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Best Guitar Strap Lock 2024

Schaller S Locks Guitar Strap Locks and Buttons

If you use Schaller S-Locks, you’ll never have to worry about a guitar falling out of your hands again. S-Locks have robust, one-piece hardened-steel strap buttons for ultimate breakage resistance, and self-tapping wood threads for simple installation.

Schaller is the most well-known and widely utilized strap lock manufacturer. The German business, along with Jim Dunlop, is one of the earliest inventors in this industry, having launched its device in 1981. In 2018, it used user feedback to release an upgraded S-Locks design and maintain its industry-standard position.

The S-Locks, which work on a pull-pin system, are simple to remove when needed but secure enough that you won’t have to worry about mishaps. They are more suitable for thicker straps than any other product on our list due to their extra-long threads. These guys are also really simple to put together, as the button and screw come as a set that you simply screw into place with an allen key. These strap locks are available in eight different colors, so you’re sure to find something you like.

Extended thread lengths accommodate super-thick straps, while slanted, stainless-steel locking bolts provide permanent precision, dependable performance, and a wear-free finish. You’ll also enjoy easy-grip lock and release owing to S-Locks’ revised pull-up balls. S-Locks are completely silent, so no matter how you move, you’ll have a quiet experience. You also get high-quality felt washers to protect the finish on your guitar. S-Locks are an excellent example of Schaller’s premium accessories, which are designed to provide you the greatest possible playing experience.

Ernie Ball Super Locks

Ernie Ball Super Locks, Nickel (P04600)
  • Made from nickel plated steel.
  • Set of 2. Screws included.
  • Robust mechanics provide maximum durability.

Ernie Ball is well-known in the guitar accessories sector for producing high-quality goods. Ernie Ball never sacrifices on quality, whether it’s a set of strings, tuners, capo, straps, or picks. As a result, it’s no surprise that Ernie Ball’s strap locks are of the same high quality. Their strap locks are made of nickel-plated steel and feature Ernie Ball’s distinctive logo on top. Because it has high visibility on a guitar and adds to the overall appeal and appearance of the strap locks, this is arguably the best area for branding.

The mechanism is nearly identical to Eisen’s. The locks are made up of two parts: a strap lock button and a screw. This is installed where your existing strap buttons are. Remove them and replace them with this part. The second is a workhorse of a lock. It easily clamps over the strap button with a click sound, indicating that it has been properly installed and is now operational.

The excellent release mechanism is the nicest aspect about this lock, which makes it a top priority for many musicians. It’s ridiculously simple, yet it’s nothing new. On each side of the lock is a button of some sort. It easily unlocks when you press both sides together. That’s all there is to it. This unlocking method has most likely been in use since the dawn of time. It necessitates no thought, exerts no effort, and wastes no time. Because the side buttons are a bit to the inside and curved, you can do it without even looking at it. As soon as you contact it, you’ll know you’re about to push the correct sections. This is also the way it locks. Furthermore, this approach makes it extremely unlikely that you will accidently unlock it. No way, it’s not going to happen. Both sides must be pressed at the same time. In a nutshell, it’s a fantastic design!

Fender Straplock W/Button

Fender Guitar Strap Lock with Chrome Buttons and...
  • One set of 2 Fender Strap Locks with chrome strap buttons, locks, wood...
  • Secure Fender Guitar Strap Lock - A safer way to make sure the guitar...
  • Versatile Security Straps - Put this Fender strap lock on any guitar and...

So, Fender manufactures its own strap locks? That’s breaking news! We won’t even discuss the quality and longevity of these. It’s Fender; that’s all there is to it. Let’s simply get right into the design. As a result, their strap locks work in a similar way to Dunlop’s. The strap button and the locking pin are the two components. Remove your standard strap buttons, thread the nut through the Fender strap button and the rubber washer, and tighten the nut. You’ve already completed half of the process.

The strap is attached to the opposite end, as is customary. The one end will be hollow, while the other will have a circular pull button. Through the strap hole, insert the end with a rounded pull button. Then, place the washer over the rounded button, followed by the bolt, which will automatically tighten. Put the hollow side against the strap button on the guitar body and press it once it’s secured. Both components will be clamped and secured together. This is how the Fender strap lock works in terms of locking.

The release process is much more straightforward. Just now, a rounded pull button was mentioned. The strap is released when you pull that button. That’s it. The degree of simplicity is mind-boggling! Fender also sells the lock buttons individually, allowing you to reuse the same strap on several guitars without having to purchase the complete set of locks.

Surprisingly, this set of strap locks is the most affordable on the market. It’s virtually tough to believe it’s Fender because Fender is arguably the most well-known manufacturer of guitar strap locks.

Dunlop SLS1031N Strap Lock

JIM DUNLOP Straplok Dual Design Strap Retainer...
  • 360 groove-and-ball design allows unit to rotate without catching
  • Same strap can be used with several guitars as the button is...
  • Release-tested up to 800 lbs.

Dunlop is one of those companies that has dabbled in almost everything. They manufacture anything from table tennis tables to racing car wheels. With such a diverse range of businesses, the guitar accessories market came as no surprise. “Performance is everything,” their tagline reads, and that accurately describes their products.

The Dunlop SLS1031N locking guitar straps isn’t a new product. They’ve been around for a long time. The lock is available in nickel and performs admirably. It does, however, need a small amount of effort to set up. Obviously, this was a one-time effort. The strap button and the locking pin are the two main components of the locks. Your guitar already includes strap buttons that you may use to fasten your belt in the traditional way. As a result, you must detach the factory strap buttons. Assemble the screw and button, which are both given by Dunlop. After that, insert the screw into the hole where you removed your strap button. You may need to drill it a little before inserting the screw, but you will undoubtedly need to tighten it.

The locking pin, on the other hand, is inserted into the strap. The locking pin goes through the hole in the strap, the washer goes on the end, and the strap is clamped with a little lock provided by Dunlop. Simply push that side against the strap button you fitted on your guitar once you’ve completed this. Both components will be clamped together.