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Best Soundbars for Sony TV 2024

The best soundbars for Sony TVs use the same connectors and technology as other soundbars, so they are not a peculiar and distinct breed. But there are some characteristics that Sony TVs have that soundbars can use or that you might want to consider when making your choice. Or you don’t have to if you choose from this list because we did the narrowing down for you.

Many people wish to buy Sony TVs because of the models’ stunning designs, long-lasting materials, and excellent image quality. When it comes to the quality of output audio, Sony’s flatscreen models, like other TV sets, are rather mediocre. Although the flat shape is attractive, the integrated speakers are incapable of producing high-quality sound. However, if you get the best soundbar for Sony TV, you can simply solve this problem and increase the overall audio quality in your living space or living room.

SAMSUNG HW-Q950A 11.1.4ch Soundbar with Dolby Atmos/DTS:X Alexa Built in

SAMSUNG HW-Q950A 11.1.4ch Soundbar with Dolby...
  • Package Quantity: 1
  • Package Dimensions: 129.54 H x 27.94 L x 60.96 W (centimeters)
  • Package Weight: 27.216 kilograms

With a total of 22 drivers, the Samsung HW-Q950A is a soundbar, a subwoofer, and two rear speakers with more than 600 watts of power. It is more of a sound system than a soundbar. But because the rear speakers and subwoofer are wireless, it’s not as annoying as it might sound when written down.

The soundbar itself has seven sound channels (using angled drivers to create width, and up-firing drivers for the height effect). The location of the effects is exact thanks to the two surround channels that each rear speaker manages. The subwoofer, on the other hand, accomplishes the ideal subwoofer feat of producing deep, taut bass without being arrogant. Additionally, it does that useful subwoofer thing where it doesn’t care where you put it.

The Samsung combination sounds strong and commanding while also being incredibly detailed when used as a whole. It offers a wide, unquestionably tall soundstage with enough of dynamic headroom to convincingly bring movie soundtracks to life.

The Samsung appears to be a bit of a bargain until you add in a solid feature set (such as a pair of HDMI inputs, compatibility for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, wireless connectivity through Bluetooth connectivity and AirPlay 2). It’s the finest option for a completely immersive surround sound experience, if you can locate the space for all the components.

Sony HT-A7000 7.1.2ch 500W Dolby Atmos Sound Bar

Sony HT-A7000 7.1.2ch 500W Dolby Atmos Sound Bar...
  • A wider sweet spot lets everyone have the best seat in the house
  • Sound Field Optimization calibrates to your environment for easy set up
  • Experience powerful, booming sound with the SW5 wireless subwoofer for use...

In 2021, Sony announced the HT-A7000 with Speakers + Bass Module, a premium 7.1.2 system. Sony’s Vertical Surround Engine and S-Force Pro Front Surround technologies are included in the bar, according to the manufacturer, for a more immersive listening experience. The SA-SW5 subwoofer contributes to a more thumpy low-bass reproduction than the solitary bar. It has a fairly balanced frequency response, albeit vocalists and lead instruments can sound muddy.

However, it lacks several sound modification capabilities, such as a graphic EQ or bass and treble tweaks, when compared to other premium versions. Both the SA-SW5 and the SA-SW3 subwoofers are compatible with the standalone Sony HT-A7000. Our findings apply only to the SA-SW5 subwoofer. We can determine that this is a 7.1.2 setup because the dedicated subwoofer and integrated subwoofer work together rather than separately through different channels.

The Sony HT-A7000 with Speakers + SW5 Bass Module is suitable for a variety of applications. The Sound Field Optimization room correction tool in this tv soundbars optimizes audio reproduction based on the acoustics of your room. Although vocalists and lead instruments can be muddy and muted, it has a very neutral sound profile that is adequate for most audio content. It features a good surround sound system and can play Dolby Atmos content. There aren’t many sound customization choices, save from adjusting the subwoofer volume.

For dialogue-heavy programming like TV shows, the Sony HT-A7000 with Speakers + SW5 Bass Module is ideal. Dialogue is precisely localized within the soundstage thanks to its unique center. It has a fairly balanced sound profile, albeit vocals might be muddy or muffled. However, there is a conversation enhancement tool that may be used to make voices more clear and crisp.

For movies, the Sony HT-A7000 with Speakers + SW5 Bass Module is ideal. It can clearly portray the deep rumble in action movies when set to ‘Standard Surround,’ and its ‘Cinema’ preset can generate a more immersive sound. Its separate satellites allow to portray around items in the soundstage more clearly and correctly. It also plays Dolby Atmos content, though its performance isn’t as good as some of the other high-end models. This is the Best Soundbar for Sony TV in 2023.

Sony HT-Z9F 3.1ch Dolby Atmos / DTS:X TV Soundbar Speaker System

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For Sony Bravia TVs, this is the best Sony soundbar. The Sony HT-Z9F is a 3.1-channel soundbar with a dedicated subwoofer that offers powerful virtual surround sound while maintaining the lowest possible footprint. Despite the fact that the soundbar only has three drivers, Sony claims that it can nevertheless deliver 7.1.2 surround sound because to the company’s best-in-class audio processing capabilities.

When the soundbar receives Dolby Atmos or DTS:X signals, it instantly turns on a virtual sound engine. We can say that the Sony Z9F is a near-perfect blend of all the sound standards you would require in the best soundbar for your home. With a removable grill at the front and connectivity ports at the back, the overall design appears to be basic.

It has two HDMI inputs, one optical digital port, a UDB, HDMI cable, and a 3.5mm minijack port, all of which are compatible with Dolby Vision and 4K HDCP. There’s also the option of connecting via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth 4.2 to listen to your favorite music right away using satellite speakers. A voice command Another fascinating feature of this soundbar for Sony Bravia TV is Google Assistant. Switch modes, control volumes, turn on/off the soundbar, and more with the Google Assistant.

Given its high price, the Sony Z9F is a premium option. However, given its audio format options and appealing built-in features, we believe it is worth a shot. It’s one of the best soundbars for Sony Bravia TVs since it offers a 3.1 channel soundbar with a wireless subwoofer for deep, rumbling bass. It is well-designed to work with high-end televisions to double the enjoyment while maintaining a premium feel. This is the Best Soundbara for Sony TV in 2023.

Sony HT-G700: 3.1CH Dolby Atmos and DTS:X Soundbar with Bluetooth Technology

Sony HT-G700: 3.1CH Dolby Atmos/DTS:X Soundbar...
  • 3.1ch Dolby Atmos DTS: X and Vertical Surround Engine.Bluetooth version :...
  • Immersive AE (Audio Enhancer) upscale audio closes to 7.1.2 each sound
  • Wireless subwoofer delivers powerful bass sound

With the Sony HT-G700, you can immerse yourself in Hollywood movies and TV shows with dramatic, authentic surround sound. This adaptable Dolby Atmos Soundbar offers amazing sound quality for the whole family thanks to its powerful 7-channel sound system. This Dolby Atmos compliant soundbar is stylish and easy to use, with a dedicated left speaker for more clearly articulated dialogue. The supplied five-hour power cable makes it simple and convenient to connect your Sony surround sound system without running a long cable all the way around your house.

The Sony HT-G700 has a sleek appearance and is available in two different finishes: brushed silver and gold. The sony soundbars also comes with a five-button remote control that lets you handle a range of functions and features like tuning, volume, bass, treble, and speaker wire management. There is also a built-in wireless remote control that allows you to change channels while on the road for added convenience.

Yamaha Audio YAS-209BL Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer

Yamaha Audio YAS-209BL Sound Bar with Wireless...
  • Easy setup with HDMI or Optical cable and automatic subwoofer...
  • Wireless subwoofer for deep bass and flexible placement. Center unit-36-5/8...
  • Clear voice for enhanced dialogue clarity

A Yamaha yas-209BL soundbar with a minimalist design and simple setup will bring theater sound to your home. A wireless subwoofer is available that not only adds value to your furniture but also produces powerful bass. It also includes DTS Virtual:X, which enhances the content’s lifelike effects. It improves both the audio and visual quality of the display to improve the overall viewing experience.

Furthermore, the Sony Bravia soundbar’s Voice sound mode strives to deliver clear and precise sound for improved understanding. Surprisingly, the Yas-209BL is Yamaha’s first speaker, providing high build quality and incorporating all of the latest technological innovations. Anyway, the soundbar is around 2.5 inches tall and 37 inches wide, making it the perfect size to place on the wall or under the TV. The wireless subwoofer, on the other hand, is fairly huge, spanning 7.5 inches wide and incorporating 6.6 inches of bass.

HDMI input and HDMI ARC, digital optical, and Bluetooth are the only connectivity choices. At this price, the built-in voice control is also a nice bonus. If you lose your remote control or are too lazy to get up to lower the volume, you can ask Alexa to do it for you. It will also switch modes, check for clear and loud sound, and inform you of the sort of connection you are using. It’s a fairly amazing feature to have in any device.

Polk Audio Signa S2 Ultra-Slim TV Sound Bar

Polk Audio Signa S2 Low Profile TV Sound Bar,...
  • EXCELLENT SOUND AND VALUE on par with any mid- to high-range sound bars...
  • UPGRADE YOUR HOME THEATER EXPERIENCE – Watch your favorite shows on your...

The Signa S2 stands around 2.2 inches tall and 35.4 inches broad, making it small enough to fit beneath most televisions without covering the IR port. It, on the other hand, maintains a low profile and will likely go unnoticed in your media room. The back of the bar is simple, featuring all of the same inputs as its predecessor but with the addition of an HDMI connection. As a result, you can expect optical, HDMI ARC, and an auxiliary output connector. The kit includes a non-universal remote control, so you won’t be able to use it to control other devices.

Although there is no specified timer, the Signa S2 has a power-saving mechanism that causes it to go into standby mode after a few minutes of inactivity. The Polk Adjust Technology in the bar ensures the optimum audio experience by detecting the content being played and automatically adjusting the sound output to provide the best quality. It also has three pre-programmed modes: Music, Movie, and Night.

The Signa S2’s main selling point is that it makes TV voices seem clearer and simpler to comprehend, and it delivers on that promise admirably. It provides an amazing, room-filling home theater experience, with deep bass impact that completely immerses your space. In addition, the Signa 2 offers one of the best bass frequency ranges in its price range. The sound quality is an excellent example of good value for money, as it offers deep and powerful tones despite its small size.

Sony HT-S350 Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer: S350 2.1ch Sound Bar and Powerful Subwoofer

Sony HT-S350 Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer:...
  • Ultimate Home Theater Upgrade: Sony 2.1 Channel Sound Bar System With...
  • Audio Comes Alive:320W total power output brings content to life with...
  • Powerful Subwoofer: Large 6.30 Inches Speaker Unit and 6.16 Gallon Volume...

When looking at the Sony HT-S350 Soundbar is a high-quality Soundbar + Subwoofer system at a fair price. The sound bar systems is an extended, small panel. The top is made of a polymer material that has a leather-like feel. The front side is made of metal mesh (which is quite sturdy) and conceals two frontal speakers that face directly ahead.

The wireless subwoofer can be positioned anyplace in your space that is convenient. The subwoofer is connected to the panel through Bluetooth network, which ensures a quick and error-free connection. You’ll need two outlets to connect the soundbar to the network: one for the soundbar and one for the subwoofer. It is equipped with a little remote control.

When viewing movies, the soundbar will immerse you in the action, with 100% realistic explosions and shoots. You can feel the depth of the sound, as if the shots are being passed to you. The sound travels in a straight line and is not reflected off the walls. Actors’ speech is delivered clearly and without distortion in movie dialogues. Play songs with a reasonable amount of bass to hear more noises and gain a better idea of the soundbar’s capabilities for the best sony sound bar for tv.

Sony HT-A5000 5.1.2ch Dolby Atmos Sound Bar Surround Sound Home Theater w/DTS:X & 360 Reality Audio

Sony HT-A5000 5.1.2ch Dolby Atmos Sound Bar...
  • Fully enjoy the thrill of Dolby Atmos and DTS:X with Vertical Surround...
  • Sound Field Optimization calibrates to your environment for easy set up
  • Experience powerful, booming sound with the SW5 wireless subwoofer for use...

The Sony HT-A5000 is the best 5.1 Sony soundbar. This standalone 5.1.2 system features a luxury design and Sony’s S-Force Pro Front Surround and Virtual Surround Engine technologies to assist create a more immersive audio experience. The bar automatically adapts its audio reproduction based on the acoustics of your environment using its Sound Field Optimization room correction feature. It has a generally balanced but somewhat U-shaped sound profile, with a little additional bass boom and enhanced treble brightness that makes vocalists and instruments sparkle. It can be used to listen to most forms of audio content and can get quite loud. There’s even Dolby Atmos content support.

The Sony HT-A5000 soundbar is suitable for a variety of applications. This soundbar includes Sound Field Optimization, which enhances music performance based on the acoustics of your room. It offers a very neutral, though slightly U-shaped sound profile with boom in the bass and brightness in the treble with this function and its Vertical Surround Engine feature turned on. It supports Dolby Atmos material and is appropriate for listening to a wide range of audio formats. Unfortunately, there is just a small number of sound customization options available.

Sonos Beam Gen 2 Compact Smart Soundbar

Sonos Beam Gen 2 - Black - Soundbar with Dolby...
  • Enjoy vibrant bass, crystal clear dialogue, and a panoramic soundstage.
  • Experience a 3D surround sound effect with Dolby Atmos.
  • Stream music, radio, podcasts, and audiobooks from all your favorite...

With the Sonos Beam Gen 2, you can stream music, radio, podcasts, and audiobooks with crystal-clear audio. You’ll enjoy a 3D surround sound effect with Dolby Atmos that will completely immerse you in your favorite audio content. Smart Trueplay tuning is another function of the Sonos Beam Gen 2. It guarantees the best sound quality regardless of where you put it in your room.

Also, you can effortlessly upgrade your Sonos system over time to enjoy real surround sound and multi-room listening with the help of the Sonos app. For your convenience, everything connects via WiFi.

Sony S100F 2.0ch Soundbar with Bass Reflex Speaker, Integrated Tweeter and Bluetooth

Sony S100F 2.0ch Soundbar with Bass Reflex...
  • Straight from the theater to your home: easy set-up, built-in tweeter, 2-ch...
  • Deep sound with Bass Reflex speaker
  • High power with a slim design that matches any room and is perfect for...

The S100F 2.0 sound system from Sony is a wise addition to the TV’s built-in speakers that produces high-quality audio. It is small, has a modern design that fits comfortably beneath the Screen, and perfectly complements the room’s aesthetic. Moreover, the front-facing drivers in this small model produce rich, complete audio. For a more immersive streaming music experience, the built-in treble makes sure you’re getting the highest audio frequencies.

This soundbar has many special features packed into a small size. We have been impressed by Bluetooth’s wireless communication, straightforward setup, and quick and easy pairing of several cellphones. Also, the low-cost 2.0 channels soundbar includes a compact surround sound system with Front Surround technology that provides a surround sound experience. The bass reflex speaker, which has a small profile and offers powerful but clear audio quality, is a part of the soundbar.

On the panel’s rear, there are additional USB and HDMI ARC connectors that may be accessed for wired connections. These built-in ports can be used to connect the soundbar to TVs, gaming consoles, DVD players, and other electronics that do not allow wireless connectivity. But, the soundbar lacks the LED display that other soundbars have. Yet, for the price, it offers the best audio quality, with crystal-clear speech and an amazing connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I Need a Soundbar for Sony Bravia TV?

Learn about the operation of a soundbar initially if you want to comprehend why you require one. Owners of large-screen Sony Bravia TVs can increase their options. The quality of the sound reproduction is just as crucial as the picture quality.

Even the Sony Bravia TV’s subpar sound system falls short of showcasing its full capabilities. On occasion, even the actors in budget TV shows have trouble making themselves understood. A home theater speaker system is available for purchase, but it needs to be strategically placed throughout the space.

The speakers for the sound system must be firmly and securely fastened. They overrun the room by using available space. The soundbar’s small size, harmonious interior design, and ability to address the issue of poor sound quality all contribute to its convenience.

How to Choose a Soundbar for Sony Bravia?

There are a few guidelines to follow when selecting a sound bar for a Sony Bravia TV for use at home. You should think about the technical specifications, features, and usage scenario before making a purchase. The advice of experts is to focus on factors like power level, functionality, connectivity options, and interface.

Some specific suggestions that will assist everyone in selecting a nice, high-quality soundbar are provided below.

Power level

This function directly affects how loud the sound in video and audio files plays. For evaluation, it is advised to take into account customer feedback, expert or independent expert video reviews.

The power output is specified by the manufacturer in watts. You must determine the room’s overall size. If the space is 50 square meters or larger, get a unit with a minimum power rating of 200 watts. You must pick a soundbar with a minimal power reserve.

Connection options

It is important to consider how the TV is linked when selecting a soundbar for that kind of TV. There are two principal choices:

through a direct cable to the TV (active soundbar)
using an AV receiver (passive soundbar)

In actual use, passive soundbars are known for being more reliable. They stand out for having better sound quality. Some versions can connect through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, for example.

Additional Features

While purchasing, you should take into account more than just the available selections, power level, and connectivity possibilities. Based on further features and qualities, we decide on a soundbar for the apartment:

Available stands or consoles. Models with fasteners for mounting on the wall, shelf, or nightstand are available from manufacturers. The location of the sound panel within the space must be determined in advance.

card reader and an extra drive. The capability expansion requires these devices. You may play music and videos from various USB devices, memory cards, and DVDs using the drive.
external or built-in speakers. Compact speakers imply built-in design. Because of their greater sound quality and ability to draw attention, external ones are employed more frequently.

amount of channels in total. Models using the 2.1 and 3.1 standards offer the best stereo sound. The 5.0, 5.1, and 7.1 models all come with surround sound as standard.
The interface used to connect external devices is the most crucial factor. For the past few years, new versions have come with built-in HDMI and USB adaptor ports.

Do Sony Soundbars Work Better with Sony TV?

It might be worthwhile to take into account the possibilities of synchronizing your Sony brand if simple synchronization capabilities are vital to you. Sony provides integrated functions that enable synchronizing between all of their home entertainment products. A universal remote is an additional choice, but it needs to be set up and tested. The ease of compatibility is another benefit. It’s extremely simple to get in touch with the Sony service staff and ask them to help match the ports, looks, and sound features. Buying televisions and soundbars from different companies has no negative effects. Do not let these perks deter you from shopping for the best value or the lowest price.

Which Soundbar is Best for Sony TV?

There are several factors to take into account when choosing the finest soundbar to fit your Sony Bravia TV, including price range, configuration, and features. When searching for the ideal soundbar or speaker system, you should take the pricing range into consideration. Everyone does not have a limitless budget, so before making a purchase, it is vital to think about how much you would want to spend and the things you are not likely to give up.

How to Connect a Soundbar to Sony TV?

If you recently bought the soundbar, you may have noticed that it has several different kinds of connection connectors on the rear of the gadget. Most modern soundbars feature at least one HDMI port, while some also contain RCA, optical, and other ports.

Using an HDMI cable is the most effective way to link your soundbar and TV. Audio is digitally converted using HDMI, therefore it is uncompressed and unprocessed. Furthermore, even the priciest soundbars and those that provide surround sound can be used with HDMI connections.

Nowadays, a lot of TVs come equipped with several HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) connectors. Make sure your TV has an HDMI audio return channel (audio return channel) port if you want to connect a soundbar to it.

Look at the labeling on the ports on the side or back of your television to see if it supports HDMI ARC. You can use the HDMI cable to connect your soundbar to your television if there is at least one HDMI port on the device that is labelled with the ARC designation. Moreover, the soundbar must have at least an HDMI AVR port, however most modern versions already have this feature.