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Premium SFX & Cinematic Bundle by Function Loops

An FX collection unlike any other, Astronaut SciFi FX will transport you to a another world! It includes effects shots, loops, and construction kits with different drums and instrument sounds.The long-awaited new and unheard FX collection that will transport you to a different dimension is now available!

This special sample pack was made using a variety of methods, including foley (capturing strange sounds in nature and at the studio), modulation, automation, and a combination of hardware synths and software plugins, all connected in crazy chains to produce these sounds, all of which are 100% unique and have never been used before. This will significantly enhance your music and give it personality. It will also provide Psytrance, Techno, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Electronica, Downtempo, Cinematic, Trip Hop, and other styles looking for some originality. Are you prepared to travel? You’re going to feel something for the first time.

In addition to ambiences, foley, sweep ups and downs, drum fills, and many other expertly constructed sound effects, FX In The Jar comprises 204 original loops and one-shots. suitable for a variety of musical genres. Project-ready sound effects like as atmospheres, impacts, risers, flyby FX, cinematic hits, ambient loops, and other unusual, experimental sound designs are all included in Atmospheric Sound FX.

A collection of terrifying voice samples called Dark Vocals may lend some gloom to any production. Great for “darker” genres in general. produced exclusively for Function Loops at Silverlining Studios.

A top-notch collection of essential cinematic sounds is delivered by Premium Cinematic. The collection includes more than 700MB of insanely high-quality drums, strings, pianos, trumpets, voices, SFX, and other sounds in WAV and MIDI formats.

Cinematic Dark FX is a brand-new collection of ominous cinematic sounds prepared to give your upcoming works that dramatic sensation. filled with strange risers, SFX, monster sounds, dark impacts, frightening atmospheres, and other wild experiments.

A unique collection of FX sounds from Tech SFX are perfect for “filler” sounds like fascinating vocal snippets or altered percussion. Together with other things, it has risers and splashes.

Fear! SFX collection is a journey to the afterlife, a land of wandering spirits. 100 SFX loops in Hollywood quality, created by top sound designers, are included. The witches and devils will visit your studio thanks to this collection!

Cinematic Future Trap is a futuristic take on the genre. It includes laid-back beats, creative melodies, vocal chops, FX loops, and a variety of additional studio tools made just for Function Loops by Style Da Kid.

Bonus Packs

Key-Labelled SFX: 150 FX tools with key labels, including impacts, short and long risers, and FX crashes

EDM Risers: This collection from our sub-label SHARP contains 101 enormous risers. Great for any EDM music, but also excellent for transitions in movies.