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Best Looper Pedals 2024

A guitarist’s pedalboard isn’t complete unless it includes a looper pedal. Looper pedals provide a guitarist’s playing a whole new level. It can be used to make a backing track, add layers to your sound, and create harmonies without requiring the assistance of a second musician or singer.

Both in terms of recording time and looping slots, the best looper pedals have enough of storage. A looper pedal’s usability is critical. Multiple footswitches can improve playability, particularly on stage. Large prominent knobs and LED lights can also help make a pedal easier to use. From a modest stompbox to a looping power station, looper pedals come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and costs.

Boss RC-5 Loop Station

Boss RC-5 Loop Station Compact Phrase Recorder...
  • 13-hour Stereo Looper Pedal with Col LCD
  • Onboard Rhythm Tracks
  • USB Impt/Expt

Fusing portability and versatility, the Boss RC-5 Loop Station shines, catering to both novice and experienced loop enthusiasts. It strikes a harmonious balance by offering the depth needed for enhancing live performances while remaining user-friendly for seamless home practice. With an expansive 13-hour storage capacity, the RC-5 provides more memory than you’ll likely ever exhaust, translating to a generous 1.5 hours per track. Featuring 99 memory slots, it accommodates your loop storage needs, and the added convenience of importing and exporting loops to your PC is enhanced by the upgraded 32-bit audio quality.

Incorporating a total of 57 rhythm tracks for solo accompaniment, each rhythm track boasts seven distinct kits and two variations. A set of illuminated, colored LCD lights informs you of your operational mode, while user-friendly buttons on the pedal’s front panel grant control over memory storage locations and rhythm tracks.

Boss RC-300 Loop Station

Boss RC-300 Loop Station 3-track Looper Pedal
  • Stereo Loop Pedal with 3 Controllable Stereo Loops
  • XLR Microphone Input with Phantom Power
  • 99 Phrase Memy Presets

The RC-300 is Boss’s flagship Loop Station, and with good reason: its three synchronized tracks, dedicated rec/play/dub and stop footswitches, and dedicated rec/play/dub and stop footswitches make it the loop station of choice for looping pedal boards all over the world.

Other stage-ready features from the best looper pedals boss include auto-recording (where the pedal begins recording as soon as you begin playing), count-in, and an expression pedal that can be assigned to a variety of settings. You can also quantize your audio quality loops and apply effects (such as transpose, flanger, phaser, modulator, and vocal effects), as well as a variety of rhythm patterns. This is the best looper pedals in 2023.

TC Electronic Ditto X4 Looper

TC Electronic DITTO X4 LOOPER Simple and Intuitive...
  • True bypass and analog dry through
  • Dual loop tracks create evolving multi-track compositions or fully fledged...
  • 7 loop FX endless creative potential

TC electronic ditto looper has Two stereo loops, each with its own footswitch, as well as a dedicated’stop’ switch and an FX switch, are provided by the X4. You may use the latter to reverse, half-speed, or double-speed a loop, as well as make it halt at the end of its cycle, stop immediately, or even via a fade or nice tape reel-esque slowing.

The sound quality is excellent, as any guitar player will expect from TC Electronic, and techier loopheads will like the addition of MIDI sync and loop transfer, as well as the option to customize how overdubs and serial loops record. This is the best looper pedal for beginners.

Boss RC-10R Rhythm Loopstation

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The Boss RC-10R is a feature-packed upgrade to Boss’s classic RC-30, and a deserving contender for our top pick for the finest looper pedals. It gives the ability to loop and produce rhythms via a built-in drum machine.

In terms of the looper, you get six hours of stereo recording time, two-track functionality, and 99 loops that can be transferred to a PC or Mac through USB. The rhythm side of the pedal has 280 styles, as well as the option to create two unique song parts, intros/endings, and rhythm fills. This could be the band-in-a-box you’ve been looking for if you’re a solo artist. This is one of the best guitar looper pedals.

TC Electronics Ditto X2 Looper

TC Electronic DITTO X2 LOOPER Highly Intuitive...
  • Dedicated Start/Stop Button
  • Loop Import/Export and Backing tracks
  • Looper effects: Stop, Reverse and Half Speed

The TC Electronic Ditto X2 is still a popular entry-level looper pedal, and the grocery store adage holds true for TC’s looper line: go one above the cheapest and you’ll get the best value looper pedal. It’s the same with the Ditto X2. On the front panel, there’s only a single control for the loop volume, then one tap to record, one tap to play, and a dedicated stop button.

In addition, there are two effect modes that provide reversed and half-time loop playback, stereo I/O, and the ability to load and save loops via USB. It’s our current top pick for best looper pedals because it’s simple, yet incredibly effective, and a lot of fun to use with a power supply.

The Ditto is just what you need if you’re a guitarist looking for a looper that gets you. It was created with the demands of a guitarist in mind. There are only 5 minutes of loops available, but you have an unlimited number of undos and retakes. There are also no limits on the number of overdubs, so there’s a lot of room for creativity.

It does, however, necessitate a power supply of at least 9 Volts and a current of 100 mA. Analog dry through and true by pass are also included. This preserves the integrity of your signal and ensures that it sounds as pure as it did when it was first received. This is great for guitarists who desire complete control over their tunes. It is unquestionably of great quality, and it is the result of the manufacturer’s ongoing attempts to involve guitarists in the development process in order to better understand their needs. The Ditto is also excellent for bass. TC Electronics Ditto is one of the Best Looper Pedals.

Electro-Harmonix 720 Stereo Looper Pedal

Electro-Harmonix 720 Stereo Looper Pedal
  • 10 independent loops
  • Undo-Redo, Reverse and ½ Speed Effects at the touch of a button
  • High-quality, uncompressed audio, 24-bit A/D/A converters plus 44.1kHz...

The Electro-Harmonix 720 Stereo Looper is a looper pedal with a lot of capabilities packed into a small housing, with a price tag that is quite reasonable for what it can achieve. The Electro-Harmonix 720 gets its name from the fact that it can store 720 seconds (12 minutes) of loops across 10 dedicated loops. Although switching between these on the fly is undoubtedly a case of “flying by the seat of your pants,” you can use an external three-button footswitch to access the undo/redo and bank up/down controls.

The knob should regulate the banking, leaving the two footswitches free to serve as dedicated start and stop controllers. The Electro-Harmonix 720 Stereo Looper Pedal, like the TC Electronic Ditto X2, has reverse and half-time modes, as well as various effects. It also contains a loop fadeout option, which fades a repeating loop out gradually.

It also provides the convenience of two foot switches while maintaining a relatively small footprint. If you need it, there’s also an input jack for a third alternative foot controller. For those bold enough to go experimental with their loops, there’s also a speed down (half time) control and a reverse playback capability.

The Electro-Harmonix 720 is a pretty full-featured looper that doesn’t take up a lot of room on your board, despite a few annoyances with the display and the fact that it takes a little effort to figure out how to utilise everything. Given everything it can do and the 12-minute memory, it’s a great value. This is one of the best looper pedal for live performance.

BOSS Audio RC-3 Loop Station Pedal

Boss RC-3 Loop Station Guitar Effects Pedal
  • Compact and powerful stereo stompbox looper
  • Massive internal memory with up to three hours of stereo recording time
  • 99 onboard memories for storing loops

The Boss RC-3 comes with a long list of remarkable features. You receive 3 hours of loop time and 99 presets in which to save your loops. And, while we’re on the subject of loop storage, the RC-3 features a USB connector, so you can store your loops to a computer or load WAV files into this pedal to be included in your loops and have them saved as well.

As a side aside, this works wonderfully for storing any form of sound effects, not only looping. Let’s say your music calls for a thunderclap sound effect. Find that sound sample online, load it into one of the RC-3’s 99 slots, and you’ve got yourself a small sampler.

When you look at the Boss RC-3 Loop Station, you’ll note that it doesn’t have the Ditto’s dead-simple interface, but it does have some very cool capabilities. The RC-3 is a solid choice thanks to its Boss build quality, dependability, and familiarity with loop pedals.

The little buttons close together may appear frightening at first, but the Boss RC-3 is actually rather simple to use. In fact, simply pressing the footswitch once, you may bypass the buttons and get right to looping, with the red light in the top-left corner indicating that you’re in record mode. When you press it a second time, both the green and red LEDs light up, indicating that you’re in playback AND recording mode. When you hit it a third time, only the green light stays lighted, indicating that you’re replaying your loop. To stop the looping, double-tap the footswitch. The RC-3 also has the useful feature of starting and stopping recording on the measure, which eliminates the need for perfect synchronisation with the footswitch.

Boss is a well-known guitar pedal manufacturer with a long history of producing looper pedals. The RC-3 has a lot of functionality in a small package, making it ideal for anyone with a small pedalboard. Its built-in memory allows you to record for up to 3 hours and has 99 memory slots for loop storage. You can export your loops to a computer or load sounds straight into the pedal using the USB 2.0 connection.

The RC-3 also features an AUX input for connecting external audio sources to the pedal. Tap tempo, a built-in drum machine, and 9 pre-recorded loops to play along with are just a few of the other features. The only disadvantage of this pedal is that it lacks real bypass, which means that when the pedal is turned off, the tone of your guitar is slightly affected. The Boss RC-3 is a high-end loop pedal with a slew of capabilities that make it ideal for people who want a lot from a little loop pedal. This is one of the best looper effects pedal.

Pigtronix Infinity Looper

Pigtronix Guitar Looper Effects Pedal, No (SPL)
  • 2 Stereo Loops with Sync
  • Loop 2 Multiplier x1, x2, x3, x4, x6
  • Series or Parallel Looping Modes, 9 loop presets + 1 blank canvas

If looping is at the heart of your music, and you require one of the best looper pedals on the market, you’ll want to check out the Pigtronix Infinity. The loop time isn’t actually a limitation; it’s really restricted by the SD card you use. The audio on the machine is 24-bit/48kHz, which is a step above from most other loopers (you can also export your saved loops via USB at that same quality).

The essential feature of this triple-footswitched offering is Sync Multi, which allows you to set the duration of loop two to one, two, three, four, or six times the length of loop one, which is a huge help for loopmasters working on more complex arrangements.

Loops can also be configured to loop in parallel or in series, with one beginning after the other finishes, which is great for verse/chorus song structures. You can save loops in nine preset slots, and there are USB and MIDI synchronisation options as well. This is a loop veteran’s stompbox, which makes it all the better.

On the flipside, because of everything it can accomplish, operating the Pigtronix Infinity has a steep learning curve. We also strongly advise purchasing the Pigtronix SPL-R Infinity Looper Remote Switch with it. Given the hefty price, it’s a shame that the footswitch isn’t included.

If you want studio-quality audio from your looper pedal and want to take advantage of features like rock-solid MIDI sync, looping in series, and more, the Pigtronix Infinity outperforms most other looper pedals making it one of the best looping pedal.

Line 6 DL4 Stompbox Delay Modeler

Line 6 DL4 Stompbox Delay Modeler
  • 3 programmable presets and on-board Tap Tempo
  • True Bypass switching, so your direct tone is exactly that; direct from...
  • Expression Pedal Input - for real time control of all effect settings....

The Line 6 DL4 achieved legendary status as one of the most essential guitar effects ever produced thanks to its strong, expressive looper. However, as smaller, more reliable multi-delays have been available, their use has waned due to their vast bulk and tendency to die.

The DL4 Delay Modeler pedal, which was first released in 1999, is possibly Line 6’s most popular pedal. The DL4 Delay Modeler was one of the only options for a live-performance looper when it was introduced, and there’s a reason it’s still in production over two decades later — artists like Dave Knudson (Minus the Bear), Nick Reinhart (Tera Melos), and others used it to define the creative potential of live looping.

The DL4 Delay Modeler remains one of the best looper pedals available, thanks to its simple switching system, ability to manipulate loops on the fly, and stereo signal routing. Oh, and there are some incredible delay models included as well!

It can hold its own as a looper, with features like one-shot looping, speeding up, and re-triggering that many other loopers lack. However, depending on where you are in the world, it may be fairly pricey for a unit produced in 2000, and there’s a reason why many of the pros who used it as a looper travelled with spares.

TC Electronic Ditto X2 Looper Pedal

TC Electronic DITTO X2 LOOPER Highly Intuitive...
  • Dedicated Start/Stop Button
  • Loop Import/Export and Backing tracks
  • Looper effects: Stop, Reverse and Half Speed

The original TC Electronic Ditto Looper is without a doubt one of the most well-liked simple looper pedals ever produced; it’s been a huge hit with the touring guitarists. The Ditto Looper was so well-liked that TC Electronic released the incredible Ditto Looper X2 a year after the first model. The Ditto Looper X2 offers interesting loop effects like half speed, reverse looping, or both in addition to the same straightforward looping as its predecessor. The TC Electronic Ditto Looper X2 allows you to import and export loops from your computer, has stereo I/O for a ton of setup versatility, and can save and play up to five minutes of 24-bit music.

This also applies to the Ditto X2. On the front panel, the loop volume is controlled by a single knob, and recording, playing, and stopping are all accomplished with a single tap. Additionally, there are two effect modes that let you to load and save loops via USB, playback your loops in reverse and half-time, and use stereo I/O. It’s straightforward, yet we found it to be really useful and enjoyable to use, making it our current top pick for the finest looper pedals.

BOSS RC-1 Loop Station

Boss RC-1 Loop Station
  • Stereo Looping Pedal with Footswitch
  • Stompbox Operation
  • Level Control

The most affordable of the Loop Station line of pedals, the RC-1 is Boss’ entry-way into the world of looping. It comes in Boss’ simplistic single stomp box design, which is known for its reliability and durability. But even though it is an entry level pedal, it comes with some extra features that make it easily stand out from among other basic loopers.

The most noteworthy feature is its 24-segment LED indicator, which gives you visual feedback of your settings, and can even show you where you are in each loop. It can also hold up to 12 minutes of recording, which is more than what most of its direct competition are offering. In addition this pedal comes with stereo/mono connections, which makes it easy to integrate into complex gear setups.

If you’re working with stereo effects pedals for spacious reverbs, delays, and modulations, then you’ll definitely want a stereo-capable looper pedal like the BOSS RC-1 Loop Station. Its stereo signal path also makes the BOSS RC-1 Loop Station one of the best looper pedals for synthesizers and keyboards.

MXR M303 Clone Looper Pedal

The MXR Clone Looper has a sample rate of up to 88.2kHz, which is quite outstanding. This is approximately twice as much as most other digital looper pedals, ensuring that aliasing is avoided while recording an overdriven electric or a percussive acoustic. The Clone Looper gives you up to six minutes of recording time to split among endless overdubs, and the loops you record stay in the pedal even after you turn it off. It also has a blinking 4-count entrance at the start of the loop to ensure you don’t get lost.

The MXR Clone Lopper also comes with 1/2–2x time stretching, expression pedal, and tap switch inputs, as well as Play Once mode for backing recordings and true/buffered bypass switching. The Clone Looper is encased in a virtually robust brushed metal chassis with an excellent all-analog signal route, as is usual of MXR. This is our top option for this list because it will work with any setup. This is among the best looper pedal for bass.

Pigtronix Infinity 2 Hi-Fi Stereo Double Looper Guitar Pedal

Pigtronix Infinity Looper 2
  • Dual-stereo Looper Pedal with 5 Minutes Looping Time
  • Stutter Octave Shift Effects
  • Dry/Wet Routing

Despite its compact size, the Pigtronix Infinity 2 looper pedal provides a great deal of flexibility when it comes to looping. First and foremost, its twin inputs and outputs can be configured for stereo operation or as separate signal channels heading to distinct destinations. Its verse/chorus operation style allows you to connect loops together into an arrangement and even erase an old loop when switching to the next one, allowing you to free up a loop slot without having to pause playing.

The Pigtronix Infinity 2 Looper Pedal crams the original Infinity looper’s ultra-low-latency looping engine into a small, user-friendly stompbox. For a verse/chorus process, the Infinity 2 allows you to use two independent stereo loops. Full-range high-headroom inputs take mono and stereo instrument-level sounds as well as line-level signals on the Infinity 2. When you combine its amazing stereo I/O with its flexible control parameters and unique effects, you’ve got yourself a formidable looper. The Pigtronix Infinity 2 Looper Pedal gives you the tools you need to put on expressive shows that your audience will enjoy.

Overdubs can either stay in your loop as a new layer or decay gradually while the loop underneath stays the same. The left footswitch can also be used to activate stutter effects and octave shifts for further on-the-fly creativity. The Pigtronix Infinity 2 looper is one of the best looper pedals you’ll find, especially if you’re a solo singer/songwriter. Its arrangement possibilities make it one of the best looper pedals you’ll find.

HeadRush Looperboard | 4-In/4-Out Looper with Intelligent Time-Stretch

Headrush LOOPERBOARD | 4-In/4-Out Looper with...
  • Easy-to-use & made-to-move - 7” high-resolution display with intuitive...
  • Ultimate control – 12 built-in footwitches for creating and transforming...
  • Connectivity covered – four combo XLR+ ¼ -inch inputs with dedicated...

The HeadRush Looperboard is the most advanced looping system designed for use on stage and in the studio. You can create dynamic loops in the middle of a show, create rich vocal harmonies with the inbuilt intelligent harmonizer, and then export multitrack audio to your DAW for later layering and mixing with this one tool. The 7 looperboards “Touchscreen display with high resolution gives real-time visual feedback and tactile control of up to four stereo loops. It’s possible to flesh out entire songs and construct multitrack mixes on the fly thanks to dedicated Stop/Undo and Rec/Play switches for each loop (customizable). The onboard effects engine on Looperboard is jam-packed with purpose-built presets for guitar, vocals, percussion, and more.

The huge 7 looperboard “Even in the worst lighting conditions, the color touchscreen is simple to see from a standing position. This panel allows you to keep a watch on incoming audio and quickly see loops. The touch, swipe, and drag interface of Looperboard is simple to use and pick up quickly. With the HeadRush Looperboard, even if you’re new to loopers, you’ll be well on your way to being an ad-lib and multitrack master.

There’s even MIDI support for synchronization with external synths, drum machines, and recording setups, as well as audio via USB support for direct recording. The process of live looping is perfected by automatic BPM recognition and quantization. The HeadRush Looperboard is also prepared to retain whole sets of dynamic backing tracks at your disposal, thanks to its endless loop time and quick SD/USB export and import.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Looper pedal?

A loop pedal, sometimes known as a looper pedal, is an electronic instrument that records a musical performance in real time and plays it back. This enables a musician to begin overdubbing themself in order to create a massive, polyphonic soundscape based on their own performances in the studio.

Players activate loop pedals using their feet, which are stompboxes that sit on the floor. Prior to the invention of loop pedals, musicians need massive recording consoles to record their performances and play them back with acceptable sound quality. Today’s compact loopers, on the other hand, are about the size of a guitar effects pedal and offer many minutes of recording time and almost infinite overdubs.

How does a Looper pedal work?

Loop pedals record audio that is sent into them via a 1/4″ instrument cable or an XLR connection. They normally record the audio as a WAV file, either on the device’s internal memory or on an external SD card. When a musician presses one of the pedal’s switches, they can quickly play back the recorded sounds.