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Best Phaser Plugins 2024

A phaser is an audio effect that produces a series of peaks and troughs over the frequency spectrum of the signal’s EQ. To create a sweeping effect known as phaser, these peaks and troughs fluctuate over time, often controlled by an LFO (low-frequency oscillator).

Phasers may produce a wide range of sounds, from swirling tones to utterly alien-like noises. Phasers are most commonly employed on guitars, despite the fact that they may be utilized on any instrument. Phasers sound similar to chorus and flanger effects, but they don’t alter the delay line as they do with chorus and flanger. This makes them sound crisper and less “doubled-up.” Allpass filters, which shift only the phase of specific frequencies, are commonly used in phasers. When this is reintroduced into the dry signal, discrete notches are formed.

VST Phaser In a VST host, you can utilize plugins to apply phaser effects to your sound. A phaser is an effects unit that alters the sound of an audio signal further. It’s a mixing effect that combines two opposing audio sources. It’s frequently used in conjunction with a synthesizer to achieve the traditional phaser sweep effect.

The frequency of an audio signal is changed by a phaser. The frequencies are combined according to the parameters made in the plugin, such as the ‘Mode’ and ‘Rate’ controls. Sine, Square, Sawtooth, and Triangle are the four distinct modes accessible. These plugins can be used for a variety of things, such adding a phaser effect to make a sound seem distant or making vocals seem more ethereal and atmospheric.

SoundToys PhaseMistress

The PhaseMistress VST plugin from SoundToys is a high-end phaser. It’s a highly versatile phaser VST that might be regarded the “industry standard.” PhaseMistress is our pick for the finest phaser VST plugin because it offers so much modulation and control.

EchoBoy, Little AlterBoy, Devil-Loc, Little Plate, and Tremolator are just a few of SoundToys’ vintage-style plugins. Another excellent plugin in this family is PhaseMistress. To ensure that they can achieve the greatest possible vintage phaser sound, SoundToys analyzed some of the top phasers, including the Bi-Phase, Boss Super Phaser, Phase 90, Moogerfooger 12 Stage, and EH Small Stone. The SoundToys PhaseMistress will be the only phaser plugin you ever use because it has all of these varieties in one package.

PhaseMistress comes with a whopping 69 presets, all of which may be customized to your desire. You can select from 2 to 24 steps, which essentially alters the number of notches heard in the effect. You receive Random, Step, and Rhythm modulation shapes in addition to a regular LFO. Despite its depth, this plugin has a reasonably straightforward layout, so adjusting it won’t cause you too many hassles!

PhaseMistress also includes a tap-tempo option, and you may change the phasing effect’s rhythm from shuffle to swing. It’s a true modern phaser masterpiece for a wide range of musical styles, including pop, disco, jazz-fusion, rock, and funk!

PhaseMistress by SoundToys is a modern phaser VST plugin with incredible emulations of some of the most famous antique phasers in history. This is the Best Phaser Plugin in 2023.

Eventide Instant Phaser Mk II

Our top option is the Eventide Instant Phaser Mk II, which is based on the legendary phaser of the same name. The original eEventide Clockworks Instant Phaser was introduced in 1971, and it has since been included on countless great albums. The VST Plugin version of the Eventide Instant Phaser captures the original Eventide Instant Phaser’s distinctive analog sound and seamless modulation.

The Eventide Instant Phaser is inextricably linked to classic rock history, having appeared on albums by Led Zeppelin such as “Kashmir” and “Presence.” The Eventide Instant Phaser has been reincarnated into a modern form while maintaining its analog sound, and the Eventide Instant Phaser Mk II is for you if you want the greatest quality phaser on the market.

Eventide wisely keeps everything visually consistent with the original unit. Eventide added a whole new area to make it even more versatile, while preserving all of the original parameters and knobs.

Shallow, Deep, and Wide are the plugin’s three primary mods, each with its own distinct hue. The Wide setting, as expected, adds fading effects to the left and right channels to create a wider sound. Another new feature is the Age knob, which allows you to switch between an older vintage sound and a more current, fresher tone. It also has a side chain function, which allows you to use it to achieve inter-track mingling.

This modernized version of the famous Instant Phaser includes both high-quality vintage phaser sounds and current effects. This is the Best Phaser VST in 2023.

Softube Fix Phaser

The Softube Fix Phaser is a gigantic phaser capable of a wide range of phaser modulation effects, from sweeps to tones. Fix Phaser is a new phaser plugin that allows you to travel to the farthest reaches of the universe. It’s an excellent phaser plugin to experiment with different sounds because of its simple design and straightforward knobs and parameters. The Softube Fix Phaser is a terrific choice if you’ve ever desired all of the wacky phaser sound effects.

Normal, Effect, and Wide are the three modes available in the Softube Fix Phaser. The most modest option is normal, while wide mode transforms lifeless mono tracks into stereo soundscapes. This function is great for bringing life to old mono tracks. The overall levels are controlled via the clear Mix knob on the far left. Choose from five different phases, and use the Sweep knob to send your track into space.

The Fix Phaser plugin from Softube is available in three formats: AAX, AU, and VST, and it’s compatible with both macOS and Windows. For authorisation, you’ll need an iLok and a Softube account.

Another fantastic plugin that pulls on classic analog phaser sounds is the Fix Phaser. It practically combines all of the best phasers into a single effects unit and gives you unparalleled control over the phaser effect, which is already fantastic. The Softube Fix Phaser does it all, from delicate movement to dramatic sci-fi phase-shifting, and it sounds fantastic doing it.

Wide mode transforms mono signals into believable stereo soundscapes, while the Mix slider blends the dry and phaser signals for the optimal output. Adjust the phaser sweep by adjusting the LFO rate between 0.01 and 6 Hz or using the envelope follower. To get the desired phaser effect with any audio stream, offset the phaser poles and adjust regeneration/feedback.

D16 Fazortan 2

D16 Fazortan 2 is a well-known phaser plugin for electronic musicians from d16 group, best recognized for replicating Jean-Michel Jarre’s sound. D16 Group is a Polish synthesizer, drum machine, and effects manufacturer. The Fazortan 2 plugin was published as part of their SilverLine Collection of products. The Fazortan 2 plugin emulates an analog phaser while also including current capabilities to let you expand your musical horizons.

Fazortan 2 is an excellent plugin for electronic musicians, and it functions virtually like a synthesizer. You can work with a variety of waveforms in Fazortan 2, including random, hyper-triangle, triangle, and sinusoidal. Unlike other plugins, you may control two LFOs at once, and there are several stretch contours to further customize the sound to your liking. This plugin also has a Rotating Speaker effect, which is a terrific tool for keyboardists and guitarists to experiment with.

D16 Fazortan 2 is a versatile and analog-sounding phaser plugin that works well with a wide range of genres, but is especially well-suited to electronic performers. Two LFO knobs pop out to the left of the Fazortan 2’s GUI when looking at it. Each LFO’s rate can be synced to the DAW’s tempo or manually changed. Per LFO, the waveform (triangle, sine, hyper-triangle, or random) and depth can be changed.

Using two LFOs at the same time opens up to limitless possibilities that aren’t possible with vintage hardware. Users of this plugin can add or delete all-pass filter stages/poles to raise or decrease the peaks and valleys, accordingly, in addition to various LFOs. Of course, if necessary, a feedback mechanism can be used to boost the resonances of such peaks and valleys.

In terms of modulation effects, this very versatile phaser plugin is unique in its phaser processing, making it a unique tool. Its output is ultra-clean, with no harmonic aberrations. There are two distinct GUI sizes available, as well as MIDI learning and 64-bit processing techniques. Overall, it’s one of the most effective phaser plugins available.

Blue Cat Audio Blue Cat’s Phaser

Blue Cat Audio is a French startup formed by Guillaume Jeulin, a software developer and musician. These folks have everything you need for music creation, including guitar plugins, numerous effects, distortion, modulators, and audio analyzers, among other things. Several of their plugins are available for free. Chorus, flanger, amp, triple EQ, and Blue Cat’s phaser units are just a few examples. This one is modeled after phaser circuits from the past. As a result, you’ll notice the sound that may be heard on 70s albums. Despite this, the plugin will provide you with processing methods that are relatively contemporary.

This deceptively basic phaser plugin is surprisingly strong and well-designed. It’s a multi-stage analog-style effect with up to 32 phasing stages that may be preset. Increase these steps, as well as the wet and feedback parameters, to extremes, or scale them back to keep the effect smooth and pleasant.

Blue Cat has made it possible to change the signal phase in both the wet and feedback paths to create even more phase-shifting effects, allowing for much more sound options. The Spread control spreads the output for deep stereo phasing, and the LFO may be adjusted to either sine or triangle waveforms.