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How to Make Headphones Louder? (PC, Mac, Iphone & Android)

The wearer’s unique lifestyle or musical tastes are frequently taken into consideration when choosing headphones. But regardless of how frequently, intensely, or professionally you listen to music, you are aware of the value of having high-quality sound and how important the proper headphones and volume settings are to attaining this.

However, regular wear and tear, desktop and app settings, and other factors can reduce your volume and listening quality. You might need to tweak anything to have your ideal listening experience once more. It should be remembered that 85 dB is regarded as a safe limit for listening to audio for a maximum of eight hours a day.

It’s terrible when you turn up the volume on your favorite song of the month only to find that you’ve reached maximum level and your headphones aren’t loud enough. In this short essay, we’ll teach you how to increase the volume of headphones on any device, including PC, Android, iOS, and Bluetooth models.

Here’s a polite reminder, though, that unless you have a valid reason, you shouldn’t be using headphones to listen to music at a volume that would cause temporary or permanent hearing impairment.

Clean Your Headphones

Some of the most obvious solutions are quite easy to miss. There is a good likelihood that your headphones will gather dust and ear wax buildup if you use them frequently. A tiny cloth, cotton swabs, or alcohol wipes are a few items that can assist increase their lifespan and sound quality.

Remove the outer earpads with care, then use an alcohol wipe to clean them. Use a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol to wipe the crevices as they dry naturally. To clean and remove any remaining dirt or wax from the mesh, lightly rub it with a tiny cloth or an alcohol wipe. Before reassembling, make sure both portions have had time to dry.

Use a small toothbrush or a cotton swab that is only slightly damp to gently brush the mesh of wireless earbuds until all debris is removed. If the buds have silicon tips, take them off and immerse them in soapy water for three to five minutes.

Increase Volume Limits

If your headphones are clean and connected in correctly, the issue is frequently on the software end. When you put in a different audio device or because an app changed the settings, your operating system may have modified the audio settings.

Check your audio settings to see if the restrictions have been lowered for any reason, and if so, increase them. The volume limit on your device, which is set at 85 decibels in the EU and 120 decibels in the USA, can occasionally be removed. You can always turn off those restrictions in your Android or iOS device’s audio settings to see if it helps. As you don’t want to start at the highest volume and be astonished by the noise or harm your hearing, make sure to test your headphones and increase the volume gradually.

Choose the kind of music that you hear the most and verify your Equalizer settings right there. Every settings menu on Android is a little different, so you’ll need to check your brand’s options, but the process should be pretty similar to iOS.

If you take a few easy actions, you can easily raise the maximum volume limit on a computer. In the desktop menu bar, click the speaker icon. Then, move the slider to the desired volume. To view the equalization and maximum level settings, right-click the same icon.

Use a volume boosting app

These apps, which were made specifically to increase audio output, combine with your phone’s built-in audio tools to exceed their maximum setting. Both are pretty easy to set up and can be accessed in the Apple Store and Google Play Store. Just keep in mind that louder noise can potentially damage your hearing, so use caution when using these apps. You can plainly hear the difference between the usual audio settings and the boosted settings thanks to these apps’ improved equalization settings and increased limitations.

If you enjoy listening to music and want to enhance your audio experience, there are some apps that are free and some that are paid. Here are some of the apps that are suggested by device:

PC: DFX Sound Enhancer and Equalizer Pro

Android: Super Volume Booster, Volume Booster Sound Equalizer, or Volume Booster Pro

iOS/iPhone: Equalizer Pro Volume Booster, SonicMax Pro, or Volume Boost+

Use a headphone amplifier

Some headphones need an amplifier in order to provide greater power. This often only occurs when you’re wearing headphones with better audio and greater resistance (ohms). There is no need for an amplifier if you are wearing wireless headphones. In contrast to your standard lightweight over-the-ear headphones or earbuds, headphones that need amplifiers are typically large or bulky (around-ear or over-ear headphones).

There are many different kinds of amplifiers; some are compact and portable, while others are full desk accessories. You won’t be able to hear your headphones to their full potential if you have any that need an amplifier unless you connect them to the right equipment. Here, the distinction is usually between day and night. You’ll hear your music with higher detail, dynamic ranges, bass, etc., and your previously faded audio will noticeably improve.