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Black Octopus Live Instruments Sample Pack Bundle Review 2024

Real instruments give any project an expressive, musical, emotional flair, and Black Octopus Live Instruments Sample Pack Bundle is brimming with top-notch samples. This sample pack bundle’s tremendous diversity, which includes keys, strings, drums, percussion, brass, flute, and much more, will inspire your productions. Bundle contains the following packs:

Intimate Piano by Audio Junkie
The Caravan Band
Middle East Guitars
El Barrio Orchestra
Indian Bamboo Flute
Fresh As Funk Guitars
Tropical Funk
Spaghetti Western Psychedelia
Psychedelic Soul
Smoking Barrels

This package transports us to a journey across the globe using live instrument magic. The Caravan Band immediately transports us inside a VW Van where they are travelling with a band of adventurous musicians. We are immediately transported to Istanbul’s Great Bazaar by Middle East Guitars. Joyful emotions and the aroma of fine tequila are brought on by El Barrio Orchestra. The Indian Bamboo Flute takes us right to the country’s temples. Hip-shaking Fresh as Funk Guitars infuse productions of funk, disco, or house music with life and personality. See why customers are reporting that Intimate Piano’s sample bundle makes them cry by listening to its heartfelt songs!

For just $20, and you also get a ton of attention-grabbing samples in Black Octopus Live Instruments Sample Pack Bundle that will motivate your listeners.