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Best Locking Tuners for Stratocasters 2024

Everyone has heard about this alleged miracle guitar accessory that makes life much simpler. But when purchasing one, do you really receive what you pay for? Now let’s discuss locking tuners. Many musicians either don’t pay attention to this or fail to recognise its potential. In fact, you can get the most tuning stability out of your instrument if you select the best locking tuners for Strat and utilise them appropriately.

If you utilise your tremolo system or bend a note while playing your Stratocaster (or any other electric guitar), your strings will begin to progressively unwind from the post. This is how a locking tuner works. The wrap has therefore moved very slightly when you unbend the string, but this modest movement throws the string out of tune. This is where the Stratocaster guitar locking tuner comes into play.

Fender Locking Tuners – Polished Chrome

Fender Locking Tuners Stratocaster Guitar Tuners,...
  • One set of 6 Fender locking tuners, including 3 long post tuners for the...
  • Precise Tuning - Gear ratio 18:1 makes for a finer degree of control than...
  • Dual-Pin Mounting - These right hand locking tuners feature dual-guide pin...

These tuners for the Stratocaster might be the best that Fender makes. After all, they should be able to create the tuners for their famous guitar. These are all metal with a high-quality polished chrome finish, and they look great. They give the tuning caps a satin polish to further that classic appearance. The Fender locking tuners are one of your best selections and some of the highest-quality tuners on the market. These tuners were created by Fender to accommodate the majority of contemporary Fender-style instruments. Stats, Teles, Jazzmasters, Squiers, and other models are among them.

They have made an effort to maintain as much of the original designs’ aesthetic as feasible. That will surely be appealing to Fender lovers. Instead of the classic 8.5mm fastening holes, they have 10mm ones. That, in my opinion, was a wise design choice. Because of their “drop-in” construction and universal standard sizes, they are simple to install. They will work with guitars made in Mexico and the United States.

The lack of any break angle at the headstock of Fender guitars is one of the design defects that has occasionally drawn criticism. These tuners’ staggered design helps to some extent to solve that issue. Some claim that the tone will be improved, etc. Regarding that, I’m not sure. However, it will probably result in fewer early string breaks. They have a typical nineteen-to-one gearing ratio.

The locking mechanism’s design makes it simple to use and provides a solid, robust foundation. Re-stringing will be simple and quick. There is no need to continuously wind the string around the peg. Instead, simply cut the thread off at a length that is a bit longer than you require. After that, insert the locking mechanism and tighten it to keep the string in place while you wind. They include every piece of mounting hardware you’ll need, including bushings, screws, and tuner covers. This is the Best Locking Tuners for Stratocaster in 2023.

Schaller Machine Head Set for Electric Guitar

Schaller Machine Head Set for Electric Guitar...
  • Made in Germany
  • Highest standards of quality of materials and workmanship
  • Innovative and precise

At the end of the Second World War, in the midst of the destruction, Helmut Schaller founded his business in Germany. Somehow, he was successful. His items’ high calibre rapidly attracted notice from all across the world. Soon after, Fender, Gibson, Ovation, and Martin all knocked on the door asking to install them on their guitars.

They were created by Schaller himself and are an exact reproduction with the original measurements of the original designs. The patent belongs to the Schaller business, and these replacements simply snap into place. They have a chrome finish and an all-metal construction. It has a pretty simple, unfancy design. The fact that these tuners function and function well is a plus. However, if you’re seeking something elaborate in its design, you won’t find it there.

The stratocaster locking tuners ought to be regarded as one of the Best Locking Tuners for Stratocasters because they are well-liked by professional guitarists. They are outnumbered by 18 to 1. It has a 9.8mm bore. The majority of their rivals’ tuners operate somewhat differently from these ones. The string is not wrapped around the peg. These Stratocaster tuners are the original “F” series tuners. They are not the counterfeit “Schallers” that Fender occasionally adds to guitars today. This is the Best Locking Tuners for Stratocasters in 2023.

Graph Tech PRL-8721-C0 Ratio Electric 6-In-Line Locking Tuned Machine Heads

Graph Tech PRL-8721-C0 Ratio Electric 6-In-Line...
  • Ratio Technology - Chrome
  • Locking Mechanism
  • Contempary Shape

A reputable manufacturer of high-quality machine heads is Graph Tech, a Canadian business. If you enjoy experimenting with different tunings, this set of replacement tuners has an intriguing design. By using a mechanism developed by Graph Tech, every string will respond to a turn of the peg in the same way. Each tuner is equipped with a unique gearing ratio.

With this system, every full turn of the cap corresponds to one full tone or step. This holds true for each string separately. The end result of this design is that it is simpler to swiftly adjust your tuning. These locking tuners for Stratocasters are also some of the most accurate ones available.

However, their skill as tuners goes beyond the ingenious gearing ratio. This is a good illustration of the kind of high-caliber items that Graph Tech produces. They are sturdy and long-lasting because to their high construction quality. Additionally, the intonation is superb. A good replacement tuner, albeit slightly more expensive than usual. However, it’s a good tuner and ought to be ranked among the Top Locking Tuners for Stratocasters.

Gotoh Locking Vintage Oval Knob 6-In-Line Tuners

Gotoh Locking Vintage Oval Knob 6-In-Line Tuners,...
  • Locking versions of the classic oval knob, stamped housing tuners found on...
  • These 6-in-line locking tuners are the perfect upgrade for old or new...
  • These fine reproductions feature old style stamped gear housings

These tuners from Gotoh will be of interest if you like to dress up your Strat in its original garb. These have that “Kluson” appearance and definitely have a throwback flavour.

The Kluson Deluxe series, one of the original Fender Strat tuner designs, is a component of the classic appearance that so many people now crave. In addition to Epiphone, Rickenbacker, Gibson, Guild, and Martin, to name a few, you could also find the originals on Fender guitars. The locking variations of that initial concept are these.

Manufacturers and their “vintage look” tuners have come under some fire. Additionally, they have a tendency to lose their composure easily. With this pair of tuners and their locking mechanism, Gotoh has made an effort to solve that issue. These machine heads offer outstanding turning response, strong stability, and intonation retention. They still have that vintage-like appearance despite improvements to the mechanism and improved performance.

The stamped casing and the traditional oval knob are part of the design. They have a gearing ratio of fifteen to one. Additionally, mounting screws and press-fit bushings are included. It will be wise to measure the size of the peg holes on your Strat. For these tuners, the information specifies an 8.73mm peg hole size. On some instruments, the peg holes might need to be adjusted.

Dopro 6 Inline Vintage Style Locking Tuners

6 Inline Vintage Style Locking Tuners Guitar...
  • 14:1 Gear Ratio; String through posts
  • 6 Inline Right Handed for vintage smaller 8.1mm tuner holes; Will not fit...
  • These tuners are self locking system by string tension and are a great...

The Dopro 6 Inline Vintage Style Locking Tuners will bring an end to our discussion on Stratocaster replacement tuners. These might work if you need to find some good tuners for your Strat but are on a tight budget. We should point out right away that this is yet another “vintage” design. They therefore possess the peg holes’ original spec measurements of 8.5mm. As a result, they won’t slip into the later conventional size of 10mm holes. To make them fit, conversion bushings are required. The package includes the bushings as part of the supply.

These self-locking tuners work by using the string’s tension. They are therefore a fantastic choice for use on vibrato-equipped guitars since they will aid in maintaining tuning. They employ a conventional thumbwheel locking system. They string via posts and have a fourteen to one gearing ratio.

As I mentioned, the kit includes all the bushings and screws required for a straightforward replacement fitting. With their pearl-colored caps, they have a pleasing look and offer good value.