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Realsamples Ancient Harpsichords Bundle

Realsamples’ 3-in-1 Harpsichords Bundle to hear the tones of three different harpsichords. The French, English, and Austrian harpsichords are all included in this collection. Beautiful and having a warm, rich sound, the Austrian Harpsichord is an excellent instrument. The baroque genre of music is ideal for the English Harpsichord’s bright, clear sound. A special instrument with a full, rich sound that is ideal for Renaissance music is the French harpsichord.

Three sample libraries are included in the Ancient Harpsichord Bundle in Kontakt® format (the complete version is necessary):

Austrian Harpsichord: Johann Anton Miklis made recordings of an Austrian harpsichord in 1671. It has three sounds—an 8′, a 4′, and their combined sounds—that project the rich, sultry texture of Austrian-built instruments that Mozart would have been familiar with. The harpsichord is played at 392 Hz with its original Valotti tuning. There are also 440 Hz presets available. There are roughly 1.600 single samples in the sample library.

English Harpsichord: Provides a 1766 Jacob Kirckman-built instrument. It produces a variety of distinctive sounds because to its two manuals and several registers. Six sound/combinations were sampled. The instrument was recorded at 368 Hz in its original Valotti tuning (presets at 440 Hz are included as well). Almost 3.600 single samples are included in the sample library.

French Harpsichord: Nicholas Pigalle, a French craftsman, created the French Harpsichord in 1171. It is a wonderful example of French style because of the massive tone as well as the exquisite refinement and precision. The harpsichord is played at 383 Hz in its authentic Valotti tuning. There are also 440 Hz presets available. Almost 3.400 individual samples are included in the sample library.

The harpsichords are not touch-sensitive, like all harpsichords. But no two notes will ever sound exactly alike. Eight samples were taken for each note. We also recorded four key release noises for every key. The libraries are a component of our line of museum devices called Edition Beurmann. German musicologist and instrument collector Andreas Beurmann (1928–2016) conducted historical piano instrument research.

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