Best Intermediate Trumpets 2022

Jean Paul USA TR-430 Intermediate Trumpet

Jean Paul USA Trumpet - Standard, Brass (TR-430)
  • The Jean Paul Trumpet is in key of Bb
  • Rose brass lead pipe
  • Adjustable third trigger allowing for a natural hand position and proper playing technique

The Jean Paul TR-430 trumpet is one of the Best Intermediate Trumpets, and for good reason. The American company has produced a intermediate trumpet for the intermediate level with impeccable quality and style that pros can appreciate, and pricing that even beginners can benefit from. The primary focus of this trumpet’s design is to serve as an upgrade to the student-level Jean Paul models, surpassing them in ergonomics and performance. The adjustable third trigger allows the user to play with a more natural hand position which promotes proper playing technique. The lead pipe made of rose brass adds both a professional look and a warmer, richer tone variation.

The well-known quality construction of the trumpet’s piston valves is rare among trumpets of this price range, and their durability contributes to this instrument’s long life and enhanced sound quality. Some reviewers even compare the responsiveness and accuracy of these valves to those of professional level trumpets! All Jean Paul trumpets come with their own stylish carry case for you to take your instrument safely on-the-go.

However, some customers have experienced issues with the durability of the case. However, there is the option of getting a new case should anything happen to it. Though the TR-430 trumpet by Jean Paul is marketed towards intermediate levels, it is a great quality trumpet suitable for all skill levels.

Yamaha YTR-4335GII Intermediate Bb Trumpet

The Yamaha YTR-4335GII Intermediate Bb Trumpet is a lovely gold brass trumpet that is both robust and sounding great. Yamaha is a well-known brand in the musical instrument industry, with instruments suitable for beginners, intermediates, and experienced performers.

The ytr 4335g trumpet has a 0.459-inch bore and a 4.84-inch gilded brass bell. The 2nd and main tuning slides contain the same meticulous craftsmanship as Yamaha’s sophisticated trumpets, ensuring quality and consistency. Due to its tuning slides and gilded brass bell, this instrument is noted for its wide spectrum of tonal colours and will boost your tone.

The pistons on this Yamaha intermediate trumpet are composed of Monel alloy, and the tuning slides are superior to those found on premium and professional trumpets.
The lacquered finish does not detract from the instrument’s quality, but it does not necessitate the same level of upkeep as certain higher-end materials. Overall, this trumpet is a good intermediate trumpet for people who want to progress from their student models.

While on the more expensive end of the intermediate trumpet spectrum, if you’re serious about pushing your trumpet playing to the next level and producing high-quality sounds, this trumpet is well worth the expense. This is an excellent choice for someone who wants to continue playing trumpet and needs a long-lasting instrument.

Bach TR200S Trumpet

Bach Trombone, Silver (TR200S)
  • Bore: .459”
  • Bell: 4-13/16” two-piece hand-hammered, yellow brass
  • Includes: Bach 7C mouthpiece and woodshell case

One of the most popular musical instruments on the market today is the Bach TR200 trumpet. The musical instrument has a diameter of 0.459 inch and is in the key of Bb. The Bach TR200 is available in two finishes: silver and lacquer. The musical instrument is lovely and has a pleasant sound. Two vital qualities that offer a trumpet exceptional projection, fantastic tone quality, and superb projection are the two 4.9-inch piece bell and 0.459-inch bore. Are you considering a special birthday present for your music-loving daughter? On such a memorable day, the Bach TR200 Series is a fantastic gift to give her.

The instrument has a heavier feel to it, which is beneficial because it improves the tone. The heaviness, on the other hand, can be a hindrance to novice or rookie players. This is why intermediate players might consider the trumpet. The TR200’s valve casing is in the form of a Stradivarius and delivers smooth operation. Nickel silver tuning receivers, two water keys, Monel pistons, and bronze barrel-shaped valve springs are among the instrument’s other features. The trumpet has a first-valve sliding thumb hook in addition to an adjustable third-valve sliding finger ring.

It includes a 7C mouthpiece that improves sound quality. The musical instrument also includes third valve slide adjustment, third valve slide adjustment, and a Monel piston valve. The Stradivarius-style casing, two-point nylon valve guides, and nickel silver tuning slide receiver are further noteworthy features. The case is made of wood and has a sturdy shell. The Bach TR200 trumpet comes with valve oil in addition to the case and mouthpiece. The Bach TR200 is an excellent choice for both beginning and advanced performers.

Suzuki MCT-1 Master Class Trumpet Entry/Intermediate Level

Suzuki MCT-1 Master Class Trumpet Entry/Intermediate Level, Key of Bb
  • Deluxe Bb Trumpet Outfit, , Everything Included- Even a 1-Year Warranty!
  • Deluxe, Lightweight Aluminum "ROADIE" Style Case With Foam Fittings
  • Accessories: Valve Oil In Sealed Container, Polishing Cloth, Care, Maintenance & Assembly Guide

Suzuki has a long history of producing high-quality instruments for students, with more than fifty years of experience in the field. The MCT-1 trumpet is an example of such a product, with features and accessories that any novice will require to succeed. The silver plated 7c mouthpiece gives the MCT-1 a “vibrant, warm, and focused tone” — it sounds full and rich, so novices won’t have to exert too much effort. The piston valves are composed of a strong and corrosion-resistant polished Monel alloy. As a result, the performance lasts longer and requires less maintenance, making it ideal for student use. The two water keys, which eliminate more condensation within the pipes and keep the sound cleaner for longer, are another student-friendly feature incorporated in this trumpet.

A professional-looking gold lacquer has been applied to the trumpet, adding to the rich sound quality. The slides are constructed of silver-nickel for further aesthetic appeal and corrosion resistance. To top it off, the MCT-1 comes with a heavy-duty aluminium case that will keep your trumpet safe while you’re on the go. This trumpet is more expensive than other intermediate trumpets, but with a name like Suzuki behind it, you can be sure it’s well-made and long-lasting. This trumpet does require a clean scrub after each play for the optimum sound. We think this trumpet is the ideal intermediate trumpet for kids because of all of its outstanding features and applications.

Conn 52BSP CONNstellation Series Bb Trumpet

Conn 52BSP CONNstellation Series Bb Trumpet
  • Key of Bb, Monel Valves
  • 462" Large bore
  • 4.9" Seamless bell

The Conn 52BSP intermediate trumpet is one of the best on the market. The instrument is easy to operate but has the same power as professional trumpets. The instrument’s quality exceeds that of intermediate performers. The broad bore of the Conn trumpet improves intonation and makes playing easier. Furthermore, it has a rich and dark sound. The bell is made of seamless yellow brass and provides great projection and control.

This trumpet has a 4.9-inch brass bell and a.462-inch bore, which are slightly larger than the other trumpets on the list. It has a reverse lead pipe, which allows intermediate players who want to get creative with their sound to have a more free, expressive sound. It also has a thumb saddle for the first valve, which makes intonation adjustments easy. It has a silver plate coating that enhances the overall sound quality.

The Monel pistons from Conn are sensitive and fluid. The large top caps and short throwing pistons make it simple to change notes quickly and precisely. The reverse lead pipe and single-radius tuning slide make it simple to open and blast the horn. The silver-finished music instrument produces a bright and controlled sound.

Jupiter Intermediate Bb Trumpet 1100S

Jupiter Intermediate Bb Trumpet 1100S
  • Jupiter JTR1100S Intermediate Model Trumpet
  • Key of Bb -- Bright Silver Finish (Silver-Plated Yellow Brass) -- Stainless Steel Pistons
  • Reverse Leadpipe -- .460" Bore -- Custom B1 Bead 4.8" Bell -- Medium Weight

The Jupiter 1100S Bb Trumpet is a great choice for an intermediate trumpet player who wants to advance. It’s simple to play, has excellent tone and intonation, and has features normally found on more experienced trumpets.

The silver-plated yellow brass body, 4.8-inch bell, and.460-inch bore of this Bb trumpet enhance each and every sound. This model also has an adjustable third valve ring slide, making it comfortable to play for lengthy rehearsal sessions and ensuring you get the most bang for your budget.

The lead pipe is the instrument’s most prominent feature. The lead pipe is made of rose brass pipes, which warms the tone of your instrument and adds richness to each note. Furthermore, the lead pipe is a reverse lead pipe, allowing you greater free-blowing when you’re ready to add your own personality to your sound.

The Jupiter Intermediate Bb trumpet features a third slide valve ring that allows the intermediate player to fine-tune the instrument to produce the desired sound while also maximising performance and comfort. This instrument sounds and performs like a professional instrument right out of the box.

The Jupiters performed admirably in terms of low-, mid-, and high-range key-sound projection. The tone is fantastic, and the instrument is simple to master. The valve action is just unbeatable for the price. However, after a year or two, we’ll have to see how long it lasts. This is a tough trumpet that sounds fantastic, is comfortable to play, and readily progresses from beginner to experienced trumpet players.

Mendini By Cecilio Bb Trumpet

Mendini By Cecilio Bb Trumpet - Trumpets for Beginner or Advanced Student w/Case, Cloth, Oil, Gloves...
  • Great Trumpet for Beginners: Ideal for beginner or student musicians. This student trumpet has a copper lead (not the metal lead, but leading up to...
  • Great Sound: This well-crafted beginner trumpet for adults or kids produce a crisp, loud and high-quality sound. Paired with a committed player or...
  • Elegant Design: The adults and kids trumpet has a beautiful and durable brass body with 5 inch bell and .460 inch bore, phosphorus copper mouthpiece,...

Mendini by Cecilio trumpets have been a best-seller for a reason: they provide beginning and intermediate trumpeters with affordable, high-quality instruments that include all they need to learn to play. The MTT-30CN is one such trumpet that offers excellent value, earning it a spot on this list as our budget selection. Despite the fact that the production quality does not match that of higher-end brands, Cecilio ensures that the trumpet is of the greatest possible quality while maintaining within its price range. This trumpet’s bell is one piece, manually hammered like professional trumpets for a more consistent tone. Students may get a robust sound with a manageable amount of effort because to the 0.46 inch bore size. This trumpet’s first and third finger saddles are vital for a more secure grip, especially for children.

The 7C mouthpiece is made of phosphorous copper, a type of metal commonly found on advanced trumpet mouthpieces. Many consumers think that the two-toned double-plated finish adds a lovely visual touch. The comprehensive bundle of accessories that come with each instrument is one of the things that makes Mendini by Cecilio goods so wonderful for beginners.

The MTT-30N comes with a hard-shell protective bag with backpack straps, valve oil, polishing cloth, gloves, a folding stand, and a chromatic tuner, as well as valve oil, polishing cloth, and gloves. Some minor concerns with the trumpet concern the valves, which can become sticky and require regular oiling. The third valve slide stop likewise lacks a spit valve, so it may be necessary to remove the valve to clear it out.

Jean Paul USA TR-330 Standard Student Trumpet

Jean Paul USA TR-330 Standard Student Trumpet
  • The Jean Paul Trumpet is in key of Bb
  • Comes with robust contoured carrying case for ease of use transportation
  • Beautiful Yellow brass body construction with Gold Lacquer finish

The Jean Paul Standard Learner Trumpet is designed to function in the Bb key and provides the student with the possibility to advance from a beginner to an intermediate champion and master of the trumpet. This trumpet’s bore is quite generous to the pupil, as it simplifies the playing process while also assisting both beginners and intermediate players in hitting the correct notes correctly.

The lead-pipe on the Jean Paul TR-330 is brass, allowing the player to produce warm and well-centered rich tones. The bell and lead-pipe of this instrument are also responsible for the superb sound projection achieved whether performing in school or in the marching band. The quality is excellent, and the pricing is ideal. The entire body is made of yellow brass, and it comes with a contoured carrying case. Cleaning cloth, valve oil, glove, and mouthpiece are among the other items included with this package.

Hawk WD-T313 Bb Trumpet with Case and Mouthpiece

Hawk WD-T313 Bb Trumpet with Case and Mouthpiece, Silver Plated
  • Includes a durable case and mouthpiece
  • Bb (B flat) Key
  • Size: Bore size 11.66mm, bell diameter 123mm

The Hawk WD-T313 trumpet is a nice-looking, easy-to-play trumpet with intermediate features and quality. Its bright tone blends nicely with a variety of musical styles, from jazz to rock, blues to funk, while staying simple to use for a beginner. This trumpet is the most versatile intermediate trumpet on this list due to its wide range of playing adaptability. It is little more expensive for a novice trumpet, but you will appreciate the superior craftsmanship of this trumpet in the long run.

This trumpet is lightweight and has a smaller bore, making it ideal for beginners who want to improve their playing and power. As a result, the trumpet’s tone isn’t as powerful as that of more experienced trumpets, but this shouldn’t be a problem in a novice band. Otherwise, it plays loudly and precisely. The trumpet has a rose brass lead pipe and rust-resistant stainless-steel piston valves for added durability and sound. Over time, the valves may become sticky, so make sure to oil them regularly and generously. The silver coating gives added robustness to the instrument while also giving it a distinct aesthetic.

The WD-T313 comes with a regular mouthpiece that’s ideal for students, as well as a tough, travel-friendly carrying case. This trumpet is particularly portable due to its modest weight and can be used as a backup trumpet on the go. The greatest worry about this trumpet is what will happen if it breaks. Because Hawk isn’t one of the major, higher-end manufacturers, finding new parts may be challenging.

Yamaha YTR-2330 Standard Bb Trumpet

The Yamaha YTR-2330 trumpet is the most recent version of Yamaha’s student trumpet, which is noted for its high quality. This trumpet is a solid and excellent investment for anyone wishing to advance to the intermediate level, with a performance-focused design and lightweight frame. The primary tuning slide does not have a bracing to make the trumpet lighter and more balanced. The two-piece bell provides proper balance, and the trumpet’s construction process ensures a constant and vibrant tone.

The bell is composed of silver-plated yellow brass, producing a powerful, resonant tone that promotes skill and endurance. The two tuning slides on this trumpet are identical to those found on Yamaha’s professional trumpets. As a result, the slides are more robust and have a more precise intonation. The third valve can be adjusted for a more natural playing position. This third valve has a water key for ease of usage. The pistons on this trumpet are comprised of a corrosion-resistant Monel alloy that provides for smoother play.

This trumpet comes with a strapped carry bag, making it ideal for travel. It is easy to transport due to its small weight. Some people believe this product is expensive because of the higher-end materials and construction methods used. Overall, the Yamaha YTR-2330 is our Upgrade Pick for a reason: it’s a really well-made trumpet for the learning musician, with a solid design that will support you as you progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes intermediate trumpets different?

Intermediate trumpets are designed for musicians who aren’t novices or professionals. The instruments’ design and construction make them excellent for beginning musicians. Beginner trumpet players are unable to play the trumpets. If you only have rudimentary skills or are a beginner, a student trumpet is the ideal option.

Intermediate trumpets are less difficult to play than professional trumpets. Furthermore, the instruments’ quality does not match that of professional instruments.

The build, material composition, usefulness, and pricing are the key differences between beginner and intermediate trumpets. In general, intermediate trumpets outperform starter trumpets in all of these areas. If you’ve been using a student trumpet and don’t think it’s helping you improve, it’s time to upgrade to an intermediate trumpet.

Intermediate trumpets, on the other hand, are superior to student trumpets in terms of quality, but they fall short of professional versions.