, which is essential for detecting phase and mono compatibility issues.

Blue Cat also offers FreqAnalyst Pro and FreqAnalyst Multi for more advanced features. FreqAnalyst Pro includes additional functionalities such as saving/restoring curves, precise measurement tools, and a 3D spectrogram view. FreqAnalyst Multi is particularly useful for mixing, as it allows visualization of the spectral content of several audio tracks simultaneously.

Blue Cat FreqAnalyst and its related plugins are valuable tools for any music producer looking to gain detailed insights into the frequency spectrum and stereo imaging of their audio. They stand out among spectrum analyzer plugins for their smooth visual feedback and unique feature for frequency balance. However, it is noted that some users may require additional guidance to fully utilize these plugins effectively.

sonible true:balance

Sonible true:balance is a metering plugin designed to provide music producers with visual feedback on the spectral balance of their mixes. It aims to help users compare the frequency balance of their tracks to suitable references, which can be particularly beneficial for inexperienced amateurs or those looking to ensure their tonal balance aligns with their chosen genre for specific frequencies.

One of the key strengths of true:balance is its visual feedback system. The plugin offers a clear and intuitive display that allows producers to visually compare their work with reference tracks. This can be a powerful tool for learning and for making informed decisions about mix adjustments. The user interface is simple to use, which lowers the barrier to entry for those who may not be as experienced with audio analysis tools.

True:balance includes a Balance Check feature that analyzes the spectral distribution of your signal and provides hints on potential modifications to improve the mix. Additionally, the Mono Check feature points out any issues concerning the mono compatibility of your mix. These features are supported by target indicators and visualizations designed to be easily interpretable, ensuring that users can quickly understand and act on the information presented.

Blue Cat’s Analysis Pack

Almost everything you require to evaluate and quantify the frequency content of audio signal is included in Blue Cat’s Audio Analysis Pack, which is available in a handy package. A dizzying variety of helpful plug-ins are included in the box, all of which are also offered separately. Two of these plug-ins for frequency analysis are comparable in performance to standalone spectrum analyzers. Additionally, you can use the measurements from these plug-ins to control other plug-ins, including MIDI in struments.

FreqAnalyst Multi is the first program on the list since it offers a variety of spectrum analysis features for multiple tracks or audio streams. It offers a thorough picture of the frequency and time of multiple tracks simultaneously, all from a single screen, making it perfect for mixing and mastering for a music producer. It’s a practical and flexible mixing tool that also works well as a frequency overlap detector.

FreqAnalyst Pro, the second smartphone plug-in, extends the regular set of spectrum analysis features by adding automated generating capabilities and a 3D viewer. It offers a highly smooth and high-resolution display of frequency level meters as well as time, and shares many of the same features as the free FreqAnalyst plug-in.

The Audio Analysis Pack’s individual plug-ins each have an astounding number of functions that add a lot of value. The majority of users appear to be satisfied with the amount of information offered, with the automation and MIDI capabilities serving as the cherry on top for audio material. Many people find that these tools are far more versatile than the majority of typical spectrum analyzer plug-ins thanks to the ingenious implementation of CC/automation generation features.

The Audio Analysis Pack offers a lot of value overall, which is fairly remarkable. Even if you choose to buy just the individual spectrum analyzer plug-ins, you can still expect to get a lot for your money. This is the Best Spectrum Analyzer Plugin in 2022.

MeldaProduction MMultiAnalyzer

The high-quality plug-ins from MeldaProduction are renowned for offering premium functionality at affordable prices. With a variety of capabilities that enable audio mixing analyzer and problem-solving quickly and precisely, MMultiAnalyzer upholds the company’s reputation admirably.

You can examine many recordings at once with MMultiAnalyzer thanks to its array of audio analysis and enhancing features. Each track you want to analyze only has to have an instance of the plug-in installed; they will automatically recognize one another. All instances of the plug-in will then have access to all data.

A spectrum analyzer plug-in is only one aspect of MMultiAnalyzer. Additionally, it has tools for collision detection, correlation meter, loudness comparison, and stereo analysis built right in problem areas. Despite having so many capabilities, the plug-in never becomes overly difficult to use. The MMultiAnalyzer workflow is quick and simple whether you use it as a collision detector, a stereo analyzer, or a multi-track sonogram. Additionally, MMultiAnalyzer has capabilities that make it simple to locate particular frequencies. These include de-harmonization, super-resolution, and normalization functions, all of which assist you in identifying audio quality issues.

MMultiAnalyzer, like all of MeldaProduction’s plug-ins, is incredibly customisable. Users can choose to show the controls as sliders, knobs, or buttons, and the interface can be freely resized. Even with all the outstanding technological features included in, many users find that the plug-customizability in’s shines out the most. For professionals and dedicated enthusiasts, the aforementioned technical features are, of course, the key draw. One of the most sophisticated meters of its kind, “smart” meters allow users to view frequency data in a number of graphs and meters.

One of the most adaptable spectrum analyzer plug-ins available is MMultiAnalyzer. It is 100% accurate, and you have a lot of control over how the interface looks, which is a big benefit. This spectrum analyzer plug-in stands out from the competition despite the abundance of capable alternatives.

NUGEN Audio Visualizer

In the realm of spectrum analyzer plug-ins, NuGen’s Visualizer may not be a household name, but that in no way implies that it has any flaws. It offers feature-rich capabilities for analyzing audio and streamlining workflow, making it just as capable as its more well-known competitors. Additionally, Visualizer assists you in recreating ideal mix settings and avoiding mistakes that are made again.

Visualizer offers a single-screen user interface for examining the audio material’s frequency content. The interface can be adjusted to any size, occupying very minimal screen space or offering a thorough overview as needed. The display may be customized in a variety of ways, and switching between different perspectives is as easy as hitting a button.

The most important thing, though, is what you can accomplish while holding those opinions. A helpful comparison mode in Visualizer allows you to view frequency content and other data from two audio channels in a variety of ways. You can choose to view both audio tracks differentially displayed, side-by-side, or stacked on top of one another. You have a variety of tools at your disposal for audio analysis, including the stereo spectrogram, vectorscope, stereo bias meter, and peak hold control. You can even see how problem frequencies relate to each other, which makes it simple for you to spot any frequency overlaps using analysis tools.

Numerous uses for Visualizer have been discovered by music producers, notably during the mixdown and mastering phases of production. Examining the variations that a mastering chain puts on a mix is one frequent application. With the plug-in, frequency clashes may be immediately detected, and the option to personalize the display makes audio analysis rapid and effective. The spectrum analyzer plug-in NuGen Visualizer is a strong and stylish tool that can handle a wide range of audio-related tasks. It costs far more than other plug-ins in its category, but given its breadth and feature set, the additional expense is reasonable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a spectrum analyzer plugin?

A spectrum analyzer plugin is a software tool used in digital audio production to provide a visual representation of the frequency spectrum of an audio signal.

Why are spectrum analyzer plugins important in music production?

Spectrum analyzer plugins are crucial in music production as they allow producers to identify and rectify issues such as frequency masking or resonances that can cause muddiness or harshness in the mix.

What are some of the key features to look for in a spectrum analyzer plugin?

Key features to look for in a spectrum analyzer plugin include a customizable interface, adjustable FFT size, multi-channel analysis, and additional tools such as a correlation meter or stereo imaging display.

How do spectrum analyzer plugins help improve the quality of a mix?

Spectrum analyzer plugins help improve the quality of a mix by providing a visual representation of the frequency spectrum. This allows producers to identify and rectify issues such as frequency masking or resonances that can cause muddiness or harshness in the mix.

What is FFT in the context of spectrum analyzer plugins?

FFT, or Fast Fourier Transform, is a mathematical algorithm used in spectrum analyzer plugins to transform a function of time, a signal, into a function of frequency.

What is the difference between ‘analog’ and ‘digital’ views in a spectrum analyzer plugin?

The ‘analog’ view in a spectrum analyzer plugin is inspired by an analog hardware spectrum analyzer, while the ‘digital’ view is typically based on FFT. The choice between the two often depends on the specific needs and preferences of the user.