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Best Pad VST Plugins 2024

The term “pad” refers to a sustained soft note or chord, typically produced by a synthesizer. They are primarily utilized to add a background layer that gives the song a richer sound. They can be used to create fantastical environmental effects for video games thanks to some severe editing parameters.

It’s up to you to choose whether you need a hard, cold, and mechanical or a soft, warm, and organic sound because it has a highly diverse range of sound characteristics. The most entertaining aspect of all is that there are software capabilities that let you quickly switch between those two varieties.

Arturia Jup-8 V

Jup-8 V propels a solitary analog giant at warp-speed into the twenty-first century. This dream synthesizer was completely rebuilt from the ground up, and it channels the indisputably awesome polysynth power of the legendary Jupiter-8 with an earth-shattering sound and wide sound design freedom. It’s difficult to imagine a classic synth sound that this analogue behemoth can’t produce, from bright ’80s pads to dancing modulated arps.

Without a doubt, one of the better options is the Jupiter 8 soft synth. This is based on the Jupiter 8, one of Roland’s most well-known synthesizers. In the 1980s, this synth helped establish Roland as a significant rival. The Jupiter 8 is renowned for its sumptuous pads, which utterly dominate your track. With this VST, you may also alter some gorgeously warm sounds with ease.

If you ask anyone what their favorite Jupiter synthesizer feature was, “cross-modulation” is almost certain to come up. Jup-8 V performs admirably. Choose from three different pulse-width modulation modes, simple VCO frequency modulation, or complete cross-mod for those explosive sci-fi sweeps straight out of a John Carpenter film.

Jup-8 V employs Arturia’s unmatched analogue modelling technology to provide the full head-turning sound that characterized – and continues to define – countless songs while managing to be simultaneously fat, airy, and crystal clear. Additionally, Arturia amped up the fire on this behemoth, mixing it with dynamic contemporary characteristics that will expand the boundaries of your auditory journey like never before. Not simply two oscillators per voice, but two oscillators with separate personalities. You can alternate between utilizing these letters for fine-tuning, a noise waveform, octave ranges, switchable sync, and more. Similar to the original, these really basic VCO controls offer an explosion of timbral options. This is one of the Best Pad VST Plugins in 2023.

U-HE Diva

The low-end frequency sounds in Diva are excellent. Diva includes several incredible sounding pads with warm low ends that are ideal for creating soundscapes and ambient music. Diva is the first native software synthesizer to use real-time techniques from commercial circuit simulators (like PSpice). The benefits of this novel strategy are amply illustrated by the behavior of zero-delay-feedback filters under extreme conditions. More than 1,200 presets in various categories are included with Diva. Choose a preset from the main area, then a folder from the bottom left panel.

AiR Music Xpand!2

Xpand! was initially developed by AIR Music Technology as a component of the Creative Collection of instrument plug-ins offered as part of AvidTM Pro ToolsTM. This wildly popular workstation received new controls, enhanced capabilities, an extra Gigabyte of sounds, and a new moniker with the launch of Pro Tools 8: Xpand!2. As Pro Tools gained popularity, more and more musicians and producers started to rely on its powerful sound capabilities. Demand increased as Xpand!2 kept changing. Finally, anyone who craves the greatest sounds instantaneously may now purchase Xpand!2 on its own.

A synth with several sound generators is called Xpand 2. Tonewheels, sample playback, FM synthesis, subtractive synthesis, and all of these are combined. Up to four instruments can be added to the patch, and each one can have its own arpeggiator, zone range, modulation, and MIDI channel. There are 50 available modules, and dual effects are also applied on an instrument-by-instrument basis. With the help of six intelligent knobs, you may further modify the sound by controlling a number of specific factors. Smart Knobs operate all four instruments simultaneously when the easy mode is used.

A multitimbral workstation called Xpand!2 has four active sound slots, or parts, for each patch. An effective way to create unique sections is to give each one its own MIDI channel, Note Range (Zone), Mix, Arpeggiation, Modulation, and Effects settings. Where the actual power of Xpand!2 is seen is when the four components are combined to create one incredible Patch. You can choose between polyphonic and monophonic voice modes for each component. Monophonic parts have First, Last, Highest, or Lowest priority, making it simple to identify a bass, lead, or solo instrument. Polyphonic parts can contain up to 64 voices. This is one of the Best Pad Plugins in 2023.

Output Rev

An increasingly common VST plugin used by music producers is Rev by Output. It emphasizes “reverse” aspects and offers a wide variety of reverse pad sounds that can add a lot of intrigue to your mix like ambient pads. It is a very strong VST that can create excellent pad sounds for music production. However, enormous power also means great CPU utilization, so before installing Rev.

The “reverse” button on your DAW or sampler is not what REV is. For producers, composers, and musicians, the realm of sound design is centered on reversal elements. REV has complex synths, authentic instruments, multi-layered organic pads, loops, rises, pulses, swells, and more, all packed into 4 strong engines with more than 14gb of content.